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Dubai Marathon
Written by Charlie

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Welcome back to our Sunday Summary Series where we review the stories that were covered throughout the week.

Sunday Summary

Southwest Airlines Plane Lands At the Wrong Airport

A Southwest Airlines plane from Chicago to Branson, Missouri almost made it to Branson – except it landed a mere 7 miles away. That’s right, a passenger aircraft landed at the wrong airport. The pilot announced that a welcome to Branson’s regional airport before giving an apology and saying they actually landed at the wrong airport. Read more

4 Ways to Overcome Taper Madness

For non-marathoners who may wonder, taper is the part of a training program where you begin to prepare your body for the target race by slowly backing off of the intense training during the peak weeks to allow your body time to rebuild. The more you work muscles, the more they break down. This is why you work in a recovery week every 3 or 4 weeks of a marathon schedule – to allow those muscles you have broken down the time to rebuild so they are stronger than before. With the taper portion, your body has the miles on it now and you are giving it a 2-3 week period of time to rebuild. The taper is just as important as… Read more…

Hotel Quarterly Promos

Here are some bonus promos going on over the next couple/few months from the various hotel chains. Most of my hotel stays are on points which means that chances to earn more points at a cheap cost (especially for stays I already need to make) are a great deal! Some of these deals are ones that I will try to tackle over the course of this quarter. Read more…

Why Do You Do This To Me, Club Carlson?

One of my favorite hotel value credit cards is the Club Carlson Premier Visa. It comes with a total of 85,000 Club Carlson points (after spending $2,500 in 90 days) as well as Club Carlson Gold status (which is their mid-tier). One of the incentives to keep you using the card after meeting the bonus threshold is the 5 points per dollar spent – so, for every $10,000 spent on the card, you will basically earn one free night at the top…  Read more…

Time To Think About 80K Points!

We are right at that point in the year where people are looking ahead to think about where they might want to go, what races they may want to do, what training program they are going to use for their next race, etc. Something else to think about at this time is what kind of credit card bonuses you can get to help you out with all of that (well, the travel part anyway!). One of the most lucrative travel credit card bonuses around…  Read more…

Time To Get Excited!

Upon visiting the Dubai Marathon website, I got to read this update: ALL SYSTEMS GO FOR WORLD’S RICHEST MARATHON With just over a week to the start, it’s all systems go as the countdown continues to the 2014 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon. Read more…

Free One Night Stay With Airbnb For New Customers

I have yet to use Airbnb for any of my stays which sets me up perfectly for this promo that gives one free night stay (of a two night or more stay) for people that have never made a booking. Airbnb is a website that connects travelers with renters for vacations (and even longer stays). You can rent a shared place, a room, or an entire place in cities around the world…  Read more…

Move More Challenge: Start and Schedule

Last week, I wrote that one of my goals for 2014 is to help the traveler with a Move More Challenge. This challenge will be to help travelers become more active as they are out and about. To read about the challenge, click here. Move More Challenge: Start! For the first step in our Move More Challenge, I want to encourage people to just start… Read more…

Three Credit Cards to Avoid

That is, until you have definite travel plans within the year of application. Let me be clear up front – I think each of these cards present amazing bonuses and should definitely be a part of your credit card application strategy. However, as a person applies for more and more credit cards, the field of available great card bonuses rapidly shrinks. As a result, people tend to turn their attention to other cards that they want to get just because…  Read more…

A Badwater Race Comes to the East Coast

The Badwater 135 is the famously-known “world’s toughest footrace” that starts at Badwater and stretches 135 miles of brutal desert to the portal of Mt. Whitney (except this year – read this post). Since the beginning of the Badwater 135 Ultramarathon, other events have been added by organizers that include bicycling through Death Valley – several times!  Read more…

Welcome, Delta Points Readers!

Today, Rene at the Delta Points blog (another Boarding Area blog) published an interview that he did with me. He has published many “Fireside Chats” with other Boarding Area bloggers over the last few months and I am thankful for the time he took to chat with me and publish it. For my regular readers, you can check out the interview here. You may find some other information about me and the blog in there that…   Read more…

Blog Giveaway: Guess My Time!

Regular readers know that I am leaving for Dubai this week to run the Dubai Marathon. I am really excited about it as I see it as a redemption race from last year as well as a PR race AND try to bring some of it back for everyone to see and enjoy! A lot to be done in two full days! So, I thought this made a nice giveaway opportunity. Read more…

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