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  • Kevin, sorry buddy, I have to disagree with you on this one. This actually could be BO's demise!Did you see this morning that the folks over at PETA are raising a bit of a stink about this? And do you know that they have sent him something akin to a hav-a-heart trap for flies, while telling him he should have been a better example? There's no monkeying around these PETA folks. Once you get on the bad side of these cats, they'll dog you till you die.

  • HeiGod mandagskveld, den boksen din var fin, det samma var det nye trekket.Gleder meg hver gang jeg er inne pa bloggen din for a se tinger du lager, gir meg mange fine ideer.Ha en fortsatt fin mandagskveld.(desverre skriver ikke ipaden min div.vokaler derfor blir det ingen aa)Klem fra Gunn

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