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Running with Miles is all about a fusion of running and travel. The result is helping you run more races in more places for less. 

Welcome to Running with Miles! I started this blog in December of 2011 to be able to share a little of of what I have learned over the years with regards to travel and how you can do it on the cheap. I have combined this knowledge many times to assist another interest of mine – running! I know I don’t know everything about running or traveling, but I know I can help you run your dream destination!

headshot3-14In 2009, I ran 5 solo marathon distances on 5 continents in 5 days. I was able to run in Sydney, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, London, and Cairo and fly 42,000 miles in the process for $2,800. I learned a LOT of great things in the planning and executing of that expedition that I still use today. I have also been able to run races in different places around the US that I never would have been able to run had it not been for travel deals.
In 2015, I ran 6 marathon discounts on 6 continents in 4 days and 21 hours. I started in Thessaloniki (Greece), Cairo (Egypt), Abu Dhabi (UAE), Sydney (Australia), Santiago (Chile), and Washington, DC. I flew all of this using miles and points in business and first class. It cost me only $250 out of pocket for the tickets!

Thanks to miles and points, I and my family have been able to travel all over the world and stay in some pretty amazing places – for less than the cost of a regular, domestic economy ticket! This website will help you do the same!

I have run 51 marathons or ultramarathons over the last 9 years (as well as a number of smaller races).  I have now run marathons in 13 states + DC and a few countries (Israel, UAE, Iceland).  I have visited over 35 countries and routinely help people with information regarding entry procedures in different countries, travel tips, lodging in foreign countries, etc.I am looking forward to using this blog as a way to reach out and help even more people. I also love to help people get started running and am a USATF Level 1 Certified Running Coach. I do not have all the answers when it comes to running and travel, but I am eager to share with others what I do know and hope that it helps you on some level.




5k – 20:19
10K – 43:13
10 Miles – 1:13:13
13.1 – 1:36:15
26.2 – 3:35
50k – 4:24
50 miles – 9:17
100k – 11:55


  • Hi Charlie – I read your blod on Boarding Area and was reaching out for some help. I need help to decide which Star Alliance Miles Program I should credit my miles to. I was Aegean Star Gold but dropped to Silver this year. Wondering if I should continue with Aegean or move to Asiana or any other program. Thoughts? Thanks for your help

  • HI Charlie

    I would like to ask some questions privately about a post. How can I contact you? you can also contact me through the email listed here

  • Charlie: To see the world by running must be an amazing experience. Thank you for all the sage advice. I read your article about the Fenway marathon and was wondering if you might be able to post my fundraising link? This will be my 50th marathon. Though I only will have to travel from NYC to Boston I am a huge baseball fan and my great grand uncle is in the baseball Hall of Fame.
    Thanks in advance for your support

  • Hello, Charlie.
    When posting a comment I accidently submitted twice. As a feedback it would be good if after submission of a comment the line would say – Thank you , your comment was submitted. I just thought that it was not. Sorry to send you twice same comment. Respectfully

  • Thanks for this site—just changed my reservation to the Hyatt Place Mesa for the Phoenix half and booked it with Hyatt Points. What a deal!

  • Hi there. FYI. Already booked miles business class tickets to Cancun with Turkish Airlines. Much due to the new Dreamliner. Leaving on 11th of September. Check out the travel story on my husbands IG @ervin_arnason. It will be interesting to see if they deliver the business class experience

  • Hey Charlie,
    I just saw that you came to Egypt twice for Marathons. We have the Pyramids Half Marathon on February 2020 for the second time. It would be great is you can join.

  • I found your article on getting a refund from Chase travel. I am experiencing a very similar situation. I’ve been calling everyday and getting the same run around from low level personnel. I have discussed the issue with the hotel (where the original reservation was supposed to be cancelled) and they have documentation of the attempt (by me) to cancel and Chase travel’s failure to actually cancel…and then stick me with the bill (while blaming the hotel).
    Any advice on how to put pressure on them would be helpful. Thanks.

  • Off topic but For some reason when an email notification goes out about a new post i get 2 of them. Can you look into that?

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