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Sunday Summary: $20 Back On $20 Amazon Purchase, 6 Marathons/6 Continents/ 4 1/2 Days, Great iPad Air Deal, Could The Wyndham Card Have 3 Free Nights, and More

Staples Deals
Written by Charlie

Welcome to this week’s Sunday Summary! This was the best week of the year for me and my family as we welcomed our 4th child into the world on Wednesday. Our new little boy has certainly brought us great joy already. And, we have been quite busy all week so the blog slowed down a bit, but will pick up again this week!

Check out the post on the 6 marathon distances on 6 continents in 4 1/2 days!

Deal Roundup: Amex Offer Combo, Kindle, and Memory

On some days, there are several deals that pop up on my radar so I have started to bundle them in a single post. I have a slight change coming to the site in the coming weeks that will have a larger deal page that will have many more deals available. In the meantime, this deal was for an Amex Offer combo, a Kindle deal, and memory deals from Amazon.

Using The Hyatt 20% Rebate To Requalify For Diamond For Less

With the current promo on from Hyatt, it is possible to use that to requalify for Hyatt Diamond for less. This is a great way to do it while saving points.

Earn 1,300 Alaska Airline Miles For $8.75

This is a pretty good way to pick up 1,300 Alaska miles just for getting a digital subscription for a short period of time. For the amount of $8.75, that is a nice way to pick up miles while getting a digital subscription.

Free Money! $20 Back On $20 Spend At Amazon [Amex Offer]

This is one of those great Amex offers that give you a good bit of money for free! Unfortunately, many people were not targeted, but I did pick the offer up on many of my Amex cards.

Will The Next Wyndham Card Come With 3 Free Nights?

The new Wyndham card offer is due to have a different change from the current offer. Will it have 3 free nights? There is some web artifacts that say that it could be!

Deal Roundup: Amazon Deals, GoPro HERO4, Amex Offer+Discount

This is another deal roundup – more Amazon deals, a nice deal on the GoPro HERO4 and another Amex Offer combo.

Miles And Points Sprint: New Addition Here, Big Moneymaking Amex Offer, $1,000 Business Class Tickets, Lounge Changes, and More

This was a big roundup of things that I had missed the day we were in the hospital. Check out which posts you may have missed!

Some Hyatt Nights Not Posting With Points+Cash

Points+Cash is a great way to stay at Hyatts for less. However, there have been some instances with hotels where these nights and the points do not post. A simple call can fix this!

Announcing The Running Round The World With Miles Event!

This is a big event coming up later this year. I will be running 6 marathon distances on 6 continents in 4 1/2 days and doing the whole trip for under $250 and miles. A lot of reviews and interactive fun will be coming your way!

Streak Going Strong And Miles Climbing

I began a running streak at the start of 2015 and I am still sticking with it. Obviously, 108 days is nothing great, but I am excited about it and that these miles are still climbing!

Staples Deals: $30 Off $150 And Free $20 Gift Card With $300 Visa/Mastercard Purchase

These are two, pretty good Staples deals. Get Visa/Mastercards at a profit or get $30 off a purchase of $150 or more!

Amazing Deal: New iPad Air 128GB W/ AT&T LTE For $499

If you want an iPad Air at the top-end, this is a great deal! This is the previous iPad Air model, the original iPad Air, but still a great deal!

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