Amazing Deal: New iPad Air 128GB W/ AT&T LTE For $499

Written by Charlie

I know that there are a lot of travelers out there that love to have a tablet for day-to-day use. It certainly simplifies many things! I have used many tablets and, while I actually prefer many things about Android tablets, I am kind of stuck in the Apple web since I have other Apple devices and they just work together so seamlessly. 🙂 Anyway, if there are any of you that like Apple devices, you may find this deal to be pretty good.

I had actually come here to write a post about a different deal I spotted on this unit and went to check other vendors for price comparison. I was surprised to see that Best Buy actually had this at a much better price – $499 for a brand new tablet! This is the previous version Air, but for a 128GB tablet with LTE, this is a phenomenal deal! Strangely enough, it is actually cheaper than the Verizon 64GB version on contract! This one does not come with a contract so this is out-the-door pricing.

iPad Air

Great price for the top-end iPad Air!

In fact, if you buy the WiFi only version of this model (same color), it will cost you $150 more than this model with LTE. This sale price is only valid on the silver.

Best Buy Link iPad Air 128GB w/AT&T LTE

To make this deal even better, sign-up for Best Buy’s Reward Zone membership and you will get $10 in reward certificates to spend later. You can also go through a shopping portal to earn another point or two with your purchase (Ultimate Reward portal is at 1 point per dollar). Finally, one extra step to save a little more – head over to eBay and purchase a 10% mover’s coupon for about $2.99. This will take another 10% off of your price.

EDIT: for those interested, the other deal I was going to post is at B&H and is for the unlocked LTE version. It is $529 and tax is only charged for NY. Here is the link. If you get the 10% off for the Best Buy version (and live in NY), then going with Best Buy is the better option, but now you have more options! This deal at B&H ends today.

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  • Hey Charles, good find. I was super excited and was about to jump all over either one, but I realized after some time of checking into each variant that both of the old model. Definitely my fault and still a good deal. But people should be careful if like me, you definitely want the latest one which is quite a bit better in weight, speed, and having the ID touch.

    • Thanks, Andy. I had mentioned that in the post but I should have made it more noticeable. You are right, the new has a slimmer profile and the Touch ID is pretty great!

      • Yeah exactly… I know you did mention it but it was the “New Ipad air” in the title that got me and I didn’t fully read the post OR the full details of the websites.

        In any case, I like your blog and please keep it up, I appreciate it. 🙂

  • I thought the Ipad Air only came in 16GB and 32GB. Are you sure there isn’t an error in the specs?