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Sunday Summary – $150 Free Money From AT&T and Amex, US Airways 100% Buy Promo Back, 30% Off Luggage, And More

Written by Charlie

Welcome back to our Sunday Summary Series where we review the posts that were covered throughout the past week.

Today Only: Refurb Kindle Paperwhite For $79

This sale was actually available this past Monday – if you missed out on this nice deal, make sure you follow along on the blog to not miss the next deal!

JetBlue Points Worth Up To 2.8 Cents Per Point On Some Flights

There are some flights that can actually get you up to 2.8 cents per point on JetBlue instead of the standard 1.5 cents per point. It is a nice way to get quite a bit more value out of your points and give you a few more travel dates at the same time.

Running A Race At 92

I hope I can just walk if I am still alive at 92. Here is a runner that actually set a record in this race and doing so at 92 years old. There are some other very senior records worth looking at here as well.

Hyatt Selling Points With A 30% Bonus – Good Deal?

Hyatt is running a sale with a 30% bonus on their Gold Passport points. Check out this post to see if that is a good deal or not.

Good Deal: Action Cameras On Sale

Action cameras are great and not just for sports! They actually have some really great quality when it comes to images and video and they are small enough and tough enough that you can take them on your next trip and catch all of the action wherever you are.

Countdown To End Of Easy Star Alliance Gold

On November 24, Aegean Airlines will roll out their new program for their frequent flyers. Check out this post to see an overview of what is coming and what you can do with the time left before that change.

500 Free Starpoints – In 90 Seconds

Here is a way that you can earn some points in the fastest way possible – points that are earned at least $11! Take the time right now to lock those points in.

Review: Radisson Blu Park Athens

Check out this review of the Radisson Blu Park in Athens, Greece. It has a nice location and is a pretty decent hotel. Plus, you cannot beat the value of the points for a multiple night stay!

Amazing Deal: Amex Offers $150 Spend On AT&T For $150 Back

AT&T and Amex have put out an amazing Amex Offer that gives you $150 back on $150 spent on an AT&T statement. This is a fantastic deal! Not sure if it has reached its limit yet as I have already saved it to my accounts so I cannot see if it is available for new enrollments.

Great Deal: Buy Running Warehouse Gift Cards, Get (Big) Bonus Gift Cards

This is the time of year to take advantage of a chain reaction in sales, discounts, and portals. While this deal did not have a portal offer with it, it still was a great chance to get some great deals. That’s right was a great deal as the gift card offer is now expired.

US Passport Holders Can Now Get 10 Year Chinese Visas

Great news this week from the US and Chinese governments as they are now issuing visas that last for 10 years. That makes the process of going to China quite a bit easier now and in the future.

7 Thanksgiving Races To Consider

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and here are some great races to consider on that day. You never know – one of them might be just down the road from where you will be!

20% Off United Award Flights to Europe

While not a major deal, this is a great chance to get to Europe over the slower winter season with your United miles at a discount. It is limited to only United flights and to only 9 European cities, but it will certainly work for many.

The Strangest Running Record Ever “Set”

Running records are set from time to time and they are always pretty special. But, this race saw two of the most unusual records “set” ever – world’s marathon record for the mile and the half marathon during a marathon by a woman. Too unbelievable? You betcha!

Get a 20% Rebate On JetBlue Awards

JetBlue is getting into the 20% award ticket game, but they have structured it as a rebate instead of sale. That means you will have to have the full amount of the trip in your account but you will receive a 20% rebate after your trip.

Great Deal: 30% Off Select Luggage At Amazon

If you are looking for some luggage during this shopping season, you may just find it here and at a great price! Many name brands available, including Tumi and Travelpro. See if you favorite brand/bag is here.

Maximizing The Amex $150 Back AT&T Offer

With the great Amex and AT&T $150 offer, many people are wondering how they can maximize the offer. This post looks at some options for both AT&T customers and non-AT&T customers.

Back Again – US Airways 100% Miles Purchase Promo

US Airways has brought their 100% mile purchase promo back yet again. This could be a good deal depending on your destination and desired class of travel. See if this deal is worth it for you.

Chase Offer Changes Coming?

Tomorrow, Chase is refreshing a couple of products with some changes. One card looks as if it will be getting a bonus that doubles its current offer while the other card looks like it will be getting a 33% increase in spending requirements.

Weekend Giveaway: Three Magazine Subscriptions

This giveaway is now over but was a great shot at earning one of three magazine subscriptions. If you missed this, don’t worry as there will be a mega giveaway week coming up in a couple of weeks. You will really like some of the prizes, so stay tuned!

Amex’s Small Business Saturday Registration Live (aka register for a free $30)

Amex’s Small Business Saturday registration is now available. Make sure you get your cards registered soon as this is a limited enrollment period and you will want to take advantage of the free $30 per card!

What Happens When You Book Your Wedding At A Super Bowl Hotel

For this story, there could be a few different morals of the story. One might be to not plan your wedding at a Super Bowl hotel on Super Bowl weekend, another could be to lock in your rate right away, and yet another might be that you should not get married on Super Bowl weekend! 🙂


Wow, this has been a month of heavy posting (for me) so far! This will be my 51st post of the month of November, or an average of 3.4 posts per day. I realize that is not a lot compared to someone like Ben (One Mile At A Time). I mean, he does like 50 per week! But, I do thank all of you that have contributed in the comments and read these posts so far. It always helps to push me to write more and help as much as I can. Thanks for reading!

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