What Happens When You Book Your Wedding At A Super Bowl Hotel

There is no question – some of the most outrageous, ridiculous pricing models for hotels exist on Super Bowl weekend in the host cities. I could not believe some of the prices I saw for the last Super Bowl in NYC – really, really high! (I remember seeing some prices at the local Howard Johnson for $900!)

So, what happens when you pick a resort for your wedding that you got engaged at? Well, that makes for a very nice, sentimental location for sure! But, when you plan your wedding for Super Bowl weekend in the host city for the Super Bowl, you are going to have some problems with room rates.

This couple had planned their wedding at the Arizona Grand Resort (where they got engaged) and decided to book their guests there as well. The rates quoted were around the upper-$200 per night. They figured that was a decent rate, but they held off until they could find out how many rooms they needed.

Arizona Grand Resort

Fast forward a couple of months and they call back to book those rooms only to find that the prices have skyrocketed courtesy of the Super Bowl. The rates went from $280 to a current $1,039 for the cheapest room! If you try to book one weekend later in the same room, the price is $245. That is a serious difference in price!

Super Bowl Hotel

The price at the Arizona Grand Resort the weekend following the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Hotel

The rate at the Arizona Grand Resort for Super Bowl weekend

I guess the takeaway from this is to lock in a rate when you are trying to plan some event at a nice hotel in a Super Bowl city – especially when you get one as cheap as they were quoted. I am surprised that the rate was that low when the resort knew that the Super Bowl was going to be…

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