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A Great New Amex Card, Lame Amex Spin on Changes, Southwest International Access Troubles, and More!

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Check out all the posts from the last couple of weeks that include the great new Amex card, an expanded 70K United offer, fantastic SPG packages, lots of deals, travel, and more!


Memorial Day Message

In the US, this day is a very special one to remember the incredible sacrifice that so many people paid throughout our nation’s history to give us the freedom we have today. I cannot begin to say “thank you” to those who gave what Abraham Lincoln called “the last full measure of devotion” and to all of those families who lost loved ones in the pursuit of freedom so that we can enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It seems so strange to use the word “Happy” in the way we normally recognize holidays since it is certainly more of a day of remembrance than one of pure happiness. So, instead, I will say Thank You on this Memorial Day and may we never forget the sacrifice of those for our country.

Miles, Points, and Deals

I missed the roundup last week due to its being pushed back more and more so I figured I would just include any of the posts that are still relative in this roundup today.

Credit Card Posts

Deal Posts


Extra Posts

  • Big Life Goal and a Giveaway – You’ve got to read this great post by Dustin about how he was recently able to achieve a major life goal while still being able to travel and enjoy seeing the world at the same time!
  • Who Else Is Tired of Airline Stories? – It seems they never end sometimes if you follow the news online! Yes, there are some dreadful ones that need the public’s attention to cause the airlines to adjust their policies but sometimes it seems that there are 60 stories/posts lining up for some much more minor story.
  • Is This The Most Interesting Modern Payment Solution Yet? – While a cool new way to use payment processing, I’m not sure how practical this will be for a while yet.
  • Why Targeted Amex Offers Are A Good Thing – Seeing targeted Amex Offers and not getting them yourself can be frustrating. But, they can also be a good thing!
  • One of the Things I Love the Most About Garmin Watches – There are many things that I love about Garmin watches (that have kept pulling me away from Apple Watch models) but this is one of the things I love the most.

That is it for the last couple of weeks! Yes, I will try not to put two weeks in one again – and I left out a few deals that had expired! I hope you have a wonderful day!

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