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Sunday Summary: Easy 5K Aegean Miles For Elites, Using Southwest Points For International Travel, 3 Hyatt Hotels To Book Soon, and More

Written by Charlie

Time for another Sunday Summary where we look at the posts from throughout the week. Make sure you check to see what you may have missed!

Ex Delta Employee Gets 10 Years For Fraud

This fraud was going on for years before it was found and stopped. And it involved millions of dollars. Not something you want to hear has happened for long from a company!

Earn Thousands Of Hyatt Points With New Promo

The new Hyatt promo for the first part of 2015 is out. It is targeted and is very similar to earlier promos run by Hyatt, certainly not one of the best since it is so similar. Still, if you have plans to stay at some Hyatts, this promo may be beneficial to you!

Not Happy With Your Hyatt Promo? Don’t Register Yet!

Some people have been unhappy with the promos they were targeted with. If that is you, do not register just yet! You may be able to do something to affect the promo.

Quick And Easy Way To Get 5,000 Miles + Bonus Miles For Free

If you need to get some additional miles for your Aegean account in preparation of a nice redemption, here is a way to get a quick, easy 5,000 miles in elite accounts.

Great Deal: Additional 20% Off Discounted Tablets, Computers, and More!

This deal is now expired but hopefully you got in on some of the great deals! I even found a MacBook Air 11″ (current model) for under $500! Keep checking back so you will not miss the next promo.

Delsey Rolls Out Smart Luggage – And Wants Your Help Picking Features!

Another bag is becoming smart and it is from a longtime luggage maker. Not only does it sound promising, but they want your help to determine which features to add!

Alaska Elites – What Gift Will You Choose?

It is that time – time to choose which gifts you want from Alaska Airlines as their way of saying “thank you.” I have already chosen mine – have you?

Flights From US To Iceland From $99

WOW airlines is back with some incredibly cheap fares from the US to Iceland! They even have good deals to London and Copenhagen. Definitely check it out!

Save 20% On United Award Flights To Hong Kong

For a limited time, you can get a 20% discount on the miles required for award travel to Hong Kong on United.

Connecting From Etihad’s First Apartment To … Ryanair?!

I will be making my first flight in Etihad’s First Apartment soon and, interestingly enough, I will be connecting from that luxurious cabin to the very frugal Ryanair. Any thoughts or tips for me concerning Ryanair?

Use Your Southwest Points For International Flights On Many Airlines!

If you do not live in an area serviced by Southwest Airlines, their points are still not a waste! While it is definitely the best value to use these points for flights on Southwest, you can use these points to fly internationally on other airlines!

Ever Had A Race Canceled Moments Before The Start?

Having a race be canceled is never a fun thing, but how about having it canceled as you are on the starting line? That is what happened at this race – but it is trying to make a comeback and looks like it is doing good so far!

Southwest Says “Thank You” With A Purchase Points Promo

Southwest is sending out opportunities to buy points with a bonus – but is it a good deal?

Great Deal: Garmin 910XT w/HRM For $239

This is definitely one of the best GPS watches and values around and this presented one of the best prices on this great watch.

US Airways Card Waives Foreign Fees – Does It Matter?

The US Airways card has rolled out a new benefit – the waiving of foreign transaction fees. But, does it matter much to you? Is the US Airways credit card a great candidate for your international use?

Deal Of The Day: Adidas Springblade Running Shoes

Amazon is rolling out some more running-friendly deals of the day and this was for an interesting running shoe. It was priced high originally but the sale price made it an interesting buy.

United Drops My Cost Of A Business Class Upgrade Over 50% AFTER Booking

On a recent United booking, I noticed that they actually offered me the business class upgrade price over double the regular upgrade price – or it can be looked at that they offered the upgrade price after booking at over 50% off the other price. Why?

3 Hyatt Hotels To Book Before Thursday – And 6 To Book After

Come Thursday, there will be some category changes with Hyatt. Here are 3 Hyatt hotels to book before then.

Great Deal For Today: ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill

Another great Amazon deal of the day – this one for a highly rate treadmill. It is now sold out, but the price was really good. Hopefully, some of you got an order for one!

Thanks for following along this week! Hope this next week is a great one of miles, points, travel, and running!

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