Waiting for Your Stimulus Check? Here Is Some Information to Help

Written by Charlie

Are you still waiting for your stimulus check? Here is some information with an updated date range as well as a tip to help you know when the check is “in the mail.”

From the thousands of people that have been contacting me over the last few weeks since I first wrote about the stimulus money, I know there are many frustrated people who are still waiting for their stimulus checks.

I have read all of your comments and messages and do my best to answer with the best information I have. I am sorry that I do not have more information that I share with those readers but hopefully this will help with an update.

Waiting for the Stimulus Check? Here is Some New Information

As helpful as it was to have such a bill pass to help those in need, there are still a lot of hiccups that are preventing people from getting the money they have coming. Here is some new information to give you some hope.

I have written a number of posts to address the questions and concerns of people who had found the posts. Here are those posts if you want to take a look.

Stimulus Checks Are Going Out to SSI and VA Recipients – But It Could Be a While

Delays for SSI and VA Recipients

There was a schedule that the IRS had laid out for how the checks will be delivered. However, there are many who receive SSI and VS benefits who have not received the checks yet and have been wondering when they will come. In fact, the majority of the people that have commented or messaged me have been those recipients.

The Problem

The big problem here is that many SSI and VA recipients are still not able to access the Get My Payment tool due to their information being with the SSA or the VA. Those that receive those benefits are also not supposed to fill out the Non-Filer’s form (unless they had children under the age of 17).

So, this made them unable to change their delivery method from check to direct deposit. Even those that receive their benefits via direct deposit have not received them yet.

Checks Are Coming By the End of May

According to WHEC, they heard from the IRS that these checks will be going out at the end of May with no firm date given. This is likely duet to the fact that the information from those recipients is not within the IRS. Hopefully, it will be earlier than this.

Here is a tip – keep checking the IRS Get My Payment tool every weekday or so (updates are made once per day). Once you see your information show up there (as a SSI or VA recipient), it should be a sign that the IRS has your information and your check should be going out shortly after that.

How To Track Your IRS Check

Sign-up for the USPS Informed Delivery system

Link: Sign-Up for the Free Informed Delivery by USPS

While the Get My Payment tool can tell you when a check was mailed, it does not give you a delivery date. Also, there are some people that have had their checks stolen out of their mailboxes.

Fortunately, CNET reminded us of the great USPS tool called Informed Delivery by USPS. This is a free service that you can setup that will send you an e-mail each weekday morning with the mail that you will be receiving. It delivers electronically a greyscale image of the front of each envelope that is set to be delivered to you.

Get a scan of all your mail to be delivered

This is accomplished through the automated scanning equipment the USPS uses for mail processing. Any mail that would go through this automated process will be sent as an image to your e-mail.

You can sign-up easily enough and verify your identity. But, it will take 3 business days for this process to be complete so if you do it today, you likely won’t have any notifications delivered before Wednesday or Thursday.

Don’t Forget to Skip the Check Process with Direct Deposit

If you are able to access the Get My Payment tool, go ahead and enter your direct deposit information there to get your money in your bank account instead of through the mail.

I realize this still isn’t working for everyone. There is a little “trick” that had worked for some (using all caps for your address) but if your information is not available yet, you may want to keep checking every day. The IRS updates the system once per day but you only get 3 times to check each day before getting locked out.

Bottom Line

It is very unfortunate that many of the people that really could use this money are still waiting for their money to be sent. I understand how frustrating this is but I have heard that the IRS is working hard to make sure these checks get out.

Processing so many millions of payments in such a short time will have problems. Some payments have gone to deceased people, some people have received the wrong amount, while still others have had their payment go to the wrong account.

But, hopefully this update helps those of you who are still waiting to know that you will be getting the check – but it is going to take longer than the IRS had originally indicated.

Note: New comments are held for moderation as some people have left all of their personal information in the comments. Remember – I am not the IRS and you should not be sharing your personal information, especially your social security number, on a public website!

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  • If I receive SSD,and I have direct deposit,but I still have not received my money,also I don’t have children or any dependents, where can I find out when I’m getting the money?

    • I am in the same boat I have a direct Express card. I have no dependents. I am on ssdi. I was on ssi as well but somehow they quit sending me my ssi. About the time all this stuff started happening and I am having troubles getting it straightened out.but that’s another story. I just want to know why i didnt receive money on my card

  • I found out something today regarding the GET PAYMENT tool. I have had no luck with that, but somebody told me Turbotax had told them to go to the NON-FILER part (even it filed). Sure enough I was able to put in banking information after giving AGI, etc. and getting email to confirm good email.
    I did NOT go into the second tab to actually efile. This is on

    After about 15 minutes I got an email that said “Dear Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info customer:
    Congratulations, the IRS has accepted your Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info return”.

    The person told me they had their direct deposit with a week of doing this. I’ll let you know if/when I see the CHECK PAYMENT screen start working and if/when I get payment.

    It’s totally counter-intuitive, but may work.

    • Just to reiterate I did not efile from the site (since I had already filed). I just provided the bank routing info. You do have a create an account. You need 2018 AGI or PIN,

      Will advise.

  • Not everyone will get a stimulus checks. Foreigners who work in the USA say they get a check from IRS. What about those College students? What about the other Disabled American who doesn’t work?

    • I am on disability and it said it got deposited in my account on April 30 but it never showed up I owe support in NY did they somehow take it

      • Dear sir, my wife accidentally. Put tbe wrong bank account. (That account was closed) the IRS showed that a tax return check was sent in March, and the stimulus was sent in April. I am pretty sure it went back to the IRS will we receive a paper check? Is there any way we will know how long thanks for your time my name is “pappy”

  • I am in the same boat I have a direct Express card. I have no dependents. I am on ssdi. I was on ssi as well but somehow they quit sending me my ssi. About the time all this stuff started happening and I am having troubles getting it straightened out.but that’s another story. I just want to know why i didnt receive money on my card

  • I’m getting society security and haven’t received anything. I don’t know what to do about it. I’m needing to get a place to live and I need it to move.

  • I draw sad and cant find out what I need to do I have no dependents so please tell me what to do

  • I draw ssd and get my check direct deposited I followed the advice to file on the nonfilers tool to try to get my stimulus payment after everyone I knew had already gotten theirs after a month went by n still no payment I called it’s hotline and was told that because I filed non filer that I was considered inellugible to recieve payment because to the computer it looked like I was trying to double dip n get two checks now I am not goi g to be able to recieve my payment until after dec 31 2020 and I recover my payment by filing taxes my total income I a little over 9000 a year and they said filing for recovery payment on 2029 Taxes is the only way to get my stimulus.. my question is will it also render me unelligible for second stimulus or will it be somethingelse I have to recover payment of or will I get this one noelrmallly?