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Waiting for the Stimulus? The IRS Has Made “Significant” Updates to their Stimulus Tool

Written by Charlie

The IRS has made “significant” enhancements and upgrades to their stimulus tool! Now, you may finally be able to get your money quicker by updating your info!

I have received no fewer than over a thousand messages and comments over the last couple of weeks about the stimulus package. Finally, there is some news and updates from the IRS regarding how to find out about your payment!

Significant Updates to the IRS Stimulus Tool

Link: Get My Payment

I have to say – I was impressed when the IRS beat their schedule of getting the Get My Payment tool up and running. They got it up 2 full days before promised. The problem? They have had millions of Americans not be able to get their information and face errors.

The IRS has maintained that they are making nightly updates but, this past weekend, they reported that they have made “significant” updates and enhancements to this Get My Payment tool.

Here is the information from the IRS (as of April 26):

“Treasury and the IRS have made substantial enhancements to the ‘Get My Payment’ app to ensure more Americans can get their money fast and track its delivery,” said Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin. “This Administration has already delivered over 88 million payments in less than three weeks, with millions more on their way. We encourage people who still need to input their information or want to track their payment to use the app.”

So, head over to Get My Payment to check on your status and update your account information! Remember, to counter fraud, if the IRS already has your bank account information, you will not be able to change that information. If your payment goes to the wrong bank account (like has happened for many), you can contact the IRS after you get the letter from them approximately 15 days following the deposit.

What About the Stimulus Checks?

If you are waiting on the actual check, here is the schedule that the IRS will be sending them out in. The date in the column is for that week ending that date. If you make under $10,000 AGI, you should be receiving your check this week.

  • $10,000 – $20,000 | May 1
  • $20,000 – $30,000 | May 8
  • $30,000 – $40,000 | May 15
  • $40,000 – $50,000 | May 22
  • $50,000 – $60,000 | May 29
  • $60,000 – $70,000 | June 5
  • $70,000 – $80,000 | June 12
  • $80,000 – $90,000 | June 19
  • $90,000 – $100,000 | June 26
  • $100,000 – $110,000 | July 3
  • $110,000 – $120,000 | July 10
  • $120,000 – $130,000 | July 17
  • $130,000 – $140,000 | July 24
  • $140,000 – $150,000 | July 31
  • $150,000 – $160,000 | August 7
  • $160,000 – $170,000 | August 14
  • $170,000 – $180,000 | August 21
  • $180,000 – $190,000 | August 28
  • $190,000 – $198,000 | September 4

How Much Money Will You Get?

Here is a calculator to show you what you can expect. Remember, the amount of your AGI is taken from your most recent tax return that was processed, whether it was 2018 or 2019. Also, if you are over 16 years old and claimed as a dependent, you will not be able to receive any money from this stimulus package.

Stimulus Check Calculator

This calculator was developed by Maciej Kowalski, PhD candidate and Jasmine J Mah and available at Omni Calculator

I have checked with many people who had problems with the Get My Payment tool before yesterday and now, they have all been able to access their information! SO, CHECK OUT THE TOOL NOW!

Let me know in the comments if you have success now!

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  • Well my status went from unavailable to no record or I get locked after one time this is crap.

    • What if you accently filled out the non-filer form and realized it was wrong form cause I didnt realized until I started reading the bottom. Of page and I was just updating info of my bank account but I get ssi and am not regularly file taxes cause I dont have enough income so when I filled out form I was unable to gwg any assistance from anybody and this happened on 4/13/2020 and still havent got my check please let me know whom I can talk to asap thanks

      • Did you check the Get My Payment tool to see what the status is? It may not show up yet as they are still adding SSI recipients to the database.

        • I am a single mother of two one of my children is on Ssi and the other not I recieved my check but I didn’t get my kids $500.00 is there a reason why I didn’t receive and wat can I do

          • I had them on the non filer that’s how they got my info for direct deposit for my payment I did it all before the May 5 but they only sent me the 1,200 not my kids 500

  • I’m still unable to access the “get my payment” tool to enter my direct deposit information. I filed my 2019 taxes on 3/30/20 and still saying processing. It was only supposed to take 21 days or less. I mailed my 2017/2018 taxes so they’re sitting in a pile somewhere.

  • ?? My husband draws SSI and we have a bank account. I am unable to work and have not for quite some time. I have a 13 yr old son as well. I used the IRS tool site and put our info in bank routing number, my husband’s info, mine and my son’s also. I did, as I am assuming as I was supposed to according to instruction of the information through the site. I cannot pull info up on the Get My Payment site though. It states Payment information unavailable. My ?.. is this due to my husband being on SSI? It stated when I looked up the reasons for payment being unavailable are due to persons who receive SSI, SSDI, Retired and Veterans drawing that the IRS has to go through and verify info through the SSA and other departments. My husband has himself, myself and my son set up on the non-filer’s form for the IRS through their tool site. That was all done and we received confirmation of it being accepted by the IRS as well. Would we be receiving the stimulus when my husband’s SSI goes into our bank account on the first or would it be in on the third due to his retirement? I do not know which if either one is to happen or if it is going to be in the bank at a later date. Please let me know if you have these answers. Thanks so much for your time.

  • Hi again…I also have another ? My husband and I only have an AGI of a little over $9,000 through his SSI and retirement combined. The new IRS stimulus payment schedule states at $10,000-as said amount…is to be received May 1st. Needing to know if we are to receive it right before the 1st or what? Completely puzzled on when the stimulus is to be in our account. Please, if you would happen to know the answer to my ? Thanks so much for your time.

  • Even now all I get is “the information you entered doesn’t match are records. I have been unable to get any info from the I.R.S., from the bank, or even from H&R block. The most I get is an automated message telling me to check the I.R.S. web site for information. And then a hang up from whomever I was trying to reach.

  • I mailed my 2018 and 2019taxes about a month ago have not received my refund or stimulus check

    • Paper returns have not been processed through since the middle of March due to the shutdowns due to the coronavirus. So, you will need to wait for those to be filed before you will get the stimulus money.

  • I draw ssi and get my check on direct express card no children when will I get my stimulus check.?

    • You should receive it very shortly. Keep checking the Get My Payment tool as they make daily additions to the database because it still does not have all the data from the SSA.

    • Make sure you fill out the Non-Filer’s form on the IRS website TODAY! May 5 is the cutoff for adding your children to get the $500 for them.

  • Charlie hi l still wegthin for my stimulus my money how long wee have to weight for because l yes got my s.s.iandl all ways get it come in late why is that okay tank you so much have a great day

  • I am told I have to use a IP PIN number that was suppose to be mauled to me,but I have never received a letter. I found out when I tried to use the nonfilers tool. evidently whoever used my SS number to file taxes fraudulently is the one getting the letter each year since I have not filed,taxes f have since 2014. I make less than $2000 a year as a household employee. will I ever get the stimulus and how do I get this IP PIN REISSUED to me at my address. please help.

  • Nothing for me here in Ohio! Been waiting here in Ohio since I filed the non-filer form on 04/10 for just a simple return so IRS can have some basic information about me for the stimulus payment to be DD into my Chime account. Still get the exact same message “PSNA” everyday for over a month in get my payment! I know I’m 100% eligible in the very lowest income bracket based on the qualifications I’ve read. Don’t receive government benefits.! No owed child support, or anything like that! Have no dependents, and can’t be claimed as a dependent! So frustrating!

  • My husband draws ss and has dd and he still hasn’t recieved his yet do you have any idea why