Last Day: Bluffworks Sale of 30% Off Sitewide – My Favorite Clothes for Everyday and Travel

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Written by Charlie

Today is the last day for the best Bluffworks sale yet – 30% off everything and 10% goes to charity as well! These are my favorite travel and everyday clothes and these are great deals!

I know most of us are not traveling right now but that has not kept me from wearing my Bluffworks clothes every single day. They are by far my favorites and they feel as comfortable relaxing at home as they do when on trips. This is the last day to get anything from them for 30% off and 10% will go to Feeding America as well.

Great Bluffworks Sale of 30% Off!

Link: Bluffworks Sale for Men | Bluffworks Sale for Women

Note: I am an affiliate with Bluffworks but I am not using any of my affiliate links in this post. They are a small business that has made some incredible products and like every other small business right now, they need customers! So, get some great clothes at a great discount, help a wonderful American small business, and you will be helping charity as well! 

Bluffworks Sale and Why I Like Them

They had an up to 30% discount for Black Friday but this sale is 30% off everything! This is an awesome deal and a chance to get some great clothes that work really well for anything. I have pants, shirts, and jackets and I pretty much just rotate through all of them. When I do find myself wearing a pair of pants from a different brand, I’m automatically looking for my travel friendly pockets and then realizing how much I appreciate my Bluffworks gear!

Now, even though things are difficult out there, they are using this time to also give to charity – which is awesome! They are a company I am proud to work with and I hope you take this chance to help this company out – while getting some of the best clothes around! Now, they have men’s and women’s so you are all set with either one!

Here are some of the items you will find on sale (along with my reviews):

My Favorite Bluffworks Clothes

This is a difficult one because I have not had a Bluffworks product yet that I don’t like but here is a look at some of my favorites that I wear all the time.

The Bluffworks Ascender Chinos

Link: On Sale for $88 – Available in Multiple Colors

The Bluffworks Dress Shirts

Link: On Sale for $68 – Available in Multiple Designs

I have the Meridian and just ordered the Zenith and expect them to be just as good as the Meridian. These are really fantastic for traveling since they never wrinkle for me!

The Bluffworks Piton Polo

Link: On Sale for $47 – Available in Multiple Colors

I used to wear Under Armour polos exclusively but now have three Bluffworks Piton polo shirts that I rotate through most of the time – and they hold up very well!

The Bluffworks Departure Jeans

Link: On Sale for $68.50 – Available in Blue and Black

It had been year since I had worn jeans but now wear the Departure Jeans on a regular basis because it doesn’t feel like actual jeans but I still have all the great pockets.

The Bluffworks Field Jacket

Link: On Sale for $245 – Available in Two Colors

Lastly, my latest Bluffworks gear – the Field Jacket. This had been my go-to jacket this winter with temps in and around the 30s – it is just amazing for weather like that! With plenty of pockets and a perfect fit, this is my all-time favorite jacket!

If you have a traveler in your life, Bluffworks clothes will quickly become their favorite so check out some as gift ideas! If they don’t fit, Bluffworks has an easy and quick return/exchange program so you are all set with that.

Bottom Line

These are some of the best prices I have ever seen from Bluffworks and they include their new Ascender Shorts and V Neck shirts (in new colors). This is a great company that has made clothing that works for every traveler – at home or abroad. Do yourself a favor (and them) and grab some deals during this sale.

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