Review of the Bluffworks Threshold T-Shirt – the $45 Travel T-Shirt That Can Do It All

Written by Charlie

If you want a great T-Shirt that can help you stay comfortable when you are at home, traveling, or wherever, check out the Bluffworks T-Shirt. It can really handle anything!

Ok, yes, I did say a $45 t-shirt! While some of you may have spent that amount in the past for a shirt without a collar, I never had. So, I understand a measure of disbelief but hang with me as we go through to see if this would be a good item for you!

Review of the Bluffworks Threshold T-Shirt – the $45 Travel T-Shirt That Can Do It All

Link: Bluffworks T-Shirt – affiliate link (they come in white, gray, dark gray, blue, and deep orange)

A note on size: Make sure you check out the Bluffworks size guide to ensure you get the best fit. Every time I have used those measurements, I have the fit I am looking for. With the Bluffworks T-shirt, I went for a medium, classic fit, regular and am 6’1″ and 195lbs.

When it comes to packing for travel, I am a very compact traveler. I never travel with anything more than a carryon for myself no matter where I go and for how long I am gone. To do that, it means I have to pack clothes that travel light, that don’t wrinkle, that can be worn often, and that feel comfortable. One of the things that I really cannot stand when traveling is to wear clothes that aren’t comfortable!

I have written about Bluffworks clothes before and how they have not just become a fixture in my travel wardrobe but also clothes that I wear more than anything else all the time. So, when they said they had developed a t-shirt, I knew I wanted to give it a try to see how comfortable it really was (disclaimer – they sent me one to try and review).

What Makes the Bluffworks T-Shirt Special?

Here are the specs (yes, specs for a t-shirt!) on the Bluffworks T-shirt:

  • Material is polyester blended with Lyocell and Elastane for softness and stretch.
  • Designed with heat-press labels for the comfort that comes with a tag-free t-shirt.
  • UPF 50+ in every color provides sun protection for the guy on the go.
  • Hyper light-weight material makes it as easy to fit into your bag as on your torso.
  • And, of course, it is machine washable and resists wrinkles like nobody’s business.

Here are the colors it comes in:

  • Peak White
  • Deep Orange
  • Hurricane Grey
  • Mist Grey
  • Maritime Blue

Personal Use

I wore it about 8 times for a total of 50 hours before I washed it for the first time. During that time, I traveled in it, slept in it, worked out in it, and wore it around and it did an amazing job of odor-removal! It never smelled bad at all during that time!


First of all, yes, the comfort factor is totally there! I mean, I have worn it a lot over the last couple of weeks and it is so comfortable that I forget it is there sometimes – except for the soft material that I do feel.

I have worn it on planes, for sleeping, for daytime use, for workouts, and under other shirts and it has consistently proven to be a comfortable performer. In fact, I look for reasons to wear it!

I recently flew Turkish Airlines and, though I absolutely love them, they keep their cabins a bit on the warm side. With my new Bluffworks t-shirt in hand, I quickly went to the bathroom and changed into it for the flight and it worked out great for me!


review bluffworks t-shirt

I am normally not a t-shirt wearing person and the chief reason for that has to do with the look of it – I’m just not a fan of wearing t-shirts that end up looking pretty ragged. I mean, yeah, they have that old, lived-in feel but I never like going out of the house in them because I don’t like how I look in them.

With the Bluffworks t-shirt, it holds its form very well while giving a nice look overall. I have worn it out many times now and really never feel as if I am dressing down at all when I wear it. It looks like it will work for anyone at the beach as well as at the store or maybe even at work (depending on your work’s dress standards).


Now to the part about it doing it all. When I travel, especially on short trips, I like to carry as little as possible. But, I almost always need a change of business casual, something comfortable for travel and getting around, and something to run in.

I put the Bluffworks t-shirt through the ringer a bit with various activities and here is how it did:

  • Running/Biking – it felt great when wearing it and I could actually not even smell anything bad with it after (in contrast to actual running clothes that have sweat-wicking technology)
  • Sleeping – I wore it to bed and it was extremely comfortable, no complaints here!
  • Traveling – I wore it under a button-down shirt and, again, it did the job by blocking sweat to the shirt and also keeping me feeling comfortable
  • Getting around – Like I said, it looks good enough to wear out and around and it gave me some comfort with mobility

Sure, running shirts don’t take up much room (and I will not be replacing them with this anytime soon just given the cost and the amount of running shirts I have!), I can wear anything for sleeping, an undershirt for a button-down doesn’t take space, etc.

But, it was nice to have one shirt that could go between all of those things without having to move it to a clothes bag after a use or two. Plus, it is easy to wash and dries in a few hours indoors.

Is the Bluffworks T-Shirt Worth $45?

Back to that price tag! 🙂 It could just be that gets stuck on that but I imagine there are others like me as well. Put simply, if you were to buy it and put it on once, you would likely keep it. It is just that comfortable.

If you travel, this is a fantastic shirt for travel and at home. I always have a Bluffworks dress shirt in my travel bag and often am wearing it while traveling but it is a long-sleeve shirt. I cannot wait to have a Bluffworks polo since 70% of my year is spent in warm/hot weather. Until then, the Bluffworks T-shirt does the job of giving comfort and a decent look when I want to stay cool when traveling.

All images from Bluffworks. 

Please note that I receive requests all the time from companies to try out their products for reviews and turn almost all of them down. I was eager to try Bluffworks before they ever provided me any clothes to try out and I have since purchased many things from them as well.

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