Finally, A Pair of Jeans that Work for Travel! Review of the Bluffworks Departure Jeans

review bluffworks departure jeans
Written by Charlie

Finally, there is a pair of jeans that feel comfortable enough for travel and anything else! This is my review of the awesome Bluffworks Departure jeans. They may make you feel good about jeans again!

I cannot tell you for sure, but it has been at least 8 years since I have really worn jeans. I mean, I break them out for doing some work every now and again (when I think I may really get the pants dirty) but I never wear jeans for daily use. For sure, I never wear them for travel!

Review of the Bluffworks Departure Jeans

Summary from the Top: In short, if you can handle it, the Bluffworks Departure jeans can handle it as well – while keeping you insanely comfortable.

review bluffworks departure jeans

My Review of the Bluffworks Departure Jeans – great jeans for travel and anything else

Link: Bluffworks Departure Jeans – $125 (affiliate link)

Disclaimer: Bluffworks sent me a pair to try out and review but all words are my own. I have personally bought Bluffworks gear in the past and will be buying more soon so I definitely believe in them!

However, when Bluffworks announced that they were going to be making a pair of jeans, I was pretty excited about it. After all, Bluffworks pants make up the pants I wear about 80% of the time so I definitely would order them just based on the comfort of other Bluffworks gear.

Fast forward to when I was finally able to try them out (I was outside the US so only recently got them to try) and they were everything I had hoped they would be. Actually, they were more than I had expected them to be. Let’s take a look at the new Bluffworks Departure Jeans and I will show you what I like the most about them.


First of all, the comfort. It is not often that I have found the words “jeans” and “comfort” to go so close together but the Bluffworks Departure jeans are the ones that do make that connection.

review bluffworks departure jeans

The moment I put them on, I realized these were definitely no ordinary jeans. It definitely has the denim look but, thanks to the mixture of materials used, it does not feel like the stiffness of denim. Bluffworks says the makeup of the Departure jeans is as follows – 68% Cotton, 22% COOLMAX Polyester, 9% Rayon, and 1% Spandex. All combined, that makes a winning recipe for a pair of jeans that just fits so comfortably.

I am serious – I actually felt like trying them out for bed because they felt so comfortable. 🙂


As is Bluffworks tradition, you will find some cool parts about these jeans that could make them perfect for your next outing and trip, no matter where it is. In the back, there are two hidden pockets that are zippered so they are perfect for keeping your wallet, passport, or some other thin valuable that you don’t want to lose while out.

review bluffworks departure jeans

The hidden, zippered pocket (one on each side) is great for keeping your wallet safe on the go

But, the pockets are hid so well that, originally, I did not even know about one of them! So, they will not mess up the regular “jeans” look when you are out in them.

Real-Life Review of the Bluffworks Departure Jeans

I have been wearing them a lot lately to see how well they work in all facets of my life – all-day use, sitting at a desk, walking around cities, travel, driving, even running for 1 mile in them. While I would still prefer my regular running gear for actual workouts, the Bluffworks Departure jeans worked great in every way.

Cellphone Pocket Replaced with Hidden, Zippered Pockets

The only thing that threw me a bit when I first put them on was the back cellphone pocket. It doesn’t exist in these pants (I only noticed it because I wear Bluffworks pants 80% of the time). Normally, I never put my cellphone in my back pocket but the Bluffworks originals and chinos changed me with that. That is because they have a perfectly placed cellphone pocket that keeps your phone from being sat on and still keeps it secure.

The Bluffworks Departure jeans do not have this pocket, replacing it instead with the hidden, zippered pockets. Those pockets go down deep like the regular pockets so I switched to putting my phone in the front pocket of these.

Other than that, there is nothing about these pants that I do not absolutely love. In fact, even going back to the super comfortable Bluffworks chinos felt like putting on something a little stiff in comparison.

Great for All-Weather Use

Here was another thing about the Bluffworks Departure jeans – they work great in any weather. I was wearing them in some very warm weather and they actually felt cool on me and then even when the temperature went quite a bit below freezing, I felt warm in them.

Finally, they handle being stuff anywhere and coming out looking great like a typical Bluffworks champ. If you like wearing jeans (even if you don’t) and have been looking for a pair that you can use for anything, the Bluffworks Departure jeans deserve your attention.


review bluffworks departure jeans

Like with Bluffworks other clothes, the Depature jeans likely cost more than you would normally spend on pants (that is the case with me). But, if you look at the value of comfort combined with longevity (check out my review of Bluffworks after one year), the price really starts to make sense. Still, the cost of $125 for a single pair is something that you may want to think about. Or, you could always wait for the sales that come up a couple of times per year. I will be sure to have a post for the next one so you could save then.


Bluffworks has done what I would have previously thought impossible – made a pair of jeans that is comfortable enough for sleeping in yet durable enough for any rugged travel you want to do with them on. In short, if you can handle it, the Bluffworks Departure jeans can handle it as well – while keeping you insanely comfortable.

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