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One Year Review of Bluffworks: Still My Favorite Clothes for Travel and Everyday

bluffworks review
Written by Charlie

This is my one year review of the Bluffworks clothes for travel and everday use. They have delivered fashionable products with tons of built-in functionality for the person that wants comfort on the go – and they still do the job one year later.

A little over a year ago, I was able to try out the Bluffworks brand for the first time. I am the type of person who really doesn’t mess much with clothing brands – if it works for me, I stick with it. I had largely been an Under Armour guy for everyday wear and travel (as well as running – which isn’t changing anytime soon!) and had been pretty happy with them. But, when the opportunity came to try out Bluffworks, I went for it to see how they would work for me.

My One Year Review of Bluffworks Clothes – Still My Best and Favorite!

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Disclaimer: Bluffworks has provided me with some of the Bluffworks clothes I own for review and to keep and I am an affiliate partner with them. All the words and thoughts on these are my own and they have not reviewed my content beforehand. Also, I have personally purchased Bluffworks clothing just because I love the fit and feel that much and I would not feel as good about offering a strong, positive review without doing so.

Three Things That Have Made Them Winners for My Wear
bluffworks review

The Bluffworks Chinos and Meridian Shirt

Well, here we are over 1 year later and the clothing items I wear the most – the Bluffworks chinos – are looking and feeling the same way they did when I first got them! None of the other clothes I have worn over the years can lay claim to that so I have been eagerly looking forward to sharing my impression of Bluffworks clothes after one year of some pretty steady, and sometimes rough, wear.

Three aspects of the Bluffworks clothes that I have loved the most for my travel and everyday lifestyle are:

  • the lightweight of the material
  • the breathability/sweat wicking
  • the antibacterial properties of the material.

I am someone who moves around a lot and fast. Having those features in pants automatically put them at the top of the pile for me – and they have delivered each and every time.

I wear the black chinos and navy chinos most days of the week. That means that, on average, I have probably worn each of them over 100 times in the last year – and they still wear and look new. I have zero complaints about them. The shirts have been awesome as well but I do not wear them as much in the summer months due to the high heat (though they can handle some heat even though they are long sleeved).

Built-in Functionality is Awesome
Bluffworks review

A phone pocket that really works

On the off days when I am not wearing a pair of Bluffworks pants, the first indicator that I know they are not on is when I go to put my iPhone in the special rear phone pocket. I have never been the type of person to put my phone in my back pocket because I just know I would break it. Well, Bluffworks thought of people like me and they have put a special pocket above the regular rear pocket that fits a smartphone perfectly.

It is just habit for me now to reach for my phone from there or to put it there – and sometimes I have had near phone disasters when I had realized (almost too late) that I wasn’t wearing a pair of Bluffworks and the phone fell from my hand! 🙂 I have tried that pocket with a regular iPhone, iPhone X, Samsung S8+, and the large Google Pixel 3XL and it has worked great with all of them.

That is part of what I love about the Bluffworks brand. They have delivered fashionable products with tons of built-in functionality for the person that wants comfort on the go. The back pocket is a winner but so is the zippered pockets inside of the regular side pockets. These are great for carrying things like change, cash, cards, and even a passport. They are safe and secure inside of the zipper and you don’t have to worry about scratching any device with a screen in the regular pocket.

bluffworks review

Two inside zippered pockets inside each front pocket are great for cash or passports

The Bluffworks blazer also has a lot of built-in functionality that delivers in whichever ways you need to use it. Not only that, but it is incredibly comfortable and I love that I never need to worry about pulling it out of a suitcase wrinkled. I can pull it out and I am good to go!


I am about to get my new Bluffworks Departure jeans. It has been years since I have worn jeans for more than outdoor work. I am excited about these because I know they will continue in the Bluffworks tradition.

And that is what I have come to appreciate about Bluffworks as a company – I can trust them to deliver. I used to be someone who needed to try on clothes before I bought them and sometimes would return them after wearing them around the house for a day because I didn’t like the fit and feel. With Bluffworks, I can pick clothes out without even trying them out (though you can return them if they don’t work for you!) and know that I am going to really like wearing them.

For me, the biggest test of Bluffworks was going to be how they held up with a year of serious wear. Well, they have come through like champs. For the price, that is a very good thing because you don’t want to replace them ever year! But, I think I can get a whole lot more than a year out of them!

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  • How often do they have sales? I bought the blazer a few weeks ago when they had the 20% off. The blazer fits perfect and lives up to the hype. Hoping to get the chinos when they’re on sale.