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What Happens If You Didn’t Get Your Stimulus Money Yet?

Written by Charlie

It is a stressful time and many millions of Americans are wondering why they didn’t get the stimulus money yet. Here are some things to help you figure it out.

Ever since the stimulus money started getting deposited into Americans’ accounts last week, over 100 million people have received their stimulus amount. However, there are many more that have not yet received their money yet. I have received over a thousand comments/e-mails/messages since I first posted about the stimulus money from people that haven’t received it so I dug some more and wanted to put things all in one post about what happens if you didn’t get your stimulus money yet.

What Happens If You Didn’t Get Your Stimulus Money Yet?

Three IRS Links to Use

First, Do You Qualify?

Before we get into where your money is, take a quick look using the calculator below to see if your income qualifies you to get some of the stimulus money and how much.

Stimulus Check Calculator

This calculator was developed by Maciej Kowalski, PhD candidate and Jasmine J Mah and available at Omni Calculator

Next, rememberer that you will not qualify if you are claimed as a dependent on someone else’s tax returns and are 17 years of age or older.

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Check the IRS Get My Payment Tool

The IRS has uploaded a Get My Payment tool that will let you check if your information is correct and let you put your information in. If you have a filing requirement and have not filed a tax return for 2018 or 2019, you must file a 2019 tax return to receive the payment.

If you are not required to file a 2018 or 2019 tax return, visit Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info Here.

If you are receiving the “Payment Status Not Available” message, here is why the IRS says you may be getting it:

  • If you are not eligible for a payment (see on who is eligible and who is not eligible)
  • If you are required to file a tax return and have not filed in tax year 2018 or 2019.
  • If you recently filed your return or provided information through Non-Filers: Enter Your Payment Info on Your payment status will be updated when processing is completed.
  • If you are a SSA or RRB Form 1099 recipient, SSI or VA benefit recipient – the IRS is working with your agency to issue your payment; your information is not available in this app yet.

That last line is very important as many of the people contacting me have been in those categories. Since your information is separate from the IRS, your information is still being uploaded to the tool. This means that you will need to check but do not check with the tool more than once per day. The information is only uploaded by the IRS once each day and checking too many times can lock you out.

Note for SSI or VA Recipients

If you receive SSI or VA benefits, have a child under the age of 17, and you did not file tax returns in 2018 or 2019, you will need to fill out the Non-Filers form to add your child and receive the $500 benefit for each child.

Why Didn’t I Get the Money Deposited Into My Account?

If the IRS does not have your bank account information from a previous return, they will be sending a check unless you update your information using the IRS Get My Payment tool.

But, if you have filed for 2019 and your bank account information is on that return, keep in mind that all paper returns are currently not being processed. It means that the IRS may not have gotten to your information and uploaded it yet.

If the IRS sends you a check, they will be sending out the checks in the order in the section below.

What Happens if the IRS Sends the Money to the Wrong Bank Account?

About 15 days after the IRS sends you your money, you will get a notice from the IRS. On that notice will be what to do if the money goes to the wrong account. In some cases, the receiver may no longer have that particular bank account or may have moved.

From the IRS: The letter will provide information on how the payment was made and how to report any failure to receive the payment. If a taxpayer is unsure they’re receiving a legitimate letter, the IRS urges taxpayers to visit first to protect against scam artists.

Unfortunately, it does mean that you will have to wait until more than 2 weeks after your money has gone out – if it goes to the wrong account. You can always check the Get My Payment tool to see the last 4 digits of the account it was deposited into.

One Thing for Those Who Do Not Need to File Tax Returns

The Get My Payment tool may not work for you. In those cases, you will need to enter security information to confirm who you are. Do not worry about that but do make sure you fill out this IRS page for Non-Filers.

When Will I Receive My Stimulus Check?

The date in each column is that particular week so they will be in the mail during that week. All amounts are for Adjusted Gross Income amounts.

  • $10,000 – $20,000 | May 1
  • $20,000 – $30,000 | May 8
  • $30,000 – $40,000 | May 15
  • $40,000 – $50,000 | May 22
  • $50,000 – $60,000 | May 29
  • $60,000 – $70,000 | June 5
  • $70,000 – $80,000 | June 12
  • $80,000 – $90,000 | June 19
  • $90,000 – $100,000 | June 26
  • $100,000 – $110,000 | July 3
  • $110,000 – $120,000 | July 10
  • $120,000 – $130,000 | July 17
  • $130,000 – $140,000 | July 24
  • $140,000 – $150,000 | July 31
  • $150,000 – $160,000 | August 7
  • $160,000 – $170,000 | August 14
  • $170,000 – $180,000 | August 21
  • $180,000 – $190,000 | August 28
  • $190,000 – $198,000 | September 4

Bottom Line

I understand these are extremely stressful times and I feel very badly for all of you who are still waiting for this assistance. Hopefully, this post will give you some information that will help you determine what is going on.

If you have not yet received your money yet and you are eligible, it will just be a waiting game. Keep checking the Get My Payment tool every day or so to see if your information has been updated. If it has not, do not sweat it – if you are eligible, you will receive the money. It may just take a while.

Please keep in mind that I am not a financial professional but have been deep diving into all of this to help provide information in an easy way. So, feel free to leave a question and I will answer it if I know the answer! If not, maybe someone else can answer it!

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  • I am retired. Receive social security. It’s downloaded on my direct express debit card each month. When can I expect to get my stimulus money?

    • My name is Leila Colman…. my husband is on disability he has received his but I haven’t I can’t work due to staying home with him will I still get any. Thanks

      • If no return is filed, he may need to fill out the Non-Filer’s form to add you as his spouse. Otherwise, you likely are not in the system for the IRS on this one.

    • What do I do if my husband claimed myself a d my 2 grandchildren and got $2900 back on the stimulus check and kept it all . We deserve our share of that money

  • Why haven’t I received a check ok I was calmed as a dependent but I also get social security so am I still not qualified

      • I was claimed as a dependent and I receive social security survivors
        Check, do I still qualified? What should I do if deny?

        • I get Social security Disability every month my info is in the system and the info on the site says if you get these benefits do nothing it will be automatically deposited into the account but it did not happen and I am still waiting.

    • I feel it is not fair at all. If you get Social Security payments and someone filed you as a dependent. Therefore, you are not eligible to receive the 1200 dollars. If someone filed you as a dependent tell me how are you benefit from it? There are many SSD and SSI people pay rent, utility bill, and grocery bill every month. We don’t have enough money to buy the right type of food. Also, the food prices and cleaner products prices are increasing, it is going to be difficult for the ineligible SSD and SSI people to buy those things. Also, I don’t understand how some people (not policemen, doctors etc) been working the entire time and they (job as call centers, road workers etc) received a stimulus check. Wow, Is it fair for them to get a stimulus check? How can Social Security people survive off the check they receive once a month? I just want to know why SSD and SSI people can’t get a stimulus check if someone claim them as a dependent. I am referring to the SSD and SSI people that are not in a nursing home.

    • Unfortunately, if you were claimed as a dependent, you do not qualify for this stimulus payment. So very sorry about that. There is talk that any future ones would cover someone in a situation like you but I know that doesn’t help you now.

      • I was claimed as a dependent but I also filed taxes this year. Why do I not get a stimulus payment?

      • Hey my name Whittney Johnson and I get ssi I think it’s ssdi I don’t know but I get my money on the 3rd and haven’t received or heard from you guy’s about anything when is my stimulus check coming

      • Mine says it was scheduled to be mailed on April 24th to the address on file and today is may 4 and I still haven’t received it yet can you tell me anything

        • It can take 5-10 days so give it another couple of days. If you still don’t receive it by next week, you should receive a letter from the IRS around that time and it will have information about how to get help on a missing payment.

    • You are not the only one, sure if you are qualified. I have tax form SSA–1099. The internal revenue service never answer many questions regarding the VA, SSA and SSD who are claim as dependent on other tax form. Some without their permission.

  • Hello. I am a Military Widow and recieve a Military Pension frome my deceased Husband and i also receive SSI. I am 65. My Question is because i allowed my Son to claim me on his Taxes, will i receive this $1200.00 Check or not ? I have been told my Son would receive $500.00 on his as i was claimed as a Dependent on his Taxes. Is this True or Not?? Thank You Mrs Bea

    • Good morning, Mrs. Bea. Unfortunately, since you were claimed as a dependent, it makes you not eligible for this round of stimulus payments. Also, since you are over 17, your son would not get the $500 for you since that only works for children under the age of 17.

  • I keep getting a rejection notice stating o.o must,include my PIN number six,digit given to me in a letter from the,IRS. I never,got a letter and never got a PIN and I,cannot talk to anyone at the IRS due to this,COVID19. so what do I do now
    it won’t even let me give my address let alone bank account information.

  • I’ve read a few times, that people who receive Social Security Benefits, (Example:people age 65 or older), weren’t needed to do anything to receive their Stimulus Benefits, because, the News Info. said, the Stimulus Money would automatically, go into our Bank Account.
    I was on the Obama Marketplace Insurance last year, and we had to file taxes, for 2019, and we didn’t have to give our Bank Account Info. So, my question is: How will my Husband and I receive our Stimulus Money and when?

    • My fiancé is on SSI and from my understanding you do not have todo anything to receive your stimulus check. The delay for people on SSI is / was waiting for IRS to receive everyone’s financial information from SSI to know who makes wait to determine amount to send then they realized that some on SSI have children as well but do not file taxes so then they had to have those that have children under age 18 to file a certain form so those people could receive the additional $500 per kid. There was a deadline for those forms to be filed and it has passed so SSI receptions should be ready to start receiving their checks. I can’t think of any reason why there would be a longer delay unless the married and single status is causing an issue but surely not.

    • If you can login to the Get My Payment tool, you can add your bank information. Otherwise, you will get a check according to the schedule above in the post.

  • My Exhusband owes over 100,000 back child support. I heard that he would not get the check that it would go against what he owes me. I called child support and they said they turned in his name as delinquent. They gave me a website but that was no help. Can you tell me who to contact. Thanks

  • My taxes went on an h&r block emerald card but I have not yet received my stimulus money can u tell me why

    • From what I have heard, it should go on the card as well. Check with the tool early this week and if nothing shows up, try to contact H&R Block.

  • Hi my name is Diana Barnes and haven’t gotten mine either because it went to the worg bank account and when i check on the IRS site the only thing i was ………… and the last 4 digital of my ss

    • You should receive a letter later this week or early next week to say that your payment went out. On that letter will be information for what you should do to claim the money. If the account was closed, it will go back to the IRS and they will issue you a paper check.

  • I filed my 2019 tax in the beginning of March of 2020 and it rejected 3 times and I ended up having to mail my tax return in mail. I was never notified if it was in process or if it rejected again or maybe if they haven’t updated. Turbo tax that I filed through said the IRS received my tax return that I mailed in that will determine if I qualify. My question is I want to know if I am getting my tax return and stimulus check here pretty soon? No one is helping or answering nor are they responding to me emails trying to figure out what’s going on with my money.

    • I also updated my new address on my tax return before submitting it. For some reason it has my old address still. Will that affect my stimulus check and my tax return? I had already updated with USPS months back before this whole Coronavirus happened. Please get back to me about this. Thank you.

      • This is because they are not processing any paper returns that were received near the time they closed the processing centers. So, it will be your old address. You can change that using the Get My Payment tool to have it go to your bank account instead. OR, at least designate your new address.

    • I am in the same boat – I had to do a paper return this year and they have not processed it yet. In this situation, they go off your information from your 2018 return. So, if you were eligible according to your 2018 return, you should be getting your payment from the stimulus amount before too long – depending on if you entered your bank account on the 2018 statement. In fact, if that is the case, you could get your stimulus money before your 2019 return.

  • Ok I read this articles, some other information and questions are left out of the stimulus check status. What about those who have sisters or brothers file taxes, but put a older siblings over 25 (a disabled) as dependent on their tax return?

    • If the dependent is 17 or older, there will not be a payment to that person or to the person who had claimed them as a dependent.

  • Hey Charlie,

    Thanks for your very up-to-date information. I saw the chart of dates and AGI levels you include, earlier in the week on some other site. But I didn’t notice something kind of significant, until just now as I’m looking at your version of the chart. There is no date listed for individuals whose adjusted gross income is less than $10,000. I would imagine that would be relevant for a large number of people. And the more I think about it, the more odd it seems that the IRSs payment table starts off with a range of $10,000 to $20,000, and not $0 to $10,000. (If you weren’t doing anything else, and decided to track that down, I think a lot of folks would be grateful, and very interested to know if that bracket of income recipients was actually forgotten, or misplaced, or something else.)

    Now, I don’t want to confuse this issue. But at the risk of doing so, I’ll go ahead and share the following information, that IS very much related to this question I raise, perhaps . . . . . I think? I am a “non-classic” non-filer, meaning I am not required to file, because my income is so low. My AGI is essentially $0, because my SS disability benefit (about $1000 per month) is non-taxable. The IRS and the SSA have stated consistently that SS benefits recipients (regular and disability) didn’t need to do anything as far as the stimulus payment was concerned. They said they those individuals would use the SSA’s 1099 statement to automatically qualify SS recipients for the full $1,200 payment. And the IRS would use the SSA’s database to obtain direct deposit information for each SS beneficiary.

    Well, so far I haven’t seen anything. And neither have my two parents, whose AGI also falls below $10,000, because 90% of their income is social security benefits. But unlike me, they rent the cabin they own next door, which is a sole proprietorship business and that they have filed tax returns for over the last ten years. (Filing this year in late February.) They have never had a tax bill to pay, and never gotten any kind of refund, so they have never included their banking information on any past returns.

    I don’t know what this means, but today for the first time, when we went to the Get My Payment site and plugged in my Dad’s, my Mom’s, and my information, my Mom and I both got the “Payment Status not available” message — as we all have since the site launched. But my Dad got a message that said something like, we need some information from you that we don’t have. So, we followed the prompts and plugged in, among other details, his banking information.

    I then decided to avail myself of the “Non-filers” tool to fill out a special brief return, and supply my banking information to the IRS — even though every official directive has said there is no need for me to do this. But I did it. Anyway, so, now we will have three different data points to track. It will be interesting to see who get what and when. Will we all get our payments via direct deposit? Or is somebody going to get a printed check payment?

    I didn’t mean to include so much detail, but given that there are no other comments as of yet, I only feel “a little” selfish.

    Thanks again for the timely information. And thank you for taking the time to inject the very helpful headings you included throughout this post.

    Patrick E.

    • Here’s just a bit of semi-related information. Today I saw an IRS chart that showed the total stimulus dollars disbursed by U.S. State. Currently, individuals living in North Carolina have received payments that put the state in 10th place overall, for percentage of total dollars paid out. And that’s where my Mom and Dad and I live — about ten miles from each other in the Western mountains of North Carolina.

      Patrick E.

    • Thanks, Patrick. Sorry about the schedule – you are right about that! Actually, for those with AGI under $10,000, those checks went out by this last Friday, according to what the IRS said. So, checks should be received sometime this week.
      As to your situation as well, the tool was not updated with the SSI information due to it existing within a totally separate agency (SSA vs IRS). But, they have made some significant upgrades to the tool so check again today to see! Hopefully you all get your money soon!

  • I need my stimulus check, I have 3 kids under the age of 13. They have closed the schools so it’s hard to keep them schooling without paying my phone bill so they can do there work on internet. Halie Stinson is 12 Sherlynn Dobbs is 11 and Tony Ray Grimes is 3. I’m not able to work anymore cause I gotta have brain surgery again and I been sick for 2 months now. Not only that when I done my taxes we filed joint but they took over 7,000 dollars of mine and my kids and gave it to DHR for my boyfriends back child support after I filled injured spouses claim they took it anyway. I need my 7,000 it’s not my place to pay for his kids….

    • So sorry for your situation. I would check the tool again to see where it says the money is going. If you have filed joint but are no longer with the other filer, you will have to check to see who is getting the money. Check Get My Payment.

  • Got one for you! I am a disabled veteran, would I get both the VA stimulus and the disability stimulus?

  • I have not received my stimulus money cause on the GET MY PAYMENT TOOL it says that it was paid April 15th to a wrong account number I only file my tax with 1 bank and when I called my bank they said they did not receive any money from IRS. I dont know who to ask about it cause there is no one or site to ask can you please help me?

    • So sorry about that! You will be getting a letter from the IRS, likely this week, that will have information for what to do next. You are not alone in this so this will eventually get sorted but you will have to wait for that letter to take the next step.

  • What if my daughter claimed me.. but way before the corona even was a issue.i didn’t Even make 2000.00. But I updated my personal info and deposit info. And even filed my 2019 taxes it was rejected … I really need the stimulus money I’m in Georgia fixing to go back home in kcmo..and have no home….what options are there for my situation?

    • So sorry about your situation! If you have been claimed as a dependent on the latest tax return that has been processed, you will not get the money and they will not get any money for you from this stimulus amount either.

  • Steve Munichin, said if you add your direct deposit info to the get my payment tool. The money would be deposited in a few days. I put my info in the morning it launched. That’s been over a week ago and it keeps telling me I’m eligible but they don’t have a payment date for me. From what I hear I’m not the only one. Why is no one talking about this? Any information would be helpful. Thank you!

    • Sorry, Joshua! My only guess would be that maybe checks had already been issued in your name? Maybe they will still send that out or maybe they will be redirecting it as a direct deposit? Hopefully there will be some information for you this week!

      • My husband receives SSDI and I’m still fighting for my ssi I filled out the non filers forms the day they opened the portal I still HAVEN’T received any money or even anything from irs stating I’m eligible I check the get my payment everyday and all it has said from day 1 is payment status unavailable.. How long does it take for them to update my info I mean I have 0 income and we don’t file any taxes!!! PLEASE HELP.. I’ve looked everywhere and HAVEN’T seen anything at all about where the husband/ wife receives SSDI and the other has no income and fighting their SSI and what we need to do!! I mean I know I’m eligible cause I have no income but I’m not listed ANYWHERE on where my husband gets his SSDI

      • Hi, I have the same issue, I add my bank info last april 24 and the irs page says “you’re eligible in this payment. We don’t have a date yet as soon as we have the date we will deposit your money to this bank account ****.” Everytime I check get my payment it is the same info appears they. What’s going on?

  • Hi I filled out the non filers form but I accidentally put that sum on can claim but I misread it. No one claim m n I haven’t filed since 2013 what can I do

  • What if someone did taxes in your name and you cant file for non file because of the problem someone using your ss# will i get one

  • That was very helpful, thank you. Do you happen to have any information for unemployment? That is also a huge nightmare. I went on work furlough and I applied last Sunday and have not heard back from them and I’m being told I have to put a claim in every week, but the problem is I don’t know if I should do that not knowing if I am eligible for which I should be just thought I ask and thank you very much again. If your able to help me please send me an email please.

    • Sorry about that! The unemployment status would not affect your stimulus payment. If your 2018 or 2019 (whichever was filed last) return has you as eligible, you should be receiving the stimulus payment. Hopefully you are able to get your unemployment soon as well!

  • My son filed his tax return 2019 at the end of February and has already received his federal refund on March 5 through direct deposit. His adjust gross income is less than 50 k and is eligible for $1200 stimulus check. But when he checked on line about it , it says “payment status not available: according to information that we have on file, we cannot determine your eligibility for a payment at this time! Why is that? He is over 17, but we didn’t claim him as dependent for years!
    Thank you for your help

  • I went onto the gave my bank account info and it’s not telling me anything I’m behind on my Bill’s and my rent I really need that money really bad I would highly appreciate it if you can help me to get my payment I have been waiting for 2 weeks since I’ve gave my information to the irs

    • Sorry it has been so long. Hopefully it should come through this week. Check the tool each day (Get My Payment) to see if they update the status.

  • My status says my bank account information is needed. I’ve tried about 75 times to update that information on the Get My Payment website, but each time I hit Enter I get a message stating they’re having Technical Difficulties and the service is temporarily unavailable. Reference number is 109(for internal use only). I’ve tried all hours of the day and night and still the same message. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

  • I am a widow and VA benefits. Will I get a stimulus check? I am also on Medicare and my monthly check is direct deposit.

  • HR BLOCK messed up my return. Information is not correct! Im getting the run around! They are not considered? Why won’t they help? I can’t check my stimulus payment. It kicks me out! No one seems to care? I have a child and need this! I will never use HR BLOCK again!! Not knowing anything is stressful enough.

    • I am not able to log into my Get My Payment account through the IRS link because it says I am not entering the correct information. So I called my tax preparer and she said the way I enter it is the way she filed it. Im so stressed out over it I dont k ow what to do. Is anyone else experience this? What do I do now?

  • My daughter, who does not work applied for the stimulus check and it tells her she will not get one because she is claimed as a dependent on someone’s return. She is not a dependent just a head of household qualifier. You can’t get through on calls to the IRS so how can this be rectified so she can get her check?

    • I am sorry about that. I would imagine she would have to wait until the IRS centers are staffed again to be able to talk to someone and sort this out.

  • I am a Social Security recipient who DOES file income taxes.
    All of the information says that the IRS will use the direct deposit from your most recent tax filing (2018 or 2019) to send your stimulus payment.
    What they DON’T tell anyone is that if you had to PAY when you filed they will NOT use your bank information to direct deposit your stimulus payment.
    I did find this information buried deep in the main IRS website, but was not allowed to enter different bank account information because of being a Social Security recipient. PLease pass this along.

  • I put my information in the irs site for “non-fillers” b/c I’m on SSDI but I still haven’t received my stimulus payment and no information is available when I check….I really need this money…..when shld I expect to get it…..there is so much information out there and all of it contradicts each other, u can’t get ahold of anyone so when will it come????

    • For the years 2018 and 2019 I received a refund but applied that refund to estimated taxes for the following year. I tried three ways to enter my refund on “ where’s my payment” to no avail. I entered the actual refund that I would have received except applied to next year estimated taxes, 0 and $1. I received the message tat I was entering the wrong information. I did the same thing for 2018 tax year and received the same message

  • I’m single and 60 years old. My income is Around $12000 a year. I’m on Medicaid and never filed taxes . Can I get a stimulus check and if so how ?

    • Go on and fill out the non-filers info and you will be able to receive the stimulus pay

  • I dont get a stimulus check the kids dad claimed them so idk whats going on with that.

  • If I’m on as or disability do I have to file anything to get the stymus check and when when will I get it

  • When I got my taxes done for 2019 by liberty tax they gave me a netspend debit card which I read the stimulus payment will not work with. I tried doing the “get my payment” on and it says a check will be mailed to me on the 24th of April . The problem is the home I was previously in I dont live there anymore and I am having trouble changing my address because I am now stuck in a whole other state (Texas) which me and my 4month old are forced to move because of the covid pandemic. I cant find a way to get my stimulus payment which me and my child need very badly especially being in another state. Please help .

  • Ive got one for everyone…. I filed for unemployment my stimulus have not received either one my profile is stating that I’ve received payment I haven’t even gotten my card I’ve sat next to people who are one single person as I’m a single mother of five we both filed at the same time she has already received her stimulus check and her unemployment and I’m not received anything and can’t get an answer as to what the issue is on any topic I can’t even speak to a person left on hold for three-plus hours any and all areas. With school being out States being on lockdown I’m not considered an essential worker completely out of funds I don’t know what to do not able to pay my Internet bill and my phone bill in order for my children to continue to do their school work I have no options left government at this point can kiss my ass!!!!!

  • I’m on ssi and still have not received my stimulus yet. I filed on the irs non filers page and it was successfully submitted. I also gave my bank info. I have a direct Express card to but I put my bank info in becsuse it said if I do that I would get it sooner. I still have not received it yet. What is going on? IRS site said if I filed before last Thursday I would get it by this week and I have not .

  • What I want to know is, why were we urged to file our 2019 taxes to receive the stimulus payment if they didn’t have the staff to process the the returns and if your return isn’t processed they can’t determine your eligibility? I would have received my stimulus based on my 2018 return by now if I wouldn’t have filed my 2019 taxes. I filed on March 4 and still processing…..self employed single mom of 3 boys and no income since beginning of March. Unemployment is 6 to 8 weeks out and at the rate the IRS is going I may receive my 2020 return before my 2019. Bank account hit zero today and non of the promised relief in sight. I’m about to lose everything…at least non working welfare recipients got a portal made for thier eligibility and got a stimulus when their income wasn’t affected. Worked my whole life for nothing. There has to be a way that they can get your stimulus payment figured out without having processed my 2019 return. Not to mention they made it sound like you could receive stimulus payment before refund. Had I known this was possible, I wouldn’t have filed…duped by the government again!

    • They will process it based on your 2018 return if they haven’t processed your 2019 return in yet. I was in a similar situation – my paper return was filed for 2019 and is still being processed but I received the stimulus money based on my 2018 return. Hopefully, they will get it to you soon. Did you try the tool to check on the status?

  • I went to Get My Payment and it said mine check was mailed on April 24th. I have a PO Box, my taxes had my home address. Been checking both Post Office and home mailbox and no check. My sister received her stimulus check by mail yesterday. We are both on Social Security. I received my regular Social Security check last Thursday by direct deposit. Just keep waiting and checking. Been five days since it said it was mailed.

  • My Husband got his stimulus check . I didn’t get one. When I go to the form to fill out it asked for tax number . I haven’t file taxes out since 2011. So when I tried to get a transcript it said my information isn’t correct . I put down all my info and still says Incorrect.. so now my question is will I get one .. since they are taking calls. What can I do to fix this and see if I get a check…

  • It’s says that my check was mailed on May 1st. But they will be going by the address on my 2018 taxes cause I didn’t have to file this year. But I have a different address but I have went and had a change of address done with the post office just wandering if my check will come to my new address. ???

    • I am not sure if IRS checks are forwarded automatically or not. I would think it would be. Worst case, it goes back to the IRS and you can update your Get My Payment information.

      • I had this social security checks before..the post office does not forward social security checks they send them back to the IRS

  • So my question is my daughter and my stepson were both claimed last year as dependents they were not claimed this year, will they receive a stimulus check? My stepson had his taxes done and received a refund back and has not received the stimulus check. He lives at home with us. My daughter lives on her own. We are still waiting for our taxes to be done by our tax person.

    • So if you have not filed for 2019 yet, they will go off the information on the 2018 return, which you say had them claimed as dependents. That would mean they will not be eligible for the stimulus checks. The one possibility could be if you file your 2019 taxes without them claimed, maybe they may get it eventually, but I cannot say for sure.

  • Hi, so the get my payment site said my stimulus would be deposited into my account (the last 4 digits matched my acct #) on April 29th. Well that day has been here and passed, and still no money. I can’t contact the IRS, and there is NOTHING on their website that addresses this issue. Do you know how I should proceed with this? Or an idea on maybe what happened to the money?

    • The only thing I can suggest is to wait for the IRS letter to arrive sometime next week. It should have instructions in there on how to get in touch with them about such problems. Strange!

  • OK, I receive SSI, I work a little also so I have filed taxes, I have 3 children, and was not claimed as a dependent. As of yet I have not received anything at all. I made sure my kids were listed, the IRS tool is a joke. It says the same thing it has since the start. ” Your payment was mailed to the address we have on file.” Well, I gave lived in the same place for 6 years I am sure they know where I am. I have entered my banking information on time. Hoping it goes direct deposit. There is absolutely no reason that I have not got the check or deposit yet. Please help, no one else can or wants to.

  • What do I do if my husband claimed myself a d my 2 grandchildren and got $2900 back on the stimulus check and kept it all . We deserve our share of that money

  • How do we get our money if someone claimed us on their 2019 taxes and got the stimulus check and kept all the money and did not give us our part of it

  • I receive ssi, SSDI kids are 14,16,17. And receive survivor’s benefits. I still have not gotten my stimulus money I get mine on direct express card but over a month ago I went on the non filers to be sure to get the $500 .I added my bank information on that.just incase this was when it was first said people on SSI and SSDI needed to take action… Not sure what is taking so long ..also since my 17 year old get survival benefits would she get 1,200 she works too but didn’t file her taxes. Her W2 was miss placed at the last minute and nothing we could do In time with everything going on

  • hi my daughters filed a non filer tax for 2020 on 4-28-2020 but they have not received they stimulus deposit yet. do you know how long it takes for them to get the funds. I keep checking on the Get My Payment tool and it still says “We are unable to provide the status of your payment right now because:
    We don’t have enough information yet (we’re working on this), or
    You’re not eligible for a payment.

  • I filled out and injured spouse form for 2018 and 2019 and they took my money for child support why

  • Me and my father-in-law receive SSA and it’s direct deposited into each of our accounts every month. My sister and my mother have received theirs and they are also on SSA. They received theirs on April 29th. My father-in-law and I still have been waiting with no avail on the get my payment site or the number your supposed to be able to speak to alive person, which you don’t, because it’s all automated and runs you in circles.

  • I checked the get my payment, the posting read I will receive the stimulus payment on May13th. Seeing that I get supplemental income directly deposited into my bank. The posting had the last 4 digits of my bank account, so I know that is correct. I do not understand what the problem is.

  • No payment, IRS has my info, payment status not found, eligible for it, I really need it and can’t find anything out. Don’t you think they should put the effort into getting the people who didn’t get a payment one before they dish more out to the ones that have?

  • I have questions about the stimulus package because I never get one I guess because my wife is using the TIN # to file our joint account to file the taxes but I guess we not get stimulus payment and I have 3 kids I don’t know how we can get help to pay our bills because I’m only one working in my family

    • It is an unfortunate thing in your situation but for a spouse that files jointly with a spouse who has the ITIN, you will not be getting this round of stimulus check. They realized that this had been an oversight in how it was written (leaving out someone with a SS who filed with someone who had a ITIN). If they do another one, they would likely make sure that you would at least get the money if not for your children as well.

  • I didn’t qualify can Iget my 5 dollars back and not have you taking money out of my in the future?

    • Your $5? You didn’t pay anything to this site and you don’t need to pay anything for the stimulus so not sure what you are talking about.

  • Hello Charlie
    I was claim as a dependent on my sister’s tax form. I know dependent over the limit get nothing My sister received only the $1200.00. Does this mean everyone who does the same thing get a stimulus check.

  • Hi Charlie I filled a form out on intuit back on april 3rd. I called them and they verified the irs confirmed getting my information. But my husband and I have yet to receive anything. We are both on social security,we get our checks direct deposited. I have checked the get my check many many times and all I get is they r working on it. What is going on that they can’t get it together and send the rest of us our money. This is just plain rediculous. If we were supposed to be sending them money they would be hounding us to death. Thank you

  • If somebody grossed over 76,000 got 2 dependent do they get a stimulus check for them and their dependents even if they are not claiming head of household

  • If someone received a date for their stimulus so that means they are getting it even though they owe child support

  • If someone grossed over 76,000 are they still eligible for a stimulus check if they have dependents.
    and is not claiming head of household.