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Here is When You Will Get Your Stimulus Check

Written by Charlie

Here is the current schedule for when the IRS will send out stimulus checks. Plus, find out how you can still update your info to receive a direct deposit.

Last week, 80 million Americans woke to find their part of the $2 trillion stimulus package in their bank accounts. For all those that had not filed with the IRS in 2018 or 2019 or did not update their information with their direct deposit information, you will be getting a check in the mail.

When You Will Get Your Stimulus Check

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According to this report from the Washington Post, here is the schedule (as of now) that will be followed in sending out actual stimulus checks. It will go by the lowest income Americans first. The date in each column is that particular week so they will be in the mail during that week. All amounts are for Adjusted Gross Income amounts.

  • $10,000 – $20,000 | May 1
  • $20,000 – $30,000 | May 8
  • $30,000 – $40,000 | May 15
  • $40,000 – $50,000 | May 22
  • $50,000 – $60,000 | May 29
  • $60,000 – $70,000 | June 5
  • $70,000 – $80,000 | June 12
  • $80,000 – $90,000 | June 19
  • $90,000 – $100,000 | June 26
  • $100,000 – $110,000 | July 3
  • $110,000 – $120,000 | July 10
  • $120,000 – $130,000 | July 17
  • $130,000 – $140,000 | July 24
  • $140,000 – $150,000 | July 31
  • $150,000 – $160,000 | August 7
  • $160,000 – $170,000 | August 14
  • $170,000 – $180,000 | August 21
  • $180,000 – $190,000 | August 28
  • $190,000 – $198,000 | September 4

Here Is How Much Stimulus Money You Will Get

Remember, it will phase out once you get over $75,000 for an individual or $150,000 for joint filers. Here is a calculator to show you exactly what you can expect.

Stimulus Check Calculator

This calculator was developed by Maciej Kowalski, PhD candidate and Jasmine J Mah and available at Omni Calculator

You can check the Get My Payment site each day to see if your information has been updated overnight.

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How You Can Get the Stimulus Money Quicker

If the IRS does not have your direct deposit information, you can go to the special website the IRS has to enter this information. This will help you get the amount quicker than a check would go out.

Though, if you do opt to wait for a check, you will receive a note from the IRS in the mail about the payment so you can make sure your information is accurate.

If You Are in One of the Following Groups and Have a Child Under 17, Add Them to Your Account Before Tomorrow!

If you are receiving Social Security, disability, or veterans benefits, you will need to go to the IRS website before 9AM PT tomorrow (Wednesday, April 23) to add any child that you have under the age of 17. If you do not, you will not receive that money until next year.

For your children under the age of 17, you will receive $500 each.

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  • You might want to edit this for grammar “Add a Child Before Tomorrow if You In This Category”

      • Hey I did not file taxes for certain reasons. Would I be able to still get the stimulus check or checks.

    • My son has Autism and is on disability he is technically 20yrs old will he get payment w/ his monthly check or at a different time. Our local SSA office has our current address and direct express info? Thank you so much for keeping us updated

    • I have not filed taxes since 2017 and due to past identification fraud, I now must use an IPPIN #, which the IRS didn’t send out to me this year, so I haven’t had it to register for the stimulus. So it told me to send in the form for the stimulus without an IPPIN, so I sent in a paper form about a month ago. How long should i expect to wait until I recieve my payment, or will I even recieve it at all?

  • My accountant has my direct deposit information as part of my tax information for the last 2 years. My wife and I did not receive our check into direct deposit like others have. Tried updating bank routing and account number on IRS website for 3 days . Result always the same – error ,your information does not match with our records. After you try a couple of times, you then get locked out for 24 hrs. What a joke!

    • If you were getting a refund direct deposited it would be no problem. But if you owed taxes and had them paid by bank debit…the amazing computer systems at IRS (still running on ancient Cobol) would not recognize the bank account! So, you would have to enter it at the website they set up that is buggy as hell as you have found out. Maybe just wait for the dates Charlie listed. If somehow you never get it, you would still claim it when you file your 1040 tax return for the 2020 year by April 15, 2021.

  • I didnot file 2018 2019 taxes my only income is ss was told by tax preparer since that was my only income i did not need to file my ss ck is direct deposited do i need to do anything many of my friends have gotten their cks

    • If you get your SS check by direct deposit, you should get this one the same. But, did you do the Get My Payment tool to check?

      • I am receiving s.s. retirement and do not have children am 70 years old. Have direct deposit. Why haven’t I received my payment?

      • The last I read when stimulus checks will go out starting with income less then $10,000 was supposed to go out on April 24. So are you saying that the IRS hasn’t started sending checks yet? Every week the date is different. Who really knows?

        • The checks started going out last week. If you have an adjusted gross income less than $10,000, you should receive the check sometime this week.

          • my 2018 was $10,100.00, 0 in 2019 due to raising disabled grandchild/I have been approved for stimulous but no date yet….Why?

      • That site says if you get as I don’t use it. I get sis my income is 9,000. It say people with 10,000 income will get there 1,200 check May 1st. But that a lie I make under that a year and here it is the 4th of May and I keep checking my driet deposit and nothing. So when am I supposed to get mine. Social Security put mine on a card.

        • It seems that there have been a lot of delays for those that get SSI on their card. Hopefully that will go out soon. You can check the Get My Payment tool to see if they have updated it with your information. That will tell you how you are due to receive the money.

          • I get SSI and hadn’t received my stimulas check so I started looking into it.. I lived with a friend for a couple months last year.. and I found out he claimed me on his taxes.. which he wasn’t supposed to do.. so I told him to amend them and take me off.. I don’t believe he has received his refund yet.. since he amended them can I get my stimulas check now..

      • It’s Saturday May 16. My 88 year old mother has been on Social Security for years. She has direct deposit. And has had the same bank for years. She still hadn’t gotten her stimulus check. Get my payment does not have any info on her. I check every day for her. She has a few friends that have not received theirs either. What happened.

  • I receive social security widows benefits. My son receives. social security disability benefits. He is 40 years old. How will the stimulus plan be for him. Thank you

  • It’s great you shared the check schedule. What about the direct deposit schedule if the status says “you’re eligible and will be deposited into acct XXXX,” but the is no date for the deposit? Is there an estimated direct deposit schedule/theory?

  • System says I have the wrong information. I got the information right off my tax return.

        • If you get SSI, you may still need to wait a bit as they are still uploading that information. Since it comes from the SSA and not the IRS, they are still working to get all the SSI and VA recipients loaded into the tool.

  • IRS said in their post to me that my check was dated on April 15,for deposit but my acct # was what will happen.

    • They will send the check after they have processed the account change but it could get pushed back. Did you register with the Get My Payment to get it as a direct deposit instead?

  • My grandson is 17 years old a junior in high school will be 18 in September and he will be a senior and then will he get a stimulus check or will his parents get 500$ for him ?

    • When did he turn 17? The stimulus child portion of the $500 is for those under 17. I would imagine he is claimed as a dependent by his parents normally? If that is the case, he would not get the $1,200 for himself and depending on when he turned 17, his parents would get the $500 for him.

  • I filed my taxes and IRS sent me a letter for identity verification. Stimulus check tool says they can not determine if I qualify. This is outrageous I am in need of this money. There is always a twist for this stuff. The president said every American would get $1200 now I sit here waiting and am assuming I won’t get no money until I can s can speak to a rep at ZiRS who know when they will answer calls again.

    • They are updating that tool every evening so it will get updated after they process your reply to their letter. I am sorry for the problem and the delay and hopefully the IRS will get it sorted for you soon!

      • What time do they normally update the status, I put my bank account info in on the 15th at 6am in the morning and I still don’t even have a date

    • I’m so frustrated I haven’t received my stimulus and I filed 2018 and 2019 and I filed mine 2019 since January and I have not receive my income tax either when I go to the portal it said eligible but not enough information for Direct Deposit but a check will be mailed to the address on my tax return so why haven’t I received anything I brought my sister and she just got a date which is 28th of May something is not right with this picture please explain thank you also my tax return is saying still processing

  • So, what if you have a child that is 17? Everything I have read just says if you have a child under 17. They aren’t 18 ( “an adult”) so I guess they don’t matter?

  • we filed our 2018 taxes but owed. So there is no banking info on file with the IRS. We are married, filing joint, with income of $155,000. Everytime I try to use the Get my Payment tool it tells me “based on the information we have on file, we cannot determine your eligibility.” Why?

  • I receive SSI payment deposit into my account will I receive the stimula check into my account this week

    • That’s what they’re saying. I’ve been making the same thing because I, too, receive SSI. Let’s pray it does. Stay Safe

  • This is crazy my son receive ssi I work I’m a tax payer why have we not receive anything

  • Hello. I’m on Social Security Disability and SSI, with NO children. I receive the benefit payments on a Direct Express Debit Mastercard issued by the Social Security Administration. Everytime I call the number on the back of the card, the automative message says they have NO information about the stimulus payment. Do you have any information about how the payment will be sent?? Thank You for your help.

  • I didn’t receive money for my 2nd child, he born in 2019, and just first time been claimed in my tax return in 2020. Are they recalculate later? Thank you

  • I have direct deposit with the direct express card for my SS retirement. Will my stimulus check be deposited on the same card? Or will I get a check in the mail.

  • I filled out my info to get direct deposit on April 16th. How long will it take to get my direct deposit

  • I enrered my bank information via turbo tax for non-filers on April 11th and get my payment message says ” according to our records on file we are not able to verify your eligibility as of yet”. How long does the process take to determine and release the money? And I’ve been getting this same message for the past 12 days. And i tried to do my 2019 taxes and was rejected.

  • My husbandand I filed for 2018 I’m on sad will my check be deposited on my. Card where my ss check is deposited at

  • I put my bank account info in the non-filers section and it said it was accepted and they would need to process it, this was a week ago and when I check where’s my payment it says payment info not available cause they have not verified my eligibility and processed my information. How long does this process take.

  • My problem is…… I filed with turbo tax checked the get my payment tool on 13th, got locked out for using the address on my return but because I moved after I filed did a change of address. Used the new address updated my DD info because they said it wasn’t in file on the 14th because I got locked out which was Thur. Now it says checked will be mailed on the 24th. Why are they sending that when I updated and used a different bank then the turbo card? On get my payment tool like there asking people to do! I’m a single mother with 3 kids only made 9939$ for the year if 2020. My daughter is recovering from corona but it’s house bills, medical, food and no unemployment being approved so pretty much imma be homeless throughout it all!!!!

  • I receive disability have for 10 years now everytime I use the portal it says I may not be eligible how can I find out for sure and if I am eligible will it be put on my direct express card?

    • Everybody on SSDI and etc who didn’t file taxes gets the same response. They said they haven’t updated that but they said if u get ur check DD by end of week or late April our money will be deposited all info is on

  • My 78 year old mom receives social security I forgot to file her taxes last year and have not filed yet this year . Will she still get the stimulus check. I put her information in the irs tool and it states has no information . To date she has not received anything.

  • My son not work in a few years how do we set it up for him to get a check? Or where do we file ?

    • If he is over 17 and not claimed as a dependent, he would need to file using the Non-Filer’s page on the IRS site to input his information.

  • I was supposed to get my refund 04/24, haven’t received my refund. Tried to see if I qualified for the stimulus and says not available. What can I do?

    • As in your normal tax refund or the stimulus money? If you filed with a paper filing this year, chances are good they have not gotten to it yet as they have not been processing paper returns like normal due to the coronavirus. As for the stimulus money, you would be eligible if you fit the IRS criteria on their page. I think they are behind in updating that tool so just keep checking and waiting. If the IRS has your direct deposit information, it will go to your bank. If not, it will be sent out as a check according to the schedule laid out above in the post.

  • I updated my bank information the 15th cause I had used TurboTax and all I get is I’m eligible not nothing about when

  • SS number when put in shows wrong on the IRS site really weird
    Did it slowly cked my number and it still shows it in reverse in the lil boxs on The IRS site Really Strange things happening folks
    any one else here have the same problem ??
    Are they collecting our DNA our emails cell phones etc
    Talk about parinoid yep
    All your ID stuff DNA etc will be put in a data bank for sure This Virus is just excuse to collect it legally
    plus tied to the IRS wow
    Even criminals want to be tested for the corona Easy way to trick ya into giving away your DNA

  • The stimulus amount of was sent to a direct deposit bank number that I never had…but since it was already processed I can’t give the IRS my updated bank information. I owed money for the past two years and sent them a check both years. When and will I get a check by mail? If not what is my recourse?

    • I have heard of some payments going to wrong accounts. Definitely get in touch with them about this, even if you have to go to your local IRS office to get the ball rolling.

  • Do you know when or if people on SSA survivors benefits info will be on the get my payment app?

  • Confused. I’m on ssdi. Did non filers have no dependents. Still no stimulus. Get my payment states status unavailable. My son is on ssi same issue. When are we to be looking for stimulus checks direct deposit? Been told several different dates.

  • I’m on disability and made over 12200. Do I have to file taxes and will there be a problem since my son file me on his taxes.

  • I filed 2018 taxes, but have not filed 2019 yet. I had to pay so I had nothing on my taxes for direct deposit. But I do get social security by direct deposit. I am 70. Do I have to do anything else? I heard I did not, but I have not received anything yet. When is social security recipients supposed to get their checks?I do meet the requirements.

  • I filed 2018 taxes, but have not filed 2019 yet. I had to pay so I had nothing on my taxes for direct deposit. But I do get social security by direct deposit. I am 70. Do I have to do anything else? I heard I did not, but I have not received anything yet. When is social security recipients supposed to get their checks?I do meet the requirements.

  • I filed my taxes before I got my taxes done and requested paper check and later got a bank account. How do I change to direct deposit? I filed on April 2nd.

  • My fiance filed her taxes and had an income under 10000 . The chart I saw didn’t have a date for when she would get her stimulus check , or would she get one at all ?

    • Sorry about that – if she is eligible, she should get the check sometime this week. If her return was not processed yet for 2019, they will go by whatever information was on her 2018 return.
      If it was a paper return for 2019 (and she didn’t file in 2018) and recently filed (as in the last 6 weeks), she may not get it for a while as they are still working to eventually process those and her eligibility would come off that return.

      • I put my deposit information on get my refund on the 17th and still no date as of today and my daughter get a disability check will her 500 go on my bank card or her direct express

        • Hmm, hopefully it will arrive soon! Is your daughter under 17? If not, she does not qualify to have you receive the $500. But, if she is under 17, it will go to you.

  • My fiance filed her taxes and had an income under 10000 . The chart I saw didn’t have a date for when she would get her stimulus check , or would she get one at all ?

  • My mother receives a social security check& does not work she is 88 years old & I take help care of her I claim her on income taxes will she still be able to receive a stimulus check or did I screw that up for her ? I’m praying she gets one .

    • Sorry, it appears that this was something they didn’t figure would end up being such an issue when they made this bill. But, if she is claimed as a dependent, she will not be able to get a check for herself and you cannot for her either.

  • I have paid in for 2018 filed my 2019 taxes paying again. Went to website 4 weeks ago put in my banking information states I am eligible but no date when I will receive as of today. Why?

    • im in the same boat besides paying in. Filed 2018 a bit over 10K and 0 in 2019. They have banking info, says i qualify but no date yet. So need this money

  • I get SSI and hadn’t received my stimulas check so I started looking into it.. I lived with a friend for a couple months last year.. and I found out he claimed me on his taxes.. which he wasn’t supposed to do.. so I told him to amend them and take me off.. I don’t believe he has received his refund yet.. since he amended them can I get my stimulas check now.what should I do to fix this situation.

  • I received the first check because I filed 2019 taxes but I have a question. I claimed my daughter because I took care if her for over half a year. She also fuled only made 2000.00 will she get a check? She still isn’t able to work and I am takibg care of her financially again she is an adult 50 yrs old will I get a check fir her for this year? The next check that is.