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Stimulus Money Is Being Deposited – Here is How Much You Will Get and How Quickly

Written by Charlie

The stimulus money from the $2 trillion package is starting to be deposited into people’s accounts. Here is how to find out how much you will get and when.

The massive stimulus package that was passed and signed a couple of weeks ago is now turning into actual money for American citizens. Starting this past Friday, people started reporting seeing the $1,200 amounts in their bank accounts. The government says that this week, people with direct deposit should see it in their account. Here is what you need to know about how much you get and where you should go to enter your info.

The Stimulus Money – How Much Will You Get and When?

When Will You Get Your Stimulus Money?

First of all, if you have filed your taxes in 2018/2019 and you had put your bank account information on your returns, you should be seeing your money in the bank this week.

However, if you did not use your bank account on a tax return, you will be getting a check cut to you. Those will start being issued April 24 and the government says that it will be doing 5 million checks a week. While that sounds like a lot, it does mean that some people will not be getting their checks for a number of months.

The good news is that the checks will start going out first to the people with the lowest adjusted gross income.

What If You Didn’t File a Tax Return?

Some Americans are not required to file a tax return and if that is you, then you will want to go to this IRS website to enter your information. This way, you can make sure you will get your stimulus money.

However, if you are in one of the following categories:

  • Social Security retirement, disability (SSDI), or survivor benefits
  • Railroad Retirement and Survivor Benefits

then do not fill out the above form as the IRS says they already have your information to issue you your money.

How to Get Your Money Quicker

Update: the Get My Payment site is now live that will help you get your money quicker! Here is the direct link to the page!

By April 17, the IRS will have a website called “Get My Payment” that will let you enter your bank information to be able to get your money deposited even quicker than receiving a check.

How Much Money Will You Get?

Here is a quick and easy calculator to show you exactly what you can expect from the stimulus package (remember that the children have to be under 17 to get the credit for them).

Stimulus Check Calculator

This calculator was developed by Maciej Kowalski, PhD candidate and Jasmine J Mah and available at Omni Calculator

Bottom Line

While most Americans will be getting money from the stimulus package, not everyone will. The good news is that if the IRS already has your bank information, you should be seeing the money deposited this week!

If they do not have it, you will be able to enter your bank information on the new IRS website later this week. This will make sure you get it quicker and that there are no mixups if you have changed banks, need it sent to a new address, etc.

Lastly, if you opt for a check, you will have to wait at least another couple of weeks. If your AGI is higher, you may not see your money for a few months. But, when the new Get My Payment tool comes online, you may be able to jump ahead a bit and get it quicker.

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  • I’ve seen some reports that kids 16 and younger qualify, is that really the case? Will my dependent and newly 18 year old count?

    • Yup, dependents must be younger than 17 to qualify. I wonder who the genius was that threw that in…we still support our Jrs and Srs in high school…

      • I know – that is an odd number to have inserted in there. I would have thought it would have been at least 18 years and possibly even up to 22 for some. Or, at least make it possible to file for this for such a young person who is a dependent but over the age so they can get the money as well.

      • I do wonder if this was something put in place to avoid putting a cap on the number of children it would apply for? If they had put a cap, many families would have been up in arms so this may have been to balance it out. Unfortunately, it does still affect many families – even those who have one kid who happens to be 18.

  • Have a question I filled my taxes with H&R Block I have a emerald card that’s what we used for our tax refund will the stimulus check come on my emerald card

  • I have a question l get disability from social security the l qualify for the stimulation package and l have l son the he have 19 and he live with me the he qualify to,

    • If you had claimed your son as a dependent, he will not receive the money and you will not receive the $500 for him. If he is not claimed as a dependent, he can go to the IRS page and put his information in to receive the $1,200 himself (if he does not currently file a claim due to making less than the minimum amount).

  • My friend helped do my taxes and i didnt have a account to i had my return go to her account but need to change everything back to my account now so i make sure i get my money and get the correct amount how can i do that and fix it fast ???

    • Until the IRS makes the tool available around this Friday, it would seem you cannot adjust that. But, the money is going out all week so there may be time then to switch it.

      • I have a direct express card that I receive my SSI benefits on every month, will my stimulus money be on my card may 1,2020 when my SSI benefits come

    • If you made less than the threshold for your filing status, you will get the $1,200. If you had filed anything with your direct deposit information, you should receive it that way. If not, then when the IRS releases the tool on April 17 (or there around), you can update your information to receive it direct deposit.

  • I have a 19 year old in college works part-time.. will she get the stimulus check herself..I claimed her but she still filed taxes for her self because of the part-time job

    • According to what I have read so far on the subject, it matters if she was claimed as a dependent by someone else, not whether she had to file her own. So, it would appear that she will not get it and it will not go to you either. It is a very unfortunate crack in this bill that your daughter falls into.

  • I filed with h& r block, get ssi and only received a state refund. I also have direct deposit. Will i need to do anything to get my stimulus payment?

  • I get ssd and my granddaughter draws from my account I adopted her ..will she get the stimulus ?

  • I had to fill a paper after I filled my 2018 taxes to get them because my husband owed back child support and for me to get my money I had to file what was called a inerspouse form to get my taxes money for 2018 and I also fied my son and step son and my step son is now 18 and still lives with us and my husband get SSi and my income was below the breacked so do I still get the 1200

  • Our 35 year old special needs son lives with us. He doesn’t have to file a tax return. He does however have a bank account. Will he be eligible?

  • My daughter is 14 and gets SSI I am her rep payee and I don’t make enough money to file taxes do I need to fill out the form that’s being released or will I get it automatically?

    • No, they have your address and will send you a check, starting at the end of the month (as in when they will begin to send checks). On Friday, you can check the IRS website to enter direct deposit information instead if you would rather receive it electronically.

  • I’m on SSI and I have a NetSpend card and I get my money every month on it well my money go on that

  • I’m on ssi disability and i don’t have any kids and i have direct express when should i get my stimulus check all they keep talking about or people with kids can someone tell me something please I’m running out of Essentials

  • Could some one please tell me when they will be doing the peoples that are on SSI and SSA. that have direct deposit on a Direct Express Card where they monthly income go to

  • I have filed my 2018 and got it last year this year I filed my 2019 and made less money and the irs days I owe over 7k. Long story short someone stole my identity in 2017 and I wasnt even in the USA. So I had to send in proof and fill out identity theft papers. When will I receive my taxes or stimulus check?

  • I’ve used the tool provided by the IRS to change my bank info.however I keep getting the same message every single day saying that I am eligible for the payment and it would be deposited into my account. But nothing’s happening. What’s up with this?