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Save Up to 40% On Amazon Kindle Unlimited – Great Way to Get Lonely Planet eBooks for Free!

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Written by Charlie

If you like to read on the go, this huge discount for Kindle Unlimited is just what you need! Plus, it comes with hundreds of Lonely Planet books for free!

I have been a huge fan (and customer) of the Kindle Unlimited program for a long time. Amazon really hit it out of the park with their Kindle apps, devices, and library. But, the biggest complaint from most is that they don’t want to buy some books they already own or pay some of the higher prices for a digital book.

Save Up to 40% On Amazon Kindle Unlimited

Link: Amazon Kindle Unlimited

That is where Kindle Unlimited comes in. With over 1 million titles available, you can download up to 10 different books at a time for as long as you want and on multiple devices. There are a ton of books in there and if you are a reader, you can just go from book to book with just paying the subscription fee for Kindle Unlimited.

That fee is normally $9.99 per month but with this special deal, you can lock in 1 year for $80 (a $40 discount over a year) or 2 years for $143 (a $96 discount over the 2 years). Both of those are excellent deals and ones we typically see at this time of year.

Free Lonely Planet Books!

If you are a traveler, Kindle Unlimited can make sure you are never without a new book. But, it also allows you access to hundreds of Lonely Planet guidebooks! That is a huge plus for the traveler, especially when these books can cost around $20 a pop and most of the time, we only need them for a single trip!

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Charlie has been an avid traveler and runner for many years. He has run in marathons around the world for less than it would cost to travel to the next town - all as a result of collecting and using miles and points. Over the years, he has flown hundreds of thousands of miles and collected millions of miles and points.
Now he uses this experience and knowledge to help others through Running with Miles.

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