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Is the Stimulus Payment Tool Still Not Working? This May Help

Written by Charlie

Here is a simple tip that may help if you are still not able to access the IRS Get My Payment tool for your stimulus money. Try it out!

There is no secret that there are still millions of Americans that are struggling to get some assurance from the newly-built IRS Get My Payment tool that they will be getting the $1,200 stimulus money (or some portion, depending on your income). This little tip may help you – bizarrely enough.

Little Tip to Help with the Stimulus Get My Payment Tool

Link: Get My Payment

The IRS had already made some enhancements and upgrades to the Get My Payment tool that has helped many get into it. After all, that tool is not just about the assurance that the IRS has confirmed you will get the money. It also allows you to designate your bank account information (if it is not already on your 2018 or 2019 tax return that you filed) to get the money via direct deposit instead of by check (here is when you will receive a check if you don’t receive it by direct deposit).

The Simple Tip – Try Using All Caps for Your Address!

Fortunately, there is a little tip that may help you finally get access. I have checked with a couple of people and it did help them so maybe it will work for you as well! This tip comes from the LA Times and it is so simple that it is going to be weird but it is understandable if you have not been doing it this way. TYPE IN YOUR ADDRESS USING ALL CAPS.

In the online world, typing in all caps is the equivalent of yelling. Well, if you have not been successful at getting into the Get My Payment tool yet, I am sure you feel like yelling! So, yell away with your all caps on the Get My Payment tool to see if it works!

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  • I saw this before Has anybody tried it with regular letters (and failed) and then tried all caps right afterwards (and succeeded)? Or can somebody that it works with caps try with regular letters?

    I wonder if it isn’t just timing, and some testing would be nice. I am always skeptical of purely anecdotal points.

    But I tried – and neither worked.

    • When I say try with regular letters I mean if your first success was with all caps If regular letters now work you it know was just timing,

      If I try when standing on one foot and mine works tomorrow I won’t attribute the success to standing on one foot. But it would spook me if it then didn’t work standing on both feet.

  • I am receiving SSI how do I have to proceed to get that stimulus check in my Direct Deposit Card.

  • I’m on SSI also n never got my information or check thanks

  • Hello, I used the online tool in early april( 5-6) and confirmed my banking as it requested. My payment status hasn’t chgd:
    You are eligible for the stimulus payment, once we have an update your payment will be sent to your account ending in ****.

    It should be updated by that Saturday…but nothing. Can’t call, email, etc.
    I’m eligible, but I’m stuck..

  • I input my information on the website on 4/292020 and I don’t file taxes do I still get a simulus check