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Stimulus Money for SSI Recipients – What You Need to Know

Written by Charlie

If you are a social security recipient, here is what you need to know about when you will receive your stimulus money and what to do if you have kids.

I have received no fewer than a couple of thousand messages and comments over the last couple of weeks about the stimulus package. Many those have been from those of you who are SSI recipients. Well, here is some new information that may help you out!

Stimulus Information for SSI Recipients

When Will SSI Recipients Receive the Stimulus Money?

Here is some of the latest info for SSI recipients as far as getting the stimulus money. First of all, if you receive SSI benefits and do not have any child under the age of 17, you will not have to do anything. You will receive your stimulus money the same way you receive your SSI check.

If you get it in your bank account via direct deposit, you should see it in the next couple of days. But, if you get it by check, you will receive your check in early May. There is still time to try and get it by direct deposit but you should do that soon.

Have you filed your returns and still wondering when you will receive your money? Check this post!

Getting Money in Your Bank Instead of Check – Maybe…

To get your stimulus money via direct deposit instead of by check, use the Get My Payment tool to input your information. However, there is a big catch – this information for SSI and VA recipients is not all uploaded to the Get My Payment reference site yet due to the fact that the information is processed within different agencies (SSA and VA).

So, do not be alarmed if you do not see your information in the tool – if you receive a social security check normally, you will receive your stimulus check in early May. But, they have made some new enhancements lately so it may be working!

Do You Have a Child Under the Age of 17?

If you have a child under the age of 17 (or children) and didn’t file a tax return for 2018 or 2019, you will need to go to this IRS page to fill in your information before May 5th! This will let you get the $500 for each child you claim as a dependent under the age of 17.

But, you will need to fill out that form if you have not filed a return for 2018 or 2019.

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  • i hear if im on ssi i would get my money in my bank the same time as i get my ssi direct

    • I receive a SSI payment on a rushcard so that the same way I get the stimulus money also

          • I am on SSI I. Someone claimed me and I found out.. I made him reminde his taxes and take me off.. cause I only stayed there a couple months.. he should not have claimed me.. Will I be able to get my stimulas check if he takes me off.. I’m hurting trying to get my bills payed

      • I get my ssi and ssa on my netspend car on the 29th I get my ssi and havent got my stimulus check yet so will I get it then

    • He will not get his own. If he is claimed as a dependent and the person claiming him is also on SSI, they will need to fill out the Non-Filer’s info to log his information to make sure the person who is claiming him gets the $500 for him.

      • I receive Social Security Disability, my son receives Social Security Income and then someone told me that if my son receives his SSI under his name and SSI which draws from me, then he would not get a stimulus check. My son is 31 years old. I am very confused with that. He receives his on the 1st of the month & the 3rd of the month.

        I did go to Get My Payment and filled it out for him.

        Please help me to understand this.

        • It depends – if your son is claimed as a dependent under you, he will not get one. But, if he would normally just file for himself, he should receive the $1,200.

          • My parents are both on SSI, my father’s check goes to my mother as a care taker . They don’t file taxes, mother rec. Her 1200, will a person on SSDI thats checks go to someone else due to them being unfit get the stimulas?

          • Where of the money for the rest of us that are on SSI we have not received nothing as of May the 15 ,2020

      • So if I had 2 dependents that I file my taxes with them and they get SSA do they still get the $500 a peice

      • Iam getting SSI Ss and I get my checks on my netspend card its threw Metabank and I get it couple days early but I havent gotten no stimlus check yet and when I go to get my payment tool tell me cant give nothing says info dont match what they have on file so what that mean and when will I get mind???

        • They are still working on getting the SSI and VA recipients’ info uploaded. I would imagine you should get your stimulus money this week or next week. I am not sure if they will do it on the net spend card or by check.

        • My son is not a dependent. He is 31. He already filled out the Non-Filer’s information. Since he did this, will he get the $1,200 ?

        • Does anyone no if they will put it on my Netspend card with Metabank that’s how I get my SSI and SSA CAn anyone fine out for me cause I didnt get it to .and I went on the get my payment say info they got dont match there records and social security # not right what’s up with that we need our money to pk

      • I haven’t got my check yet it will go in my bank account so where is it I am on SSI

      • I receiver’s SSI on my rush card I don’t have any small children..Do I have to fill out An non filers form?

        • No, but check the Get My Payment tool periodically to see when they send you the payment. It may not show your information for a little bit as they are still trying to get it updated with the information from SSA.

          • My son is 22 and he gets SSI do he get a stimulus he gets his SSI direct deposit but I’m his payee

      • My son draws dependent ssi but my daughter cares for us and claimed him on the no filer portal but she recieved hers but not his

    • I have grandson 12 years old gets ssi will he receive stimulus check hes in school

  • My husband gets SSI but I’m on his case, will we get the $2400 or just the 1200 for him.

  • I’m on SSDI and I didn’t receive my stimulus money today. I have friends that get benefits and they got theirs today.

  • Is it to late for me to claim my grandson to get the money for him? I am on social security.

  • The site wont let me use my Id because it has no expression date on it. I’m on ssi and have 2 children and I have debit card so I cant enter it. The site doesn’t work for people who have regular Id not a drivers license. I’m frustrated.

      • I’m on SSI and my check is direct deposit! I.have no.dependents ! I don’t file taxes as I only receive $750 a month ! Does the IRS have my direct deposit information from the SSA ! My direct deposit information to the under my ex husbands bank.account but that’s how I.receive my SS PAYMENTS! BUT I HAVEN’T GOT A STIMULAS YET! Why are the SS people the last to.get paid? I’ don’t know where get information on.why or to find out anything!

        • You should get it the same way. My understanding is that it is due to your information being with the Social Security Administration instead of the IRS. So, they have been transferring that information but it has taken a while since this was something that had been put together so fast.

          • I’m on SSDI i get a check on the first and the third of the month. I received my stimulus check but i only received my check on the first of the month. Can you please explain to me why that happened like it did?

  • I am on SSI, but my grandmother claimed me on her taxes, do I get the check through Direct Express or will she get a check for me? I have looked everywhere to find an answer for this question and cannot fine onw.

    • Sorry, but since you were claimed by someone, it makes you ineligible to receive money from this stimulus package. So sorry…

      • Will the person that filed me on there taxes get an additional 500$ on there stimulus check if I’m on ssi

          • Iam on SSI and I have full custody I have two of my grandchildren under the age 17 I’ve had them for a while I went to the make my payment tool and it tells me that someone else has used their social security numbers now I’m sure their mother or father has done that so does that mean they will get their $500 for the kids instead of me I hope not that’s not right I’ve had these babies for years but I don’t file taxes.

      • Why the person that was claimed by someone else don’t get any help? I don’t think that’s right ! Everyone need the help! So if they past the bill for the other stimulus package will they get any of that money?

  • I haven’t received my Stimulus or federal yet and I filed 2/3/20 Everytyme I access the Get My Payment it’s telling me that my information does not matched. What too do please.

    • That is strange – it could be that they have not processed your taxes yet. If you did not have a 2018 return, they have to go off the 2019 return which may be stuck due to the coronavirus closures.
      For the Get My Payment tool, try using ALL CAPS for the address part when you fill in the form.

      • I filed for my stimulus check at the beginning of April and I have not received it yet but I do not have a checking account so they are supposed to mail it to me and I do not get anything but a s s i i don’t work and I plowed where I didn’t work I’m wondering why my check

        • Checks just started going out over a week ago so you may see it as soon as the end of this week or next week.

          • I receive SSI and when I check the get my payment tool it says my check was scheduled to be mailed out on may first here it is now may 24th and I still haven’t received it I did however receive the letter from the Treasury stating that I would have received it I guess it’s the letter they say they send out 15 days after the check was released but I still haven’t gotten it. What do I do?

  • I would like to know if I will get a stimulus check. I owe $289 left on my back child support.i receive ssi disability. Will I still qualify for a stimulus check?

    • If the child support is behind, part of the stimulus money should be withheld to pay that. Otherwise, you should qualify and will get it eventually!

      • Will they take a portion for the balance or the whole check for child support? If it is owed over $1200?

        • I’m on SSI and SSA I get my monthly check on a direct express card my room mate got her $1,200 May 13th I’m eligible for the $1,200 and I have not gotten my $1,200 stimulis yet and it’s the 18th of May now I’m not required to file any taxes so what’s up with mine ? Why haven’t I gotten it yet

  • I draw SSI and I receive my benefits on my direct express card. Will I receive my stimulus check on it as well? And when will that be put on my card( stimulus check)? I have no children under 18. Just me.

    • I am not sure if they will put it on the card or if it will come as a check. Sorry – I am not sure how they process this other than using a direct deposit for the bank or via check.

      • Hi, it says on the website that if you receive SSI that you will get it the same way you get your SSI benefits and it should come this week, I also get SSI and have no children under 17 and done read everything about our situation, So its suppose to come on our Direct Express card this week.

  • I filled out the non tax filer an I an getting my 1200 on my SSI card but I have no idea where my 500 for my daughter is bc it says I only get 1200 not 1700.

  • I got my stmiless check monday for 1200 dollars and i have 2 kids i didnt get there 500 for each one of them at all but the aite said i would get it on my bank account. direct deposit to it on april 30 2020 but i only got mine not theres i filled out them as my dependents on april 16th. It says i should have got it as the same time as mine i am on ssi so i had to fill it out on the 16th i did but monday i got mine noth theres can someone please help me out tell me what i am supposed to do so i can get there money or when i will get it… Nobody has never claimed my kids ever ever i only did as it told me to to recive there 500 each at same time as mine

    • Are they both under the age of 17? You should get a letter in two weeks from the IRS with information on how to contact them about it. My guess is that they had already processed for you before you had added your children as dependents.

    • It depends on what your adjusted gross income is and if you receive your SSI check directly in your bank or with a check. If it is by check, check the post above for the schedule of check deposits. If it is by direct deposit, you should see it this week or next week.

  • I forgot to tell you that my Daughter has been disabled since she was 10 years old. She can not live alone. She had to cancer and had to have a bone marrow transplant and all the cemo and radiation messed her up a lot. All of the words I can not spell. I was going to try to put Lueciemea, But I forgot how to spell it. Maybe you can sound it out. She has been Getting SSI since she got sick. I am sorry, but I don’t know what it means when it says website

  • I am on SSI with one dependent. I went to the non filers site and filled it out on the 11th of April. I got my 1200 on the 29th but not sure why or who to contact about why I didn’t receive $500 for my son. Would you happen to have an answer??? I keep going in circles to find an answer.

  • Im on SSI&only have the debit card SSI sent me. They’ll put it on that card? And it really sucks that my 17yr old son who is still n school& whom I completly support I wont recieve anything for him. I just think its ridiculous.

  • I’m on ssi and have not received anything yet do you know how long it will be until I get mine.

  • ? My brother is on SSI he paids 15.00 dollars a month since 1992 son is 29. Mother passed away in March we can not find out if he will get a stimulus check he has been paying what was required of him all these years.we can’t get answers

  • I am on SSDI and I have direct deposit, but I still have not received anything,my mom is on SSI and she received her 1,200$ on the 29, would you happen to know when am I going to get my money?

    • Are you claimed as a dependent by anyone? If so, you will not get any money from this stimulus package. If you are not claimed, you should receive it shortly. It could be as early as this week. They are still sending out direct deposit payments each week.

  • I filed a 2018 tax return, (not a 2019 yet) and on the Get My Payment tab it says I am eligible for a payment but a date is not yet available, and then it has my direct deposit account number on there as well. It has said this for over 2 weeks now and many of my peers have already received their payment, but there’s no sign of mine yet. Any ideas on what may be holding me up for so long?

    • That’s strange. Since the tool says you are eligible, everything is in order with the IRS for your payment. It could go out tomorrow as they have been making weekly deposits, normally on Wednesday. Hopefully it arrives tomorrow!

  • Can you recieve payments on the direct Express card that SSI sends you or would you need to get a paper check

    • I am sorry, I don’t know the answer to that one. Can you access the Get My Payment tool? If so, you can check on the status of the payment.

    • I have heard that part of the delay has to do with the fact that all of your information is with the SSA as opposed to everyone that had filed a return being with the IRS. So, it was easier for the IRS to just send out the payments for everyone they had on file. Hopefully you will get it soon!

  • I was curious about when I should be getting my deposit because I’m on ssi and I recieve my payments on a walmart reload card basically which uses the green dot bank. the part I get confused on is I have 2 kids that are 13 and 9 but they live between me and their dad’s house because we havent been together for years. he works and I dont so I typically let him claim both of our kids since I don’t file taxes anyways so I had a feeling maybe that was affecting the fact that I hadnt got my stimulus check yet.. do you have any idea given my these details of my situation?

    • I know there had been a hold up on some SSI recipients but also heard that those payments should be going out this week. Hopefully, you will see something soon! But, it will be the $1,200 and not the $500 for each child since their father has claimed them. Hopefully you get it soon!

  • I’m on ssi but me and my kids father have been separated for many years now and weren’t ever married and our kids go back and forth between us fairly evenly, however I let him claim the kids because he has a job and files taxes anyways and I dont cuz im just on ssi.. would that be why I havent recieved my stimulus check yet by chance cuz I typically get my ssi on my Walmart greendot card but I haven’t received it yet.. and if that’s why then is there an update on when I’ll receive it?

  • that’s what I bad figured.. I even did the non filers thing where u can claim dependents but I only put my info and didnt put theirs incase that was the hold up

  • I receive SSI but did not work or file any taxes in years, do I still receive a stimulus check?

    • You will but SSI and VA recipients are seeing a delay due to your information being with the SSA instead of the IRS.

  • Hi my name is Teresa and I got a Direct Express debit card and I haven’t received my stimulus check either

  • My daughter has been receiving SSI ever since she was born it goes to the currency exchange and that’s where I pick it up how was she get her stimulus check.

    • Have you tried the Get My Payment tool? I know it has been slow in showing information for people on SSI but check it and see if it says which account or how it will be processed.

  • My daughter receives her father‘S who passed away years ago full survivor benefit and she is 13 years old. She receives this via direct deposit, will she get a stimulus payment because she has not so far and no one seems to know the answer to this, can you please advise?

    • SSI recipients should be receiving them shortly. I understand there had been a delay for many for some reason but I think they are going to start doing them this week. And, I am sorry for the passing of your daughter’s father as well.


  • Hi I’m Sharon Howard and I get SSI on a direct express card and I still haven’t got mine but it would go on my card right

  • I’m on ssi and I haven’t gotten anything. Everyone around me is getting there’s. I have did the get my payment tool and it says payment status not available

  • I am the payee for my famley member and he stall has not got his check yet why

  • My sister is in a nursing home she is on SSI will she get a stimulus check she has been in the nursing home 13 years

  • Hi I’m tina I’m on SSI I did not get my stimulus money direct express card will I get my

  • I have custody of my nephew who gets ss death benefits from his Mom’s passing he was claimed on my taxes as a dependent will he get a stimulus check?

  • My daughter is 30 an recieves sis an as an I am her payee when an how should she get hers. Her checks comes on my direct express card will her stimulus check come on there too an when

  • What if we need to change our checking account number for ssi for the second stimulus checks

  • I have received my sim, I am on ssa so I went on the form to add my son who is 16 years old and is on ssi, I did what I was supposed to do, I filed it on April 18th and like I said they deposit mine but not my son! What should I do?