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Stimulus Checks Are Going Out: Here is When You Will Get Your Check

Written by Charlie

The IRS stimulus checks have started going out to recipients in the last week or so. Here is the schedule that shows when you can expect to receive your stimulus check.

For a couple/few weeks now, stimulus money has been getting to people’s bank accounts via direct deposit. For all those that had not given their bank information to the IRS via tax return or the Get My Payment tool, checks are going out. They started going out over a week ago now so here is when you can expect to get your stimulus check!

When You Will Get Your Stimulus Check

Read This if You Are a SSI or VA Recipient and Have a Child!

Wait – What if You Don’t Want to Wait for a Check?

Fortunately, if your check has not gone out yet, you can access a special IRS website to enter your direct deposit information. Check this post for how to use the Get My Payment tool including one way that could help if there are problems (and some people are still having problems in spite of the fact that there was a significant upgrade made last week).

One more thing to consider – if you are a SSI or VA recipient, your information may not yet by available through the tool. They are working to get it there but it is with a different administration than the IRS so it is taking some time.

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When the IRS Stimulus Checks Will Go Out

Here is the schedule for the stimulus checks that are being sent through the mail. Note that about two weeks after your check is sent out, you will receive a letter with the information that the payment has been sent and what to do if you did not receive it.

The date in each column is that particular week so they will be in the mail during that week. All amounts are for Adjusted Gross Income amounts.

  • $10,000 – $20,000 | May 1
  • $20,000 – $30,000 | May 8
  • $30,000 – $40,000 | May 15
  • $40,000 – $50,000 | May 22
  • $50,000 – $60,000 | May 29
  • $60,000 – $70,000 | June 5
  • $70,000 – $80,000 | June 12
  • $80,000 – $90,000 | June 19
  • $90,000 – $100,000 | June 26
  • $100,000 – $110,000 | July 3
  • $110,000 – $120,000 | July 10
  • $120,000 – $130,000 | July 17
  • $130,000 – $140,000 | July 24
  • $140,000 – $150,000 | July 31
  • $150,000 – $160,000 | August 7
  • $160,000 – $170,000 | August 14
  • $170,000 – $180,000 | August 21
  • $180,000 – $190,000 | August 28
  • $190,000 – $198,000 | September 4

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How Much Stimulus Money You Will Get

Here is a calculator to show you what you can expect to receive from the stimulus package.

Remember, the amount of your AGI is taken from your most recent tax return that was processed, whether it was 2018 or 2019. Also, if you are over 16 years old and claimed as a dependent, you will not be able to receive any money from this stimulus package.

Stimulus Check Calculator

This calculator was developed by Maciej Kowalski, PhD candidate and Jasmine J Mah and available at Omni Calculator

Check this post for what happens if you did not receive your money as planned on schedule or if you have problems.

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  • Charlie, what if you are on S.S., disabled, permanently. Do not file taxes, don’t work or haven’t in 30 years. When will I see my stimulus package being deposited?
    Thank you,
    Patricia Craden

    • The get my payment app says my check was mailed April 24 haven’t received it yet

    • Hi, Patricia,
      If you receive your SS payments via direct deposit, you should have it very soon. Otherwise, it will go by the schedule laid out above. If you have direct deposit, you may need to keep checking the tool to see what they say about anticipated dates. Check each day as they are still updating it with data from the SSA. So sorry you haven’t received it yet! Hopefully soon!

      • I recieved as for my children. Im there payee. Why haven’t I got their checks.

    • Both my husband and I are on Social Security and have Direct Deposit into a joint bank account for years. I received my relief check April 29, his was never deposited, used portal, saying not found ? Where is his check, is it being mailed, we haven’t had to pay taxes in years, HELP !!!

    • Did you receive the letter from the IRS about the payment they have made already to you? There should be instructions on there on what to do if there is a mistake. Worst case, you can file on your 2019 taxes next year for them for this stimulus package and get this money next year. I know it doesn’t help now but at least you will get it.

      • I didn’t get to start drawing my social security until May 13 2020, I turned 62 in March. My husband got a stimulus payment but I didn’t. 3 weeks ago I filed a non filers application, Will I receive a stimulus payment

      • Ive been on SSD since 2008.I changed my Payee from my Mom to me on April 9 th 2020.Everything went trew fine.I got my regular ssd check on April 16.Then next one on May 3.Its May26 2020 and havent got no check at all and beleive me I more than qualafie.I have not filed any taxes in years.I make under 10 grand a year.What do y think is going on?O and I dont owe child support.

      • I think we need to highlight that some people get the letter BEFORE the check. Do you also know this to b true?

    • If the payment had gone out, you would receive a letter from the IRS around 2 weeks after that. If you have not received that yet, they must not have attempted payment. If you do get the letter but no payment, it will have information about how to find out what is going on.

      • I have recieved the letter but no payment. And there is nothing on the irs website that says what to do about it. The number on the letter is automated and there isn’t even an option for that. What do I do. Please help.

  • Hi i have a payee representative which is my daughter but my social security check goes to my credit union. I don’t live with her and I am not her dependent.will that make a difference with my stimulus check.

  • Hello, Is the stimulus payment based on 2018 or 2019 adjusted gross income?

    • It will be based on the last tax return that you have had processed. If your 2019 return has not been sent in yet or is still being processed, you will receive it based on your 2018 AGI.

  • My Question is the same as what to do if you’re on SSI…
    Will I get a stimulus PAYMENT been waiting I heard that I should automatically receive WITHOUT applying

    • Yes, as long as you are not a dependent on someone else’s return, you should receive it without having to do anything. It has taken longer for many on SSI since your information is with the SSA and not the IRS. You should receive it soon, I would imagine!

  • I received my 1200 but not my 500 for my child and other people received there 500

    • Had you filed a return for 2018 or 2019 with your child claimed on it? If not, you would need to fill out the Non-Filer’s form TODAY to have her put on. Worst case, you would claim her on a return for 2020 and get it back next year. I know it will be hard to wait that long but at least you should still receive it.

      • Even those of us that did the non filers has not gotten anything for our kid/kids I’m hoping the letter comes so I can see what happened and I don’t file taxes so how would it help me if I have to do that File next year to receive it? Another non filers? I have no taxes to file

  • My daughter and boyfriend haven’t gotten there neither they both have payees.i got my last week and I’m on disability too why haven’t they received there’s I have bank account and they have a direct Express card

  • Hello I have not received my refund or stimulus check and I get direct deposit it i also get SSI disability I have direct Express card and I have a checking account and just want to know what’s the hold up I even contacted the IRS to get ahold of me because it was saying that they didn’t they didn’t have my banking information which I don’t know why so I would be very grateful if I can get some answers please i am on my way to being homeless i am on my way to being homeless please help

    • I am very sorry for your situation. So you had filed a return for 2019? If it was a paper return, they stopped processing those in March due to the coronavirus so those refunds have not been paid out yet. If that return had your payment information for the IRS, they would not have seen that yet. Have you checked the Get My Payment tool to see what it says?

  • Hey Charlie I’m so confused i updated my dad on the portal April 15 … I filed my taxes for 2019 which is still in processing ( I had to amend) …. will I still get my stimulus or do I have to wait until my taxes are done processing so many people are getting the stimulus while taxes are under review and I’m trying not to panic on why I still haven’t updated yet it’s been about 3 weeks

    • Sorry for the delay you are facing! Did you file a 2018 return? If so, they will go off the information on that return. They had not gotten my 2019 return out of processing yet either so they went off my 2018 information. Have you checked the Get My Payment tool to see what the latest is on it? Hopefully, you will get it soon!!!

    • My 2019 tax return is still processing and I provided my bank account info for direct payment for my return, and I received my stimulus check 4/15 and not my return which was e-filed.

  • Get my payment said I would have my stimulus payment on April 15.
    I never recieved the money yet.
    I recently got the letter from Donald Trump saying I received it via direct deposit.
    However, I never got the money and the phone number on the letter is just an automated number!!!!
    Please tell me…what is going on?

    • I am sorry about that! What happens when you call the number? Does it let you file a case/complaint? Hopefully they will be able to get back in touch with you about this. I had heard that many of the payments had gone to wrong accounts due to mistakes. But, they are working on correcting this.

  • I have a question what if I received my $1,200 payment but I haven’t received for the kids so I had filed for but I fought for them on the 15th but I received my $1,200 payment on the 29th will I still get the 500 each for the children or will I have to file taxes even though I’m not required to

    • So you filled out the Non-Filer’s form on the 15th for them? I am not sure why your check didn’t include them. Worst case, you can file a return next year and include them on it to receive the $500 for each of them as a return next year. But, you should get a letter that will let you know what to do if there was a mistake. Hopefully, that will help.

      • My husband is on SSA and my daughter is on SSI they have not received anything when will receive there Stimulus check yet

        • There have been some delays with SSI and VA recipients getting their checks due to the different agencies/administrations. Hopefully, they will be able to get them soon!

  • I’m on ssi and I have direct deposit and my daughter carried me on her 2018 taxes but not 2019 taxes so will I get a stimulus check and if so when will I get it I live in az,

    • It depends on if they processed her stimulus information based on her 2018 or 2019 taxes. I know that many 2019 returns have been held in processing due to the coronavirus. If that was the case with hers, since her latest return they had processed of hers had you as a dependent (2018), you would not get a check. Sorry, I don’t have any information beyond that.

  • I filled 2018 and 2019 and not claimed as a dependent I am a single mother of 3 and work consistently…I havent received and help or stimulus in any way…

    • So sorry about that – hopefully, you will get it soon. have you checked the Get My Payment tool to see the status on your payment?

  • I’m on SSI disability still waiting I thought they said we would get it May 5th but I have direct deposit and no check yet

  • I am on ssdi I don’t pay taxes I still did not get my money when is it going to come in

  • I filed my 2019 taxes in early February and they were processed and my return was received through the agency who prepared my taxes. They informed me my stimulus would not be able to be considered direct deposit because the 2019 return went to a 3rd party banking process in order for them to get their fees before giving me the remainder of my return. I heard this was common though major companies such as turbotax so it sounded plausible. The preparing company said my stimulus would be mailed to the address on my return and the get my payment portal was giving error messages (also a very common problem I had heard) up until around april 24th when it said i am eligible and my payment was set to be mailed April 24th which it still says today. My agi for 2019 is $16k which would land it on may 1st for the schedule I have been seeing. I have put a hold on my mail for the address listed on my return that coincides with the get my payment portal so it wouldnt be forwarded to any other addresses I’ve had as I did have a pobox from Nov-mid feb and have forwarded mail to my parents between moves in the past and didnt want any confusion if it is received. I have checked 3 times and the post office hasnt received my stimulus and the workers say they havent really seen any as they imagine it will come in waves/big groups on the same day. Thoughts? (My addresses are all not available for the uspo tracking thing)

    • It would possibly have been sent out May 2nd which means you could get it soon. Otherwise, it may try to issue it to your agency which would bounce it back to the IRS and then they will send a check. So, it could take another week or so if that is the case.

  • Hi I haven’t gotten my check yet my 9 yr old gets SSI but it comes to me in my name for my son will I be getting a check.

  • I received paper check from my tax place . Is this why I still haven’t received mine and when should I get. Filed for last 12 years at same tax place.

    • Check the Get My Payment tool to see what information they have. You can also update it to put in bank information if you want to opt for direct deposit.

    • My grandson was homeless in 2017-2019 he’s will h receive a stimulous,how he now has a legal address and was employed the last 3-4 months of 2019. The get my check tool says not enough info working on it or not eligible!!!

  • my husband and I file jointly on income tax but we have separate bank accounts I also have Social Security direct deposit will we

  • I claimed my son last year 2018 but I didn’t this year 2019 because he is 19 will he be able to get a stimulus check he did work part time but was only getting $1 back if he filed taxes.

    • As long as your 2019 tax return has already been processed, he should be eligible. Just make sure he goes online and fills out the Non-Filer’s form since he did not file a return himself.

      • I did the non filer for him and it was accepted by the IRS but when I check for the payment it say not available.

  • We filed our 2018 an 2019 taxes and when I check the portal it says we qualify but doesn’t give us anymore information why haven’t we gotten our stimulus package? We get direct deposit

    • That is good that it shows you are qualified as the tool has not worked for some. I am not sure why you have not received the direct deposit yet. Did the IRS tool show the proper last 4 digits of your bank account? I had some friends that just recently got their payments and it seems that they do seem to go out in mass numbers on Wednesdays so hopefully soon, if not today!

  • Ii still haven’t gotten my stimulus check and I’m on SSIi got the green card direct Express why haven’t it post to my card yet and they said may 1st is it a deadline for ssi people

    • I have heard that there have been some delays for SSI and VA recipients. Hopefully, they will get out soon.

      • Hi I got a letter saying my stimulus check was sent to my bank account but the last four numbers on that account was not mine, It got sent out April the 15th And when I filed my taxes at the end of January it say it been accepted but still being processed, So what do I need to do. The letter I got had a number on it but you can’t talk to anyone. I’m confused

  • I’m a veteran I dont do my taxes i receive a veterans check monthly. Will i get a stimulus check.

    • You will but I understand it has been taking a bit longer to get the checks out to SSI and VA recipients since that information is held by different administrations.

  • I received my stimulus check in April. Now wondering when hearing news of second round checks, if that is for recipients who have received them during the first round.

    • This current round of checks will not be completely sent out until September. There are rumors of a second package but nothing has been put together.

  • Hi there.
    So myself and my better half both applied for the stimulus money a few weeks ago, on the same day, a couple hours apart and both with direct deposit.
    It said I would recieve mine on 4/29, and I actually got it two days earlier on the 27th.
    Hes been checking on the IRS site, to see what it says, as he has been along with me, even the day when it gave the date of the 29th, and its giving that very common answer of “status not available.”
    So that is my question, do you know why it’s like that for him? We both qualified, if anything, he is more qualified than I since I havent filed taxes since 2014, he filed 2018; just doesn’t really make sense.
    Can you shed any light on this? Thank you.

    • That is strange. When you say you “applied”, was that using the Get My Payment tool or the Non-Filer’s tool? Have him try putting his address in with ALL CAPS as that has been working for some. Hopefully he will get it soon!

    • It will depend on what your AGI is. When they send the checks out, it will be in the week ending in the date shown so you should receive them the following week.

  • my son recievea social security disability from his dad through social security do i still have to file for him to recieve his stimulus

  • I have a question can I claim my parents I have no kids there my dependents

        • Hi still didn’t get my stimulus check, status said not available & I can’t update my direct deposit though I already have records on this when I filed my Income Tax. What’s goin on?

  • I still have not received my stimulas check I am on social security retirement this is such a shame my girlfriend got hers on April 29

  • My husband and I filed our taxes in March and got the refund back later than month via deposit in our checking account. We have not received the stimulus checks yet despite that we qualify. What do you think it could be the reason? The IRS has our bank account from the recent filling or do they use the info from 2018 taxes in which we did not provide our bank account.

  • On the get my payment site it says my check was scheduled to be mailed may 1 and I received a letter saying that my payment has arrived for 1200$ by check/debit card and I have not received any check or debit card and the number on the letter is just an automated message what should I do???

    • Hello my name is Melissa Montanez. My son got his stimulus check and I ha ENT re ived anything. When I got to get my payment tool it says no information available.
      I do not get any income. I was just wondering to I even get a check?

  • I used the Non-Filer due to no income and put direct deposit info as well. I received email on April 10th saying IRS accepted my form. Get My Payment portal still saying Payment Status Not Available. My son done his same way on April 12th and got his check. I helped my sister file her non-Filer out. On May 8th and she got here a couple days ago. I am eligible for one will I ever get it?

  • It won’t accept my yearly net so I can’t go anywhere without it; how disappointing.

  • The get my payment portal said I was scheduled to have my stimulus check mailed on May 1,2020 I still havnt received it can you tell me why

  • I have recieved the letter but no payment. And there is nothing on the irs website that says what to do about it. The number on the letter is automated and there isn’t even an option for that. What do I do. Please help.