Weekly Summary

Sunday Summary

I thought it would be helpful to give a brief summary of the week’s posts and also anything else that may have popped up throughout the week that we didn’t cover. This will Sunday Summary will start being a weekly series as well.

Sunday Summary

We’ll squeeze it a little bit and start with last Saturday. 🙂

Racking Up Ultimate Reward Points with Amazon

This post dealt with how you can get 5x points per dollar spent by purchasing Amazon Gift Cards at Office Max (or Office Depot or Staples, if they carry them). It is made possible by using the Chase Ink card products which award 5x points on purchases made at office supply stores. In fact, it is not just Amazon – you can also get gift cards there for a variety of stores and retailers. Some of the highlight ones might be Southwest Airlines (basically allowing you to get a minimum of a 5% rebate on travel with Southwest), iTunes, Starbucks, Cheesecake Factory, some hotels, and many department stores. It is a great way to begin earning 5 points per dollar on many of the things you buy.

Dubai Marathon Trip – Colombo Airport / Serenediva Hotel (Part 3)

This post covered my stop in Sri Lanka on my way to Dubai. This post has a lot of useful information in it – if you happen to be heading to Sri Lanka. 🙂 Otherwise, it should just be a post that brings you amusement at my expense!

Southwest Airlines Air Sale

Southwest Airlines had a couple of day sale just in time for Valentine’s Day. The prices were fixed amounts for trips of certain distances. I know quite a few people got in on it. We are leaving in a few weeks to see my in-laws (or rather, for the in-laws to see the grandkids 🙂 ) and it was most unfortunate that those dates were not within the timeline of the sale. However, we did jump on a ticket to Baltimore for a quick getaway with another couple. It cost us a total of 5,600 Rapid Reward points for the ticket – basically, 10% of the bonus that you get with the Chase Ink Bold or Plus card! If we had used cash to purchase them, it would have been a total of $190, so not a bad point redemption! Hope many of you got in on it as well!

Hyatt Chase Card Changing?

There was a word out from Chase that they were going to pull the links from their affiliates this past week for the Hyatt card. I find this to be a fantastic card and took that opportunity to cover what kind of changes I was hoping would come. Turns out, no changes! Oh well, maybe next time they will implement mine!

Dubai Marathon Trip – Araliya Lounge and Qatar Airways Business Class (Part 4)

This part of the review covered the lounge in Colombo airport and my trip to Doha, Qatar with Qatar Airways. In this post, I related some of the trouble I had getting in Sri Lanka and then out right away as well as one of the closest calls I have ever had on an airplane.

Junk Mail Saturday

This was the beginning of a new series, Junk Mail Saturday. We all get a lot of what we call “junk mail” but sometimes it is really not junk. Many times, there are potentially huge offers that come to targeted individuals this way. I will cover that as well as some of the true junk mail to help you identify what is the stuff you should get and that you should stay away from (and then some more stuff that we can laugh at!). Make sure you send me some of your junk mail offers as well!

There is week 1 of our new series! Hopefully this will help you to catch up on some of the posts that you might have missed during the week. Have a great rest of the weekend!

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