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Sunday Summary – Singapore Airline Suites for Less, Saving Money on Sports Gear, Smarter Luggage and More

United or Aegean
Written by Charlie

Welcome back to our Sunday Summary Series where we review the posts that were covered throughout the past week.

Free $20 Visa Gift Card With $300 of Visa Gift Cards Purchased

Hopefully, you got in on this deal as it was a great way to get over 1,500 Ultimate Reward points with no net cost in fees (thanks to the gift card). These do come up every couple of months or so, so keep your eyes open for the next one! It may come around Black Friday time (but good luck getting one of those with the lines!).

Great Deal: Sony POV Action Camera For $139 Today Only

This is one of the best deals I have seen on an action camera – at least one of this quality. In fact, this Deal of the Day expired a couple of times during the day, that is how popular it was. If you did not get in on this, make sure you are following along on the blog so you don’t miss the next deal like this! 🙂

Luggage That Is Getting Much Smarter

The uniqueness of luggage has not really changed much over the last 20 years. Finally, there is a company that is really trying to push the envelope a little bit more in the travel tech area. This bag has certainly attracted a lot of attention – its original goal of $50,000 was hit in 2 hours. It is now up to $500,000!

Last Minute Marine Corps Marathon Hotels

The famous Marine Corps Marathon was today. Many runners enjoyed this fantastic race and a huge percentage of them came in from out of town. This post highlighted some incredible hotels and availability on points – even the host hotel was still available on points! This just highlights yet another reason why you should have miles and points.

Good Deal: $20 Back On $100 At City Sports Plus Discounts

City Sports has a lot of sports gear. If you get in on this deal with multiple American Express cards, you can get gift cards for whatever amount you want to spend here. That will essentially give you 20% off on what ever you want from them! This offer is still available so check it out.

Booking Singapore Airlines Suites For Less

The Singapore Airlines Suites class is one of the most sought after premium cabins in the sky. It is my personal favorite for sure! My wife gets to experience it in a few weeks so I will certainly be updating my review then with her photographs (as a photographer, her photos will be much better than mine!). But, did you know you could fly in this cabin from or to the US for only 57,000 miles? That amount is incredibly easy to get through a variety of programs and this post shows you exactly how to get those miles and book this once-in-a-lifetime ticket.

Airline Fares Go Up While Fuel Goes Down

You might think that dropping fuel prices means that your airfare will drop as well. That is not the case! Not only is not dropping, but the airlines are hiking the fees during this time.

Special Hertz Elite Status For United Elites And (Some) Cardholders

United and Hertz have formed a special partnership that will give United elites and premium United credit cardholders special Hertz status and additional point earnings.

Aegean Fare Sale – 25% Off To International Destinations

With the changes coming up to Aegean’s frequent flyer program, sales like this can help you get the mileage and segments you need to retain your Star Alliance Gold status.

Get A $200 Sears Gift Card For $180 – And Why You Want It

Another limited-time deal was available to get a Sears gift card at $20 off. This was a great deal when it is combined with other deals available at Sears that you can read about in this post.

WOW Air Offers Tickets To Europe As Low As $99

WOW Air, an Icelandic airline, is breaking into the US market next year with some incredible prices. They are offering flights to Europe for as low as $99, but seats are limited at that price and there are add-on costs (for bags, seats, etc) that could cause that price to go up a bit.

The 10,000 Mile Anniversary Bonus On The US Airways Card Will Stay

The US Airways credit card offered a bunch of miles with their card for the longest time but they also used to offer an anniversary bonus. That bonus for new members has gone away, but news came this week that the anniversary bonus will stay! Nice for my wife’s card but not so much for mine (my card did not have the bonus).

Aegean And Olympic Celebrate Anniversary With Free Tickets Onboard

It is always a nice thing to see an airline pass along a gift to customers when they want to celebrate something. In this case, Aegean celebrated their merger with Olympic by giving away tickets on each flight all day long. Unfortunately, I did not get one. 🙂

Passengers Missing Flights Because They Cannot Find The Airport

There are a lot of reasons that passengers might miss flights – this is one that I did not think was possible en masse. Yet, it appears to be a real complaint!

Should You Credit To United Or Aegean In 2015?

With the coming changes to both United and Aegean’s frequent flyer program, this post takes a look to see which program you should be crediting your miles to. The results might be a bit surprising, depending on the status you hold with United.

What Happens When The Pace Car Misses A Turn?

In case you have never been leading in a race, 🙂 what happens is that there is a pace car that leads the leaders through the streets for the race. But, what happens when that pace vehicle misses a turn and takes those runners several miles out of the way?

The New International Phone Plan That Acts Like A Local Plan

There is yet another new international phone plan that looks to shake things up a bit. If you are not a T-Mobile customer (or you are and simply do not like their international coverage with the free data), this could prove to be a valuable plan for you. If you are like me, you probably need to make phone calls while abroad, not just use data. This pan offers a little bit of everything in several countries around the world for not as much as competing plans charge for.

Most Interesting Room You Have Stayed In? Mine Was a Bomb shelter

Not all hotel stays during our travels take place at chain hotels! I have had some unique stays but probably my most unique room I stayed in was when I stayed in a bomb shelter. 🙂 What about you?

Is Your Expectation Dependent On the Value or the Brand?

When it comes to expectations for a trip, they can rely on many things. For you, does your expectation for a hotel stay stem from the value you received with your points or the brand that you are staying at?

Favorite Half Marathon Course

What is your favorite half marathon course and why? This particular course is my favorite for a number of reasons!


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Now he uses this experience and knowledge to help others through Running with Miles.

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  • 57000 points for a flight in Suites is crazy cheap you are right. I actually analyzed all of the Singapore Suites flights a week or so ago and the actual best bang for your buck is the full JFK-FRA-SIN flight, which is over 10,000 miles in the air (nearly 2 days!) for only 93,500 Singapore KrisFlyer miles.

    You’re right though that for the actual smallest amount of KrisFlyer miles, JFK-FRA is the fewest.