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Good Deal: Canon Powershot Cameras + Canon 7D Deal

Written by Charlie

The smartphone has reached levels of incredible convenience. It allows us to really do more from a single device than we have ever been able to do. That includes the ability to take some incredible photographs with the built-in cameras and advanced software technology.

However, all of that all-in-one technology comes at a price – in fact, it can be a very steep price if we lose that phone and need to repair it. The high-end smartphones with the best cameras will require over $600 (at least) to buy a replacement if we somehow manage to lose it, break it, or get it stolen. That is just one of the reasons why it is still a great idea to have a regular old camera to carry around. Not only is it simple to use but it is also durable and cheap enough to throw in a bag to go or put in a waist pack for a run.

ETA: Good Deal on Canon 7D DSLR as well

If you would prefer a camera with quite a bit more power, the Canon 7D DSLR is available for $767 after a discount and 20% off code. To get that price, go here and add it to your cart and then enter PUMPKIN20 in the promo code box to get an additional 20% off. Pretty good deal on this camera!

Canon Powershot Camera Deals

canon camera deals

The Canon Powershot ELPH 520HS

Thanks to decent deals like this that pop up, we can get some of that single-focused camera excellence in an inexpensive package. I have written before about one of these cameras but now other cameras have joined with the discount as well. Please note: these are Canon refurbished cameras that you are buying directly from Canon. I have purchased many refurbished products from them and found them to be of the best quality.

The first one is the Canon Powershot A4000 camera. It is marked down during this particular sale to $39.99. Like last time, the discount only applies to the silver and blue versions. The other colors remain at a price of $109.99. To give you an idea on value, the Amazon trade-in price on the blue model is $31! This camera received many decent reviews. It is a perfect size to throw in your pocket and have for the moment that you need to take some pictures.

The next one is a step up in the Powershot family. It is the Canon Powershot ELPH 320. It has integrated Wi-Fi (if you like to transfer your photos directly from camera without taking out the card) and is a decent little performer in a small package. It is currently available in black, red, and blue for $74.99.

The final one is a very good camera that has some excellent features and quality. It is the Canon Powershot ELPH 520HS camera. Through this sale price, it is available for only $84.99. The normal price through various outlets is around $199.99 (though the outlet lists the normal price at $209.99). It has received some good reviews and should be a good buy for anyone looking for a decent camera at a good price.


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  • I’ve carried Canon’s for years and always have my PowerShot with me (even with an iPhone). The flash is better and memory/battery expandable/replaceable. Rare that the phone camera takes a better picture than the dedicated camera.