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Deal of the Day: New Amazon Fire HD Tablet for $49

Written by Charlie

Today only, you can grab one of the cheapest, mainstream media consumption tablets around – the Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet. It is available for just $50 today and can offer a lot of fun on the go.

This past fall, Amazon released their latest Fire HD tablet. Amazon does this just about the same time every year and, while they add some hardware upgrades, they never make a really big deal about the releases.

Today Only: New Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablets for $50

Link: Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet (This is an affiliate link that supports the site should you purchase through it – thanks!) 

Part of that may be the fact that they still just very good content consumption devices (not tablets that are more for “pro” use like the Samsung S line, the iPad Pro line, or the Google Slate line) and part of it may be that they just release them at the same price each time.

I believe there was a sale of the new model around Christmas but I honestly cannot remember. Still, if you missed out during such a sale, you can grab a brand new, latest Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet today for just under $50.

Amazon tablets are really nice for loading up with content and they are typically cheap enough that you could always grab them for the kids for a long trip. With sales like this, getting an 8” HD tablet for under $50 can really help with that (though this same model will likely stack with offers around Prime Day to bring it closer to $20 – if you can wait until July).

We have a couple of the older 8” Fire tablets and they work pretty well. They can have videos, apps, ebooks and more stored on them and be ready to go for any little trip.

If the 16GB base model is not enough, you could upgrade it to the 32GB model which is also $30 cheaper just for toda ($79).

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  • Just picked one up for $19 after Amex $30 off credit…thanks! My last kindle just died, so I needed this.