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Fly From New York To London For As Low As $248

Low cost carrier Norwegian Airlines has been making an assault on other carriers lately with their flights from Oslo to California. Now, they are beginning a new route that is sure to change some pricing down the road and will certainly give people an inexpensive option to travel to London without using miles.

Fly From New York To London For As Low As $248

Starting this week, flights from London Gatwick to Los Angeles, NY, and Fort Lauderdale will began! The LAX and FLL routes can be had for as low as $298.

One-way cost from NY to London

One-way cost from NY to London

While these flights do list at as low as $248 (for NY) and $298 (for LAX and FLL), that price is reserved for the winter time. To buy a ticket for next week on JFK – London, it would cost you $398. For a one-way ticket to London this close to departure, that is an incredible price!

There are few things to take note of about Norwegian Airlines. They do charge for most everything on-board – food, seat reservation, baggage, and the use of your credit card for purchase of the ticket. If you can handle all of that and flying in coach (which I have no problem with!), that is a great deal!

The return ticket costs a little bit more. For a return in January, it is $269 with other dates this summer costing quite a bit more.

The total cost of a ticket from NY to London

The total cost of a ticket from NY to London

No matter what, these new routes are a great way to open up London for many Americans. It is a really great deal to be able to fly to London for only $250 – it sometimes costs that much to go to Atlanta from the Northeast!

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Here is a breakdown of some of the fees you may need/want to pay (based on one-way):

  • Add Plus (breakfast + dinner, seat reservation, 1 piece of baggage) – $59
  • Extra baggage – $42 for the first bag, $50 for the second bag
  • Credit card charge (per reservation) – $7
  • Advanced Seat Reservation – $42

It is important to note that these fees are based on the city pair. The numbers above are specifically for the JFK/London route.

Something to remember is that those prices are the cheapest prices on tickets. There are times when the cost is higher than that, but I saw many dates with around $330 for one-way tickets to London. That is still a pretty good deal!

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