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Deal Alert: Hyatt Points On Sale – As Low as 1.8 Cents Each

Written by Charlie

If you need to top up for an award or you want to skip the high costs of the new Points+Cash bookings, this Hyatt sale on points could be for you! Buy them for as little as 1.8 cents each.

Hyatt points are on sale again and, while not as great a discount as we see sometimes, it can still help you save some on your next points redemption.

Deal Alert: Hyatt Points on Sale

One of the best things about the Hyatt point sales now is that you can create your own “points+cash” deal since Hyatt devalued that last year. Buying points with this can get you a lower price so that you can buy the points you need for a full award redemption instead of paying half the current price of the room.

Link: Buy Hyatt Points (buying through this link will earn me a small commission – to earn 2.5% cash back for yourself, read more below!)

The last time this deal came around was in May and many of you bought in then. Depending on your use case, buying Hyatt points for 1.8 cents each can be a good deal. Here are the details of this deal:

Regular Cost of Hyatt Points

Hyatt points cost 2.4 cents each, normally. Unless you are topping up for a particular award, I would never suggest purchasing Hyatt points at that cost.

Hyatt Points on Sale for 1.84 Cents Each

However, until February 22, you can purchase Hyatt points with up to a 30% bonus. This brings the cost of Hyatt points down quite a bit and can definitely make more sense – depending on the type of award you are wanting to book. Here is how this Hyatt points sale breaks down:

  • Buy up to 5,000 Hyatt points and get no bonus
  • Buy 5,000 – 55,000 Hyatt points and get a 40% bonus

To max out the Hyatt points sale bonus, you would need to purchase 55,000 points. This would give you a total of 71,500 points for $1,320. This breaks down to a final cost of 1.84 cents per point.

Getting Hyatt Points Even Cheaper

However, if you go through TopCashBack, you can get 2.5% cash back on your points purchase! This brings the total out-of-pocket cost for 71,500 points down to $1,286 (or 1.8 cents per point).

If you need Hyatt points now, that isn’t that bad of a deal. Yes, it is better to transfer them from your Ultimate Rewards account and you can earn UR points for less than that with office supply purchases on some of the Chase business cards.

But, it will depend on what other partners you like to transfer to. For example, if you like to transfer to United, you may be better off buying some Hyatt points at this price and keeping your UR points for United since you cannot buy United miles at this price.

If you don’t need Hyatt points right now, I would wait until a better sale. There is no guarantee that we will see another 40% sale but since the last one was offered after the devaluation was announced, I think it is likely that we will continue to see the 40% sale offered.

But, if you need to top up for an award, this is the best price going right now.

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  • That is assuming Topcashback credits your purchase. I had a horrible experience with my first experience with them and won’t ever use them again as I regard them as thieves!

    • I am very sorry to hear about that! I have heard from a couple of other people before of similar situations but I also know of many, many more that have had successful transactions (including myself).
      In this instance, it really doesn’t cost you anything to go through it, if the 1.84 cents without it is good for you. Of course, it would cost me the affiliate cash 🙂 but you could always just try the TopCashBack route and count it a plus if you get the money!