Watch This Video of a Drone Washing Windows at a Ritz-Carlton Hotel

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Check out this cool video of a drone washing windows at a Ritz-Carlton hotel in Florida! This is yet another great way to use drones!

Window cleaning at hotels is something that has to be done and, for higher end hotels, it is something that MUST be done! I mean, if the hotel is charging an $50-$90 extra for the same room but with a better view, you really expect to have a nice, clear view through the hotel windows! Here is a video of hotel window cleaning in the modern age – with a drone!

Video of Drone Washing Windows at the Ritz-Carlton

A drone? Sure, why not! I mean, drones are being used in all kinds of industries now, thanks to their lower costs, flexibilities and programmability.

The Florida Drone Cleaning company has custom-built drones for the purpose of professionally cleaning buildings and windows. They say this is “safer, cheaper, and faster” and it certainly would be. Consider the video that went viral last year when two woman in China were cleaning windows on the 11th floor – with no safety harnesses!

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The Ritz-Carlton Naples where this drone cleaning occurred

An old neighbor of mine had huge contracts for professional window cleaning, including some very tall buildings. It is a ton of work setting up for a human to get up to do those high windows so having a drone do that same job is certainly going to be safer and cheaper. But, I am curious if it is a much better job? Instead of the normal process of people washing windows, these drones do a three-step process to clean windows.

First, they spray a “spot and streak-free de-ionized water on the windows of your building or yacht. The next step is applying the window cleaning solution which removes the dirt from the windows. The final step is a soft wash rinse again of de-ionized water for a completely spot-free and clean window.”

Again, it has to be done and if it does work as well and is cheaper, I would imagine many hotels will be going this way. Plus, it isn’t just hotels but any kind of professional building that needs cleaning of the building itself or the windows.

Featured photo and embedded video from Florida Drone Cleaning LLC.

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