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Canceled Again: Austrian Airlines Cancels All Flights For Two More Weeks

Written by Charlie

Austrian Airlines has canceled all their flights – again. This is due to the EU border closures so if you have flights in the next few weeks, see what your options are.

On the heels of Turkish Airlines cancelling their international flights, Austrian Airlines has extended their cancellations as well. This is due to the current border closures of EU countries to people outside the EU. So, unless the EU extends it (which I seriously doubt they will), this cancellation should be the last one.

Austrian Airlines Cancels All Flights Until June 14

Link: Austrian Airlines Flight Cancellation

The last cancellation was through May 31 and I thought it may hold there. But, they have now canceled all flights until June 14.

For flights to the US, I would think the best bet for flights that may start up first would be ones to Washington, DC (IAD). New York is still having a lot of problems and is still in various phases of lockdown. Flights to DC may figure that this would be one of the first US destinations that Austrian would fly to post schedule resumption. One other option could be Chicago.

Visit the link above to see the current rules in place for cancellations, changes, and vouchers available.

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  • If your premise is correct, then why is LX flying into EWR and not ORD . I get why they arent going into JFK so that people could connect onwards with UA and that cant be done @ JFK. But pre C-19 they had a dailly GVA-JFK and no GVA-EWR and 2x on ZRH-JFk while it was 1x into EWR

    • I’m not sure on that one. I had been watching OS and saw the ORD flight staying pretty solid – until the routes kept being cancelled! 🙂
      I think they will add one NYC but I think they are only resuming like 20% of their schedule when they start again and I know BOS had gotten cut. We will have to see what ends up sticking!

      • I thought that OS,SN and LX would all transfer in FRA or MUC, and stick to just short hauls for now. The exception would be if they had a more then decent size cargo haul to/from The US That way they end up sending a plane or two that hopefully can make some profit while still leaving enough room between passengers. Thou I can understand certain Asian routes due to heavy cargo

        Does OS do that much cargo into/outof ORD?