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Cyprus Tells Tourists – You Get COVID-19, We Will Pay for Everything

Written by Charlie

Cyprus is making a new “perk” for tourists to that visit – they will pay all expenses in Cyprus if you get sick with the coronavirus on vacation.

With countries around the world starting to open or preparing to open in phases, there are intense competitions for tourist money this summer. This will be unlike any summer in a long time as typical destinations struggle to bring in tourists while opening under new health regulations.

Cyprus Offering to Pay All Expenses for Tourists Who Get COVID-19

In fact, this competition is already in play with countries like Greece, Spain, and Italy, specifically for German tourists. Tourists from Germany make up a good chunk of tourist euros for these countries and with people likely not coming from the UK and the US for a while yet, Germany is the target for travel organizations.

Lodging, Food, Medication – All Covered for Tourists Who Get COVID-19 in Cyprus

Well, Cyprus is also hungry for tourism to resume and they are trying to lure tourists their way with a different twist of an offer – if you get coronavirus on vacation, Cyprus will pay for everything for you and your family, well, except your car ride to the airport and your flight home.

This is part of a campaign to put tourists at ease about visiting their country. They have had less than 1,000 cases of the virus but they are still trying to assure travelers to trust them. So, if a traveler gets COVID-19 while on vacation, the government will pay for medical bills, food, lodging, and other expenses for the one that is sick and all expenses for the family in a special hotel for such cases.

This hotel and hospital are specially equipped for this situation as Cyprus looks at the date of June 9 as the beginning of flights to their country. Countries allowed to have residents enter will come in phases and travelers will have to fill out health declarations.

So, if you want a beach destination this summer, here is another one to consider. 🙂 I know no one wants to get sick but it may be of some comfort to some that will travel that there is such a plan in place to care for tourists that do get sick on vacation.

This was sent out yesterday by the government of Cyprus to other governments and travel agencies to outline their health protocols as they prepare to open in just a couple of weeks.

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