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Here Are the First 20 Countries Allowed to Visit Greece Next Month

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Written by Charlie

Greece is opening for tourist season as of June 15. But, not everyone will be allowed. Here is the list of the first 20 countries that will be allowed to visit Greece.

People have been watching and waiting for the important dates on when they can visit Greece. Given how well the country has done with the coronavirus pandemic and the reopening, it is really people’s big hope for a summer beach destination.

These Countries Will Have Access to Greece First

Yesterday, the Greek Prime Minister announced that Greece’s tourist season will start June 15. But, this will only be for countries’ residents where the epidemiological data is positive. Here is the list of the first 20 countries that will be allowed to visit Greece as of June 15:

  • Albania
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bulgaria
  • China
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Israel
  • Japan
  • North Macedonia
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Serbia
  • Slovakia

From June 15, people from those countries can enter Greece without needing any tests beforehand. However, there will be spot tests at the airports. Until July 1, all incoming international flights will go through Athens.

What About the US and the UK?

For now, there is no hope for people coming from the US or the UK until July 15 – for now. Greece will be observing the data coming from those countries and others to let them know when they will be able to enter.

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  • China. wow. If the Greek government thinks China is accurately reporting their number of cases then I have a great piece of swamp-land property to sell them in Florida. Also, what happened to the criteria being medium flight distance to start? oops. And Australia is locked down till 2021 according to my mates living there.

    The messaging behind this plan thus far has been that it will be driven by health, safety and financial interests. However neither health nor financial interests seem to be evident in this plan, with the exception of Germany being on the list. What revenue will they get from Balkan states? And the China deal is just so obvious for what it is (they own Piraeus, will soon own all of Greece’s electrical grid, and German tour agencies book most of their travel). Poorly thought out.

      • That’s unreal with China being on that list. I really don’t know what to say…..politics?

        • One thing I can think of is that there is a large Chinese population here and they were being very careful right after the first cases started in Europe – wearing masks (more than normal) and keeping to themselves more. Maybe Greece trusts them to continue to be that way?

          • I watched an interview with Mr Theoharis on EuroNews today. He obviously said the first 20-25 countries will be announced this week, then quite a few more will be announced in a few weeks to be allowed in on July 1. He did say those countries not on the list will be reviewed about every 15 days and additional countries will be announced based on their COVID numbers. I’m guessing that’s why Delta moved their start date to July 16 for non stop service from JFK.

    • The EASA has made public airports from around the world located in high COVID transmission regions. Not sure what this means yet, but most US major airports are on this list within these states..

      USA All airports in the following States:
      New Jersey
      New York
      North Carolina
      Rhode Island

      • Sam – Mitsotakis was saying yesterday at a UVA/ Brookings Institute call that the US likely won’t be on the June 15 or July 1 list of countries being allowed in. I don’t know when he/they plan to announce when they will let US citizens in, but at this rate they’ve effectively killed the product. The biggest market is Americans whether they want to admit this or not. Italy seems a lot more friendlier (as always) to tourists so I think a lot of us will end up opting for there this year. Its a shame because there 1 million Greek Americans in the US who he’s slapping in the face with this. How much longer will people wait before changing their plans is the question. Any idea when then July 15 list will be released? He has a EU bailout to cover him though and he knows this; that’s why if the product is killed he won’t mind as much. But the Greek who actually work in tourism won’t see much of that money.

        • Interesting, Constantine. I’m hoping July 15 we will get the green light to go to Greece.

          My wife is Greek-American and I’m Italian-American. We alternate between each country each year. Last fall we had another great time in Italy.

          If we cannot enter Greece at a decent time this year, coupled with the fact Chinese can enter early, I will gladly take my money to Italy now and for the future.

          • Sam – it is really lousy, agree. It looks like Delta just changed their flight schedule again. No direct flights until August 1st. The big question is, is this due to lack of demand, or the Greek government. If it is lack of demand I’ll gladly take AF with a stop over in CDG. However if it is due to the Greek government not allowing US tourists in now again changing the date to August, then I think I’ll scrap the whole idea, as will a lot of others.

            The question is when can we have a firm date so we can decide?

          • They are going to announce tomorrow the official list of countries that can come as of June 15 and then July 1. I think Delta is adjusting based on interest because people are probably hesitant to book without knowing what is going to happen.
            I think Mitsotakis may also be waiting to see what kind of demand there will be. He has said before he wants all planes coming here to be full to both help the airlines and Greece. If US demand is very low, that could be enough for Greece to not even try dealing with protocols to allow American tourists in.
            On the other hand, they could always require a test result from people coming from the US. Given what the average US tourist spends here, I think this would be not that much for most travelers to deal with and they would know they can have their vacation in Greece.
            Hopefully, we will know much more by the end of next week. I have been trying to get info from the Greek ministry and my requests keep getting passed on to new people every couple of days. The good part is that I am getting more direct e-mails for later 🙂 but the bad part is that no one has answers.

          • I’m going to make my final decision by July 1 as to whether I will travel to Greece this year or not. If there has not been a final decision made by July 1, I’m still going to cancel as I cannot have this big travel decision remain up in the air.

            I’ve been ordering a lot of Brunello and Barolo from Italy during the lockdown. Many wineries have been offering free shipping to the US and 25% off wine with usually a minimum order of say 6 bottles. I would not hesitate flying into Florence and spending 2 weeks in Tuscany this summer and I’m able.

          • Constantine on my end I still see a July 17 start date for Delta JFK-ATH. It’s several time/week from that point through July then daily starting Aug 1 I believe

          • Thanks to all 3 of you for the continuing information and discussion. Hopefully there will be good news for all of us soon.

  • So much pushback here against China? This is the country that showed the world how to stop the virus with the most drastic (and effective) measures! Heck, 6 test positive and they shut down a city of 11 million and test every single person before you can say “corona”! While many here protest in state capitols that they can not go on without a haircut, such hardships I tell you!

    Ok, let’s be real. Chinese spend a LOT of money abroad. I read that there are so many weddings in Santorini lately is unreal. BUT…let’s see how many venture out to be confined in a metal tube for hours…

    The Greek govt is trying to play a very delicate game. Revive the vital tourism sector while taking advantage (rightly so) of the good press it received due to the handling of the pandemic and do its best (someway somehow) that the outbreaks will be contained…It is a very fine line.

    My trip is set for November and at this point I have not canceled…yet.

    We see what happens. This is a fluid situation. As Dr. Fauci has said: It depends on the virus 🙂

    • And no one believes you live in the States or are anything close to a westerner. Nice try with your attempts at translating, however.

  • China is a communist dictatorship that only showed the world that it is very much a wolf in wolves clothing. They jailed and punished early medical whistelblowers there, some who are still unaccounted for, for drawing attention to the virus. They did not stop international travel immediately and let their citizens spread it globally. They also did not inform other countries of the severity of the issue early enough to prevent global outbreak, as they were trying to cover it up initially. They still, as we speak, have not let international scientists in, have not shared accurate data, and made sure the origins of the virus won’t ever fully be known.

    Western democracies have constitutions. People here have rights, unlike in China. And the numbers that come out of China are only believed by their puppets.

    Greece has sold out a lot of its own real estate for Golden Visas, as well as its critical infrastructure, because of its own debt, understandably. Many Chinese living studying and working abroad are spies for their government. This has been documented. Greece has a few of them inside at the moment as well.

    I’m sorry but you sound like an apologist for a communist dictatorship that seeks to undermine western values any chance it gets. The last several global pandemics have come from that country, and yet here they are again.

  • Really surprised by China being on the list. Then again with the golden visa program I guess it’s to be expected.
    Greece has done a great job with the virus hopefully this doesn’t blow up in their face.
    Let’s see what the Greek government comes up with for the U.S.
    Thanks for the continuing updates.

  • “From June 15, people from those countries can enter Greece without needing any tests beforehand. ”

    I wonder if this means the country you are coming to Greece from, or is it the citizenship of the person? (So a dual Canadian-Polish citizen who lives in Canada but somehow made it to Bulgaria and then wants to fly or drive to Greece: allowed in?)

  • Hi there is a group of 8 of us traveling to Greek Islands on 19th of August . 4 from Dublin, and 4 going through UK , Now this is our dilemma , Ireland isn’t on the list Uk won’t be , so will the 4 person flying through U K cancel. and fly from Dublin and loose money for flights ,or tough it out until a later date . Have gone to the Greek Islands for the last 6 years , don’t want to miss out .

  • Any new information on when American tourists can fly into Athens?
    We also want to go to Santorini. Will travel be allowed there and other islands as well

    • Not at present, we should know more this coming Monday! International flights will go to all islands as of July 1 but it is not known yet about people on American passports.