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Canceled Again: All Turkish Airlines International Flights Suspended Again

Written by Charlie

Turkish Airlines will not be returning to the skies as soon as they had hoped. They just suspended international flights even further out. Find out what you should know.

I honestly thought that we had reached the end of the pushing of Turkish Airlines schedule, but I was wrong! The previous date of May 28 was just moved to June 4 for domestic flights and June 10 for international flights to resume.

Turkish Airlines Flights Suspended Again

I am kind of not surprised since the EU borders are closed again until June 15. A lot of Turkish Airlines traffic is into Europe so this would have caused them to cancel a lot of those flights.

But, this will surely affect many who had flights booked with Turkish from May 28 until June 10. I actually had a couple of flights booked during that period for a trip I have to take but those had gotten canceled before this even happened so I am not currently affected by this.

If you were booked with them on an award, you had better start looking for alternate flights quickly. When I lost my Turkish flight, I found the alternate flights with other airlines started filling up with awards quickly and being taken out of availability. This change just happened a few minutes ago so your reservation may not even reflect the cancellation yet! (as of the time of this post at 21:43 Turkish time).

Flight Canceled? Here is What Options You Have

Anyway, if you have found that your flights are canceled, Turkish Airlines has some options for you. Unfortunately, if you go with a straight refund, you will not be getting that until at least July 27 (because they say it will take 60 days following their resumption of service). They do have other options like a voucher that is good for the value plus 15% (see this post). They also have some other unique offers that you can see here:

options available to those who had canceled tickets are (in addition to the voucher):

  • Convert ticket into miles at a rate of 1,000 miles per €10 value of ticket
  • Change the ticket for no fee or fare increase
  • Convert to an Open Ticket that allows flight to any city in the region with no fare increase or change fee
  • Cash refund up to 60 days after flight operations begin again
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  • Thank you for posting. We are scheduled to fly to Greece in early June on Turkish. Tickets were booked using United miles. Since that is the case we will just deal with United directly and get the miles redeposited with hopefully no redeposit fee, or can we approach Turkish about changing the ticket with no fare increase or fee?

    • Yes, United will redeposit the miles with no fee and it should be able to be done right online. If you have to speak to a rep and they say there is a fee, just remind them that they were waived for cancellations.

  • This is the second cancellation with Turkish Airlines. for us. We were booked for May 28, then June 6th, now? We can stay in Vietnam with no issues because we’re retired and don’t need to be anywhere anytime soon. I am wondering whether we should just get the voucher. It saves time on hold waiting to bump up the flight to the next “possible” date.

    • Wow, that is too bad. You could convert it to the Open Ticket as well since that could ensure you pay nothing extra if the price jumps.