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Sunday Summary

JetBlue fare sale
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Welcome back to our Sunday Summary Series where we review the stories that were covered throughout the week.

Sunday Summary

I Changed My Mind And Applied

Credit card offers come out with occasional huge bonuses. In the past, we have seen the American Express Platinum 100K for the personal card (the latest was last January) and other cards that have reached close to that level as well. One of those cards was the Citi AAdvantage card that had an offer of 75,000 points. However, the trend as of late seems to be that the large offers are more rare and when they are offered, they require a large amount of spend. So we enter 2014…  Read more…

Be On The Lookout: 150,000 Amex Plat Business Offer

During my internet perusals in searching for deals and travel finds, I came across someone who spoke of recently having received an offer from American Express for 150,000 Membership Reward points on the American Express Platinum Business card. To my knowledge, that would make it the highest offer presented for this card and is certainly a huge bonus!  Read more…

Mix JetBlue Fare Sale and Promotion For Big Earnings

JetBlue just released a two-day sale they are running with fares from $55. Obviously, this will be for the shorter routes, but the lower fare prices are across the board. While this is a good sale in and of itself, it gets even better if you mix it with this promo i wrote about last week (gives 5,000 TrueBlue points (worth around $70) for new members who sign-up for the program and fly). In fairness, the only $55 fare listed on the promo page is for BOS-PHL/PHL-BOS, but many fares are not much moreOther fares are even less – Long Beach to Las Vegas is only $39. Read more…

Amex Platinum For $0 First Year Fee (For Some Consumers)

First of all, this offer for the American Express Platinum does not come with any bonus offer. That’s right – a credit card with no incentive for sign-up, but this card is always a great card to have. The perks and benefits of the card are substantial (and ones that I have covered before) and include… Read more…

Time Running Out For Easy Star Alliance Gold?

Without a doubt, the easiest way to achieve Star Alliance Gold (without entering a status match/challenge or trial) is through Aegean Airlines and their Miles and their Miles and Bonus program. I have written many times before about how to get star alliance gold with aegean gold status and showed my own trip reports of achieving Star Alliance Gold.  Read more…

Increased Offer For American Express Platinum – 40,000 Points

That happened fast! Just yesterday, I wrote about an American Express Platinum card offer that carried no annual fee for the first year (regularly $450 up front) but also no sign-up bonus. I mentioned that I did not think the regular 25,000 Membership Reward offer was significant enough to sign-up for.  Well, now it is higher!   Read more…

End Of The Road For Repetitive Amex Bonuses?

dansdeals wrote the other day that many American Express reps have confirmed that, starting May 1, if you have had a consumer American Express card and received the bonus from it that you will be ineligible to receive the bonus again, should you sign up down the road. This is pretty much the way Chase has operated and I cannot say I am surprised that American Express is making this move. For years…  Read more…

Amazon Prime Fee Hike Coming

Last month, I wrote about a great way to use Amazon Prime as a tool to help with manufactured spending. I know many people enjoy the features of Amazon Prime and many were dreading a potential fee hike that had been alluded to in January. Well, that day has arrived. Amazon will be hiking the annual fee of Amazon Prime to $99 beginning March 20. I received an e-mail that my current Prime membership will renew at the current $79 fee…  Read more…

A Better American Express Platinum Offer

I honestly did not plan to have this many American Express posts this week! In fact, when I was an affiliate with American Express I did not even have this many posts about American Express in a couple of weeks! But, that is what happens when there are news and offers from an issuer! In this case, this American Express Platinum offer is not a new offer, but one that should be looked at in light of the current 40,000 Membership Reward . It is always best to have options and..  Read more…

The $14,000 First Class Ticket That You Bought

When it comes to flying, most of us try to do it for the cheapest possible price. Of course, Delta is trying to change that concept come 2015 with their revenue-based earning program, but we still always think of the deal in regards to the best possible price for the value we are looking to receive.  I have flown dozens of (paid) trips where I am sitting next to someone that had paid at least 10 times the price I paid for my ticket. I know that many business travelers cannot… Read more…

Earning Star Alliance Gold In One Trip

I have written many times about the incredible value of Aegean Gold and how it grants you Star Alliance Gold as well. One of the easiest ways to earn Aegean Gold has been with US Airways (which may change after March 30th). United Airlines will work as well, but only the more expensive tickets. The cheapest tickets only earn 50% when credited towards Aegean. One way to use United cheaply, however, is to fly short segments. This is because there is a 500 mile minimum when crediting United flights to Aegean. While it is possible to pick up Aegean Gold just…  Read more…

Boston Marathon – 36 Days Away! Who Will Be There?

The 2014 Boston Marathon is sure to be one of the most memorable marathons in the already vaunted marathon’s history. Since the Boston Marathon bombing last year, people around the country (and world) have expressed their support to the people of Boston and those who participated in last year’s marathon and were affected. Boston had to raise the cap on runners allowed this year because of the intense interest and even the volunteer spots have totally filled up. Most races have a hard time filling volunteer slots…  Read more…

Staying Connected For Great Deals

Even with the changing landscape of airline and hotel loyalty programs, there are always still great deals to be had. Some of the recent deals that come to mind were the Wideroe deals (insanely cheap flights on United to Europe purchased through Wideroe Airlines) and the December 26 Delta deal (though it was definitely not planned!) that saw tickets all over the US available for under $40 – including first class! Another deal that was had recently was a great fare from United that featured their Detroit-Houston non-stop pricing out (in first class) for $129 round-trip! Read more…

Flash Giveaway!

I thought it was about time for a giveaway, but this will not be one that is stretched over a couple of days. This giveaway will only run for the next 3 hours! That’s right – you have from now until 7:00PM (EST) to leave a comment to win this giveaway. Plus…  Read more…

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Charlie has been an avid traveler and runner for many years. He has run in marathons around the world for less than it would cost to travel to the next town - all as a result of collecting and using miles and points. Over the years, he has flown hundreds of thousands of miles and collected millions of miles and points.
Now he uses this experience and knowledge to help others through Running with Miles.

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