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Horrible: Mob Storms Airport to Search for Jewish Passengers

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Yesterday, a mob stormed into secure areas at a Russian airport to search for Jewish travelers, intending to “interrogate” them.

As the conflict continues between Israel and Hamas, people outside of Israel and Palestine have also found themselves involved in the conflict. The most recent news on this came from a Russian airport as a mob stormed the airport to find Jewish passengers. Here is what happened.

Mob Searches Airport for Jewish Passengers

In the city of Makhachkala, the largest city of Dagestan, Russia, was where this horrifying incident took place. Makhachkala is located on the Caspian Sea, north of Azerbaijan.

On Sunday, a mob carrying Palestinian flags stormed on to the tarmac of the airport and climbed on planes that were there. They were searching for Jewish passengers on a plane that had arrived there from Tel Aviv.

Apparently, these people had seen posts on Telegram about this flight and they were headed to the airport to, according to what an account on Telegram said, “interrogate” the arriving passengers and force them to denounce the Israeli government.

The police did not intervene at first as this mob forced their way into restricted areas and demanded that the customs officers tell them where the passengers were.

Airlines were having their passengers go back into their arriving planes to be in a locked place as these mobs crowded the airplanes. One captain announced to his passengers – “This is your captain. There’s an angry mob outside that doesn’t know where we’ve come from and why we are here. It’s possible we’ll come under attack.”

According to reports, at least 20 people were injured, 9 of them police officers in this airport incident and the authorities said they had removed all unauthorized people from the airport, as of last night.

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  • Make no mistake – this is not a result of Israel’s operations in Gaza. This antisemitism was always there just waiting for a good excuse for them to take violet action on it. You only need to look at this to justify why Israel needs to take drastic steps to defend itself.