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A Russian Airliner is Still in Stuck in Field 2.5 Months After Emergency Landing – Customers Now Got Compensation

an airplane in a snowy field
Written by Charlie

After 2.5 months, a Russian Airbus A320 is still stuck in the field where it made its emergency landing. The only movement so far has been compensation for the passengers.

This is one of those things you don’t hear about often – thankfully! But, the passengers are getting a reminder of it as they just received some compensation for this incident – and there is an update on the plane itself!

Russian Airliner Still Stuck

On September 12, Ural Airlines flight U61383 took off from Sochi to Omsk. Enroute, the pilot communicated that there was a hydraulic problem on approach to Omsk. It instead went back up to 18,000 feet and then started loosing altitude.

The pilots performed an emergency landing in a field. Since the landing, the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency determined that it was the fault of the pilots in this incident. Now, they are starting a new investigation, citing “newly discovered circumstances”.

The airline thought that the frozen ground would give a better chance of getting the airplane to take off but that has not happened. There has also been talk of removing seats to make the plane lighter.

Now, the plane has a fence built around it and the airline is considering waiting until after winter. But, movement has been made on compensation as the airline has offered passengers 100,000 rubles, which is about $1,100 per passenger.

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