Manufactured Spending Weekly Summary

When Amex Decided Manufactured Spending Against the Rules for Bluebird/Serve, Using Google Fi on an iPhone, 60K Mile Award to Australia, Using Netflix Around the World, & More!

Written by Charlie

A full week of posts here on Running with Miles with a lot of attention on the devastating move by Amex to shut down many Bluebird/Serve accounts and much more.

This has been a great week here (Bluebird/Serve news not withstanding 🙁 )! First thing was that Running with Miles was promoted to being a permanent Featured Blog here on BoardingArea! If you come here directly to this blog, you will not notice anything different. Otherwise, you will simply notice any new posts that I write appearing higher “above the fold” on the homepage of BoardingArea and staying up there for a bit longer. So, hopefully, it should bring some new readers here to join all of us!

Speaking of new readers, this first full week of 2016 as been a pretty good week as far as traffic here. There was almost a 200% increase in visitors here this week versus the same week in 2015! So, thanks to all of you for visiting and welcome to the new readers! I have some plans for the blog for 2016 that I hope will make it more user-friendly and provide some greater reference accessibility. Also, I have some running trips planned as well as the plans to bring more of destinations and running spots to you so stay tuned for all of that! 😉

Anyway, here are the posts from this week here on the blog. It was a sad week for those who use Bluebird to carry your spending, or if you used Serve for the same. While some accounts have not yet been banned from further loading, this move by Amex against those who manufacture spending is a big blow. I have been doing some reselling for a little while and I imagine more people will be getting into that as the more common methods of spending have been drying up.

Miles, Points, & Travel


Thanks so much for following along this week! Hope you have a good week coming up and that you are able to continue generating miles and points. More importantly, I hope you are having opportunity to use them for some great travels and memories!

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