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This Is One Cool Job!

cool job
Written by Charlie

I have this thing for Antarctica. There are a few places around the world that I had wanted to visit since I was a little boy and I have been to all of them – except Antarctica. Some day, I do plan on running the Ice 100K that takes place inland on the continent so I can wait until then.

In the meantime, if anyone shares an interest in Antarctica and does not want to pay the thousands of dollars for a visit, this job opportunity may be just for you!

One “Cool” Job

The job? Being the post office support person at Goudier Island, off the coast of Antarctica. It is a seasonal position – November through March – and would include running the only gift shop in Antarctica. All expenses on the island are paid and you would received a $1,250 salary each month. They are hiring a total of 4 people to man the station during the “summer” season. About 70,000 pieces of mail come to the post office to be stamped as arriving in Antarctica and the promise of company is over 2,000 “smelly” penguins.

cool job

Want a job in Antarctica?

The applicants do not need any prior experience as a post office employee before and this should serve as the best opportunity if you wanted to know if you could manage living onboard the International Space Station. 🙂 Here is what the application says you must have:

Can you demonstrate that you have most or all of the following?

  • Good physical and medical fitness
  • Confidence – can you give a talk without aids to 200 people and represent the UKAHT ‘live’ on TV and radio!
  • Retail experience with good customer focus
  • Competence and confidence with spreadsheet design and formulae
  • Hands on DIY/practical skills – can you use hand tools proficiently?
  • Coordination – can you carry a big heavy box over slippery rocks and slushy snow whilst dodging penguins?
  • Environmental awareness and practical knowledge of minimum impact living
  • Practical knowledge of another language as well as English

Do you possess the following attributes?

  • Ability to get on with it. Can you identify what needs doing and get on and do it without having to be asked, whether it be washing up, sweeping the floor or digging snow?
  • Quick learner – can you take an instruction in person or in writing and get on and do it efficiently?
  • Awareness of your surroundings/situation
  • Initiative – can you think on your feet and act?
  • Adaptability to different situations – Are you happy not to shower for up to a month, live in close proximity to three people and 2,000 smelly penguins for five months?
  • Sympathy – are you careful with things and people, do you treat things with respect when they are irreplaceable until the following season?

As well as being passionate about the Antarctic. You need to be:

  • Personable – do you value getting on with others? Can you live and work with just three others for five months and be friendly and cooperative throughout?
  • Positive – can you enthuse to visitors when it is -5C° and blowing a blizzard as well as cook supper cheerfully after a long cold day and very little sleep?
  • Conscientious – will you be doing your best day in day out for 5 months?
  • Meticulous – can you keep accurate records be it penguin eggs, t-shirts, or food stock?
  • Prepared to be on call and smiling for all waking hours, seven days a week
  • Happy to be confined to a small island with no prospect of climbing the surrounding peaks

If you want to get an experience of a lifetime and enjoy Antarctica in a way that very few people get to, this could be your shot! Of course, getting people in this modern age to give up things like internet and hot water for that long may be a tough call. The Park Hyatt this is not! But, if I was in a position, this “cool” job would certainly be on I would apply for! They are accepting applications through February 27, 2015.

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