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Emirates Lost My Bag Almost 4 Weeks Ago – What Is Happening Now?

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Written by Charlie

Almost 4 weeks ago, Emirates lost my bag. Here is an overview of what happened and what is going on now as I wait for compensation.

As I wrote about a few weeks ago, I was flying what should have been the most simple of flights within the Emirates network and they still managed to lose my bag. Well, now we are going into 4 weeks without the bag. What has Emirates done and what are they doing now?

Emirates Lost My Bag Almost 4 Weeks Ago

What Happened?

Almost 4 weeks ago, I was flying the most simple of flights – flying Emirates from Newark to Athens. What makes this so simple is that this flight is the only flight by Emirates out of Newark and there only flight to Athens (except for the continuation that comes from Dubai).

I mean, a bag gets tagged for Emirates at Newark, there is only one flight it could be on! So if the flight leaves without it, someone sees an Emirates-tagged bag and it should be put on that same flight the next day. Easy, right?

Nope! I was able to get one of my bags but the very first thing I heard about the missing bag was that it was never loaded in Newark. I was assigned a case reference number and told it would likely show up in a couple of days.

Waiting, waiting, and waiting

Emirates was actually very good about contacting me via Twitter, e-mail, and phone to keep me updated – for the first week or so. But after that, it was me that had to initiate everything and I always received the same answer – “we have no update.” 

Since there were things in that bag that I needed for a meeting (clothes and shoes), I checked in with the Emirates team and they told me to buy what I needed and submit the receipts for the daily reimbursement amount for delayed bags (meant to help with such things as toiletries and clothes).

After the 21 days had elapsed (which is how long to wait before it is declared missing), I again contacted Emirates and they told me to fill out the complaint form.

What Now?

Here is my problem with Emirates – they were very communicative until it came to money. I still have not heard back from anyone in regards to the daily amount I submitted for 3 weeks ago (with receipts).

I booked this flight with points from the US Bank Altitude Reserve so am not eligible for insurance from them.

Now, I still have not heard from them in regards to the complaint I filled out for reimbursement for the luggage. Almost everything in the bag was brand new so I still have the receipts (they were gifts – things I have already had to replace) and told them I can submit them whenever they are ready.

I am really frustrated with Emirates right now. I love their onboard product and service but their baggage service and customer service on the ground currently has soured them to me. In fact, that is one of the things that made me decide to choose Turkish over them on a recent flight since Turkish has never lost one of my bags.

Here is the last thing I heard from Emirates – “Thank you for your query – we will respond as quickly as possible.”

Well, Emirates Team, I have been waiting almost 4 weeks for my bag and almost as long for someone to get back to me in regards to reimbursement. Your “quickly as possible” is pretty sad.

Anyone else had to deal with a lost bag with Emirates?

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  • They lost my wife’s walker a couple of years ago which we checked at the door of the plane. It took about two weeks before they got it to us and while responsive to emails except we got no response when asked about where to send the receipt for the replacement walker we bought in the interim.

  • Not Emirates, but Finnair lost our bag for 30 days and only found it when I pressed them if they were not subscribing to Montreal convention. according to wikipedia “The Montreal Convention changes and generally increases the maximum liability of airlines for lost baggage to a fixed amount 1,131 SDR per passenger (the amount in the Warsaw Convention is based on weight of the baggage). It requires airlines to fully compensate travelers the cost of replacement items purchased until the baggage is delivered, to a maximum of 1,131 SDR. At 21 days any delayed baggage is considered lost, until the airline finds and delivers it.” So when Finnari customer service heard “Montreal Convention” they located the bag within days in Helsinki and delivered to us in NYC.

    • We will have to see if Emirates does the same. 🙂 Though, at this point, I would rather have the reimbursement since there were many recently purchased gifts in there and we had to rebuy them. 🙁

  • Sorry that happened! We’re actually taking that same route later this year in Economy. How was the flight experience?

    • The flight was great (review is linked above in this post)! I think they have the best economy service to Europe and would not hesitate to fly them again – but maybe just with carryons. 🙂

  • The true “company service” can only be evaluated when things go wrong – they stink!!

  • I suppose it’s nice that they say the right things, but it would inspire a lot more confidence if they paid up. Talk is cheap, whiskey costs money.

  • This is one of my worst nightmares about traveling! My husband and I are going to start our digital nomad life next month and everything we own will be in our backpacks so if anyone made us check it in and lost it… it would be pretty devastating (although we’d stuff valuable like laptops in a smaller carry-on). I hope Emirates steps up and resolve this for you soon.

  • I think you need to consider that a ramp worker stole the bag. This is Newark after all. Not that it was an Emirates paid worker but it could have been one of many that have access to the bags.

    • I have thought about that though it was not a piece of luggage that would normally attract that kind of attention.
      My problem, at this point, is not so much the loss of it but Emirates not getting back to me about compensation.
      If a ramp worker did take it, hope he/she is able to enjoy my several pairs of size 12 running shoes! 🙂

  • They (Emirates) lost my bag a few years ago. I had flown from Madagascar to Joburg, we had about an hour to catch the flight from Joburg to Dubai. I didn’t even think Emirates were at fault because SAA had the first leg. However the bag didn’t show up in Dubai. I had booked flight on United CC, and I think it offered $100/day bag was not found (up to three days). We were in Dubai for three days, every day after I filed claim at airport, I contacted them. Even though they said they would contact me. They never did, they were always nice on phone but not helpful. So I bought assorted t shirts, shorts, etc because we were flying to Maldives the next day. Gave them one more call, and lo and behold they had found my bag. They didn’t, or couldn’t explain where, but said I could pick it up in Maldives. I asked why not I Dubai, but they said only in Maldives. Skeptical at best, but it was there. During the time it was lost they offered me $50, which I laughed at. Chase United CC were great though. They won’t talk compensation as long as they don’t have to.
    p.s. I only carry on now.