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The World’s First 3D-Printed Hotel Suite – In Less Than 100 Hours!

The world’s first 3D-printed hotel suite is here – and it took only 100 hours to print it!

3D printers came about initially as a bit of a curiosity to the masses but they have certainly been incorporated into many areas of development with some creativetity. Building emergency homes by printing them? Yep, that is here. How about staying in a hotel suite where the entire room, including Jacuzzi, was printed by a 3D printer? That is now here as well.

The World’s First 3D-Printed Hotel Suite

The creator of this printer and the suite says that this method of construction is to reduce the cost of building by 60% and now that his first printer is made, more printers can be rolled out in the space of 2 weeks.

The hotel suite itself is printed of concrete and took a total of 100 hours to complete! According to Tech Times: “is a 3D-printed hotel suite with an area of around 34.5 feet by 41 feet and a height reaching up to approximately 10 feet. The suite houses two separate bedrooms, a living room and a spa, complete with its very own 3D-printed Jacuzzi. All in all, Yakich spent more than a hundred hours 3D printing the suite, including the time it took to manually install plumbing, wiring and rebars. In the future, he plans to have those components 3D-printed as well, but the process for doing so is still currently undergoing testing.”

This 3D-printed hotel suite is located at the Lewis Grand Hotel in the Philippines. It is not available to book just yet but it should certainly be an interesting thing to say you stayed in a printed room!

The creator has plans to do many more housing structures throughout the Philippines as the process gets refined.

That is not the only living structure that 3D printers will be working on. The largest 3D printer in the world is going to be used to print low cost housing for disaster scenarios and is able to do so while only using 100 watts of power! Digital Trends

Very cool to see things like this develop, especially as it can build something very inexpensively in such a short amount of time. Imagine scenarios where a hotel is built in just a few days for some special event – a hotel chain could literally be a mobile model! Of course, there would be some laws and certification items that would have to catch up with things like that, but maybe someday!

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