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Great New Options & Deals For Google’s Fi Phone Service (Cheap International Data)

Google Project Fi
Written by Charlie

Find out about some great new deals for getting on Google Project Fi and how you can take advantage of their cheap international data!

One of the biggest strikes against the Google Project Fi program has been that you have to use Google’s Nexus 6 phone. It is a big phone and not everyone is a fan. So, that has kept some people away from going the cheap, prepaid route with Google Project Fi because of it. Well, now there are more options and even some deals that might make your decision to join Google’s cell provider system.

Great New Options And Deals For Google’s Fi Phone Service (Cheap International Data)

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Recently, Google pulled the wraps off of two new phones – the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P. The Nexus 5X is the cheaper version ringing it at $379 (plus, for a limited-time, you can get $50 Google Play credit with your order!) and sports a 5.2 inch screen – a nice downgrade in size from the 6 inch monster on the Nexus 6. The Nexus 6P is the all-metal premium model and that one will set a new customer back at least $499 (depending on memory size) but also comes with the limited-time offer of $50 in Google Play credit. This version has a 5.7 inch display.

So, what does this do for options with Google Project Fi and that fantastically cheap international data? Google has said that both of their new phones will support Google Fi, so that brings the available phones to 3 total. The new phones just might fit in the desires of customers that shied away because of the Nexus 6. Here are the options.

Google Nexus 5X

Google Project Fi

The new Google Nexus 5X

This is the new, more agreeably priced option and it comes in at a starting price of $379. That model starts with 16GB of storage and allows you to select one other – a 32GB model that costs $429. Both models have the limited-time $50 Google Play offer and that runs until 10/25. You have three separate color options with this particular model – the Google-named Carbon, Quartz, or Ice. The link to purchase and learn more about this phone is here.

Google Nexus 6P

Google Project Fi

The new Google Nexus 6P

The new premium model is definitely the one to purchase if you want a more powerful smartphone. It starts at $499 for a 32GB version and adds $50 to the price for doubling the space – $549 for 64GB and $599 for 128GB. As with the 5X, each model comes with the $50 Google Play promotional credit if purchased by 10/25. There are three color options with this phone as well – Graphite, Aluminum, and Frost (the Frost selection is not available for the 32GB version). The link to purchase and learn more about this model is here.

Google Nexus 6

Google Fi

Save $20 on a Google Nexus 6 on eBay

Finally, we get to the now-aged model – the Google Nexus 6. This is the one that has been out for a while and is available directly from Google from $499. But, almost any day of the week, you can purchase it on eBay for $349 with it sometimes dropping as well as $300 for the 32GB version and an extra $50 for the 64GB version.

Plus, through the end of today, you can save an additional $20 on the purchase of a Google Nexus 6 (or any other phone over $200) by entering the code CELLPHONE20 at checkout. You can certainly find a good condition used model, with this coupon, and only end up paying around $250 or so on eBay. A pretty great deal for a phone that gives you access to cheap cell service both in the US and abroad (minutes cost extra but SMS and data are the same rate abroad as in the US).


Now we come to my favorite option – the tether. These phones allow you to use them as a WiFi hotspot which can be really great! The biggest downside is the battery life but I was able to get through at least 8 hours of usage this way. If you are like me, you already have a phone that you like. If you have an Apple phone, chances are pretty good that you will not eagerly jump to an Android phone – no matter how much you could save in a year! 🙂 Well, you don’t have to! Simply by the cheapest of the three phones above, stick it on WiFi hotspot mode and connect your iPhone while abroad! It will use the Google phone like any WiFi provider (but with slower speeds) and you can just stick the Google phone in your back pocket or bag for the road.

I know that $300+ is not a price tag to take lightly for another phone when you will not really be using the phone. But, if you travel internationally and do not want to get local SIM cards for your phone, this could end up saving you big money just in a couple of trips (unless you are using T-Mobile’s plan). For me, I plan on selling my Nexus 6 (any takers?:) ) and placing an order for the 5X. I don’t need a lot of power but the smaller phone would certainly be a big help in my travels.


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  • The size of the storage has nothing to do with computational, display or other “powerful” features in the phone. It’s how much info you can store on it, not how fast the cpu/system runs.

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