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Sunday Summary: Roundup of Marriott Card Offers, Best Hilton Reserve Offer, Rental Cars From $9 A Day, Huge Points With Referrals, How To Make Your Friends Jealous Of “Your” Card Offer, and more!

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Written by Charlie

Welcome to this week’s Sunday Summary – a one-post look at the posts from Running with Miles this week.

Sorting The Marriott Credit Cards – Which Is Best?

Believe it or not, there are a lot of Marriott card offers out there – on the same card! This post gives a roundup of the different offers that you can apply for and the links to each. What is good for one person may not be good for everyone so, if you want statement credits or all the points, this post has them.

Rent A Car From Florida To Anywhere From Only $9 A Day

The best deals in rental cars is back – rent a car from Florida and drive almost anywhere for only $9 a day. I took advantage of this last year – I rented a minivan and had it for 3 weeks. The total cost was well under $300 for the whole time!

Buy IHG Points For Cheap Today!

The Daily Getaways sales are on and this one was for the IHG points. Believe it or not (you should because they only had thousands of packages available!), there are still some packages available if you missed this the other day! Pick them up here.

Great Deal: Up To 25% Off Many Gift Cards On eBay

Definitely a good deal, eBay had several selections of gift cards available – one for as much as 25% off actual value! Staples gift cards were real hauls as well, so hopefully you got in on them!

Last Day To Book US Airways Awards And Some To Consider!

It is official – US Airways’ Dividend Miles program has merged with AA’s AAdvantage program and your US Airways account is gone forever! Fortunately, your miles are not as they are now merged with AA.

Daily Getaway Deal: Buying Club Carlson Points – A Good Deal?

I do think I was in the minority of bloggers on this one as I felt this deal presented value only in select circumstances. Many bloggers thought it was a great deal and the market proved them right – they sold out fast. Or, maybe the buyers had some of the redemptions in mind that I mentioned in the post. 😉

Great Deal: GoPro HERO4 Silver ($329) and Black ($399)

With another deal on the GoPro cameras, this time, the popular HERO4 Silver was added as a sale item as well. These were some pretty great deals and hopefully you got one, if you were looking! I will be presenting many more deals in the coming weeks for all things running and travel and will have a special new place on the blog to track them. Hopefully, that will help you stay informed for such deals in the future!

Credit Card Offers In Your E-Mail – Is This The Best Offer?

Credit card offers come in all ways, but with more frequency than ever, they come in our e-mail. Sometimes, the offers may be great while other times the offers are sub-par in comparison to what you can find elsewhere.

The Amazon Fire TV Units Soon To Be Great For Hotels

The Amazon Fire TV is a popular unit and one that is about to become much more useful in a wide variety of hotels!

Earn Up To 100,000 Points Referring Your Chase Cards

Do you have a Chase Sapphire Preferred or a Chase Freedom? Find out how you can rack up some serious points while helping our your friends and family!

Buy American Airline Gift Cards With Up To 16.5% In [Targeted] Credit, Points, and Cashback

Another sale that has come and gone – through three different methods, it was possible to get 16.5% off on all your American Airline flights!

Southwest Credit Card Offer Of $200 and 10,000 Points – Good Deal?

Speaking of credit card offers, here is one that you will see when you go to checkout with a flight purchase at Southwest.com. Find out if this is a good deal and what other deals are out there.

Best Hilton Reserve Offer – 2 Free Nights And $100 Hilton Credit

The Hilton Reserve is a card with a powerful bonus offer – and this post shows how you can get an extra $100 out of it!

[Targeted] Marriott Card 80,000 Point Offer In The Wild – Possible Match

Here’s another credit card offer – this one is targeted and good for up to 80,000 points!

Fly To Australia For As Little As $2,100 For Two People [Qantas’ Amex Offer]

With the latest Amex Offer of $400 back on Qantas purchases, it is possible to fly two people, roundtrip, to Australia for as little as $2,100! One reader thought that was too high and fanned the flames of interest with talk of a trick to get that same route in business class for $1,000. If you are out there, there are some other readers that would like to know that trick! 🙂

Don’t Believe Every Credit Card Offer You See! (or, how to make your friends jealous)

This is a lesson in not allowing yourself to be fooled by a screenshot – it is also a lesson in how to make your friends insanely jealous with “your” credit card offer!

Best Targeted Southwest Credit Card Offers

There are some great Southwest credit card offers coming to an e-mail box near you! Find out what they are and if you can apply.

New Discount Partnerships For Aegean Elite Members

Thanks to new partnerships with the popular Aegean Miles+Bonus program, it is possible to score some great deals on authentic Greek food on your next visit to Greece (even a great deal on Italian food!)


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