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Sunday Summary: Hyatt Diamond Challenge, Fastest Path To AA Exec Plat Closed, Discounted United Awards, Year Review, and More!

Written by Charlie

Welcome back to the Sunday Summary! This is your opportunity to catch the stories of the week that you may have missed.

Given the holiday week, it was a much lighter week of posting. That means that this coming week with have a few catch-up posts as we get back on track for the new year! But, there were still some posts and they are covered here.

Fastest Path To American Airlines Executive Platinum Status Closed

By utilizing the US Airways Trial Preferred offer, it was possible to pick up AA’s Executive Platinum status by only flying 30,000 miles. With that status came AA’s valuable systemwide upgrades! But, US Airways has finally pulled the Trial Preferred offer so that fast path to AA Executive Platinum has gone away for the masses. However, US Airway elites can still gift that trial to fellow flyers, so time to find which friends have that ability! 🙂

Amazon’s Deals of the Day: Memory Cards and Chromebook

Amazon keeps coming out with some great deals for everyone, especially for the traveler.

Running Goals For 2015

Everyone has goals for a new year and here are some of my running goals for 2015. What is missing here is one of two big goals for the year! I still have to wait to see how one plays out before I move to another great option and goal. I will write about it when it is set!

Great Deals On Fitness Equipment For The New Year!

More great Amazon deals with some awesome fitness equipment for the new year.

Hyatt Diamond Challenge Back Tomorrow – With A Change

The Hyatt Diamond Challenge is back, but with a twist. It is still the best way for customers who plan to stay at Hyatts to earn the top tier status.

Discounted United Partner Awards In Business – Last Chance?

Without a published end date to this unannounced award discount on partner business class awards, we don’t know when they may disappear. I thought it was going to end at the first of the year, but it is still ongoing. Take this as a reminder to book your awards before it is too late.

Another Discounted United Business Award – But AA Is Still A Better Deal

Another United discounted award is out, but American Airlines provides a much better value and even less miles required as their regular award pricing.

Top Posts Of 2014

Check out which posts were the 10 most viewed of the year. There were some dealing with elite status, some with first class cabins, and others as well.

3 Solutions To Keeping Resolutions This Year

With the new year here, it is time to keep those resolutions that you made! Here are 3 solutions to help you keep those resolutions as you go through the year.

Delta One Way Awards Are Here – But So Is All The Bad

January 1 not only brought the new year but it also brought the New Delta. The positive changes are basically the better availability on many routes and one way awards. Other than that, the earning model is not good as well as some other negatives.

Great Deal For Today: Women’s Asics Running Shoes

Another Amazon deal – this one was specifically for women’s Asics and it was a good deal!

New Airline Rules Favor Musicians

The DOT recently rolled out a new ruling for how airlines have to deal with smaller instruments as on-board baggage. It will be good for musicians but remains to be seen how it will work out for taking up too much of the overhead space.

Planning On Running A Race? Register Before It Fills!

Race registration is not like it used to be – the races fill up faster than ever now. If you have your eye on a particular race, maybe start considering signing up as soon as the registration opens up.


Well, obviously it was a slower week as far as posts. I have quite a few new posts on tap and plan to get back into again tomorrow! Thanks for following along!

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