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Sunday Summary: Book Etihad’s Apartment For 40K Miles, Possible Changes Coming to The Hyatt Card, Great Etihad Fares, Stolen Credit Card For Airline Tickets, and More!

Etihad Apartment
Written by Charlie

Welcome back to the Sunday Summary! Catch up on the posts from the week.

Another Card With A $200 Bonus Offer

We love getting miles and points, but sometimes it is nice to simply get a bonus that comes with a cash back offer. This card comes from Capital One (which means pulls from 3 credit agencies), but here are the details if you would like to get a free $200!

And The Winner (and results) of the Must-Read Bloggers Giveaway Is…

The final giveaway of the year and the overview of what entrants view as must-read bloggers.

Is The Chase Hyatt Visa Changing?

Due to some language on the Chase Hyatt card, it leads me to wonder if we may see some changes coming. This post looks at the changes that have hit this card and what might be coming.

Time To Search Your E-Mail And Accounts!

The end of the year is good for a lot of things. One of them is searching your accounts for promos and offers that you may have forgotten about!

When A “Special Offer” Is Not Really So Special

Believe it or not, not every sale or offer that an airline or hotel runs is really a “special” offer. This offer is from Hyatt and has a discount on a wide variety of hotels – except it really doesn’t!

Forget The Amazing Race – This Race Is Amazing!

If you want to run a race that is truly amazing, this race will give you that. It is certainly not cheap, but it will be a memorable one!

I Just Booked Etihad’s A380 Apartment For 40,000 Miles!

Etihad has just launched their new A380 with the incredible Residence and Apartment class “seats.” Of course, seat does not adequately describe this new first class experience. And, that experience can be had by you for only 40,000 American Airline miles! Availability is really good and you will most likely never have another first class experience like it. If you want to see what it looks like, check out One Mile At A Time’s First Look as he flew on the inaugural flight this week.

GREAL DEAL: From $187+ For Multiple US Cities – Abu Dhabi, Mumbai, Johannesburg, Manilla, Hong Kong

This year’s unexpected Christmas sale was from Etihad and was at an unbelievable price! This lasted quite a while – most of Christmas day – and was available to many destinations around the globe. Hopefully, you got in on some of these!

Etihad’s New Year’s Sale – Not As Good As The Christmas One!

Etihad followed up their Christmas “sale” with an official New Year’s sale – and it is nowhere near as good as the Christmas version!

“I” Bought Someone $7,000 In Airline Tickets For Christmas – Apparently

Someone decided that miles and points was not the best way to get free tickets – instead, they used my credit card to fund their travel! Sorry, I am not buying anyone $7,000 in tickets!

JetBlue Steps Up To Honor Fallen Officers

To honor two NYPD officers who were murdered last week, JetBlue extended a wonderful, kind gesture to support the officers’ families and police offers all over the US.

Get An Extra 10% Off Amazon Warehouse Deals (Laptops, Tablets, Bags, Cameras, etc)

Here is yet another great deal from Amazon and it is from their warehouse deals section. The prices are already discounted, but now you can get another 10% off those prices in many categories!

Thoughts And Prayers With Those Connected To The Norman Atlantic and QZ8501

Two terrible transportation tragedies occurred today. One was in the air and the other on the sea. Our thoughts and prayers are with all connected to both tragedies.

A Visit Into Iran – Food of Iran

This is another look at my trip into Iran and this one looks at the different kinds of food that I enjoyed while there.

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