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Sunday Summary: Award Ticket To Europe With One Credit Card Bonus, Great Ways To Burn Skymiles, Singapore Airline Fuel Surcharges Dropping, and More!

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Welcome to this week’s Sunday Summary where we break down the posts from the week to make sure you are caught up before next week!

New Amex Offer: Get $10 When Paying Your Cell Phone Bill – 3 Times!

Amex rolled out a new offer this week that lets you get $10 back when paying you cell phone bill and you can do that up to 3 times! So, time to enroll your Amex cards and get paying up those bills!

Great Deal: $180 Off Kindle Fire Tablet and More Kindle Discounts

Amazon ran some pretty good deals this past week for their tablets and e-readers and the e-reader discounts are still active through tonight! If you are interested, it is a good time to pick one up.

Really Not Sure What To Title This Post!

For the first time in over 1,500 posts, I was not able to think of an adequate title for this post (though there were some good suggestions and I will be changing it!). This post deals with the changes we make sometimes in regards to value and money when we enter an airport or airplane. Want to pay $450 for a beautiful hotel room for one night? No? Why do you want to pay $450 extra for a 4 1/2 hour flight in business class instead of economy? See? 🙂

Great Deal: Save $100 – $200 On Hotel Stays With These Codes! Some Stays May Be Free!

Expedia ran a pretty great sale but it was certainly not a too-good-to-be-true sale. Yet, somehow, Expedia thought it was. (More on that below.) This sale involved discounts from $100 – $200 for various night stays and I was able to get a great deal for a hotel for 5 nights with this sale!

Roundtrip Ticket To Europe With One Credit Card Bonus

It’s back! Another great increase from the Chase Ink Plus that allows you to earn 60,000 points instead of the usual 50,000 points. With that kind of a bonus, you can get an award ticket from the US to Europe with those points.

Apple Pay Breaking Into The Airline Industry

Apple Pay has been making its way into more businesses and industries and it is now launching in the air with JetBlue.

Burning Skymiles: Getting To Australia For Only 40,000 Skymiles

With Delta’s continued devaluation, many travelers with Delta Skymiles are looking for the best ways to burn them. This post shows you how can get to Australia for only 40,000 miles instead of the normal 50,000 miles.

JetBlue’s 15th Anniversary Sale – From $39

JetBlue launched a sale to celebrate their 15th anniversary. It was pretty much one of the normal sales that JetBlue runs every couple of months. If you missed out this time, don’t worry as it will be back again soon enough!

Burning Skymiles: Roundtrip Flight To Morocco For 60,000 Miles

Taking another look at some of the great ways to burn Skymiles, here is another way. While most airlines charge 80,000 miles for roundtrip travel to Morocco, Delta only charges 60,000 miles for that trip!

Best Western Hotels In The Best Light

While Best Western hotels may not be hotels that we normally look at as premium hotels, this commercial really shows the higher-end Best Western hotels. There is a whole brand of the upper Best Western hotels available for your stays!

Ordered Visa Gift Cards From Staples? Check Your E-Mail!

Visa gift cards from Staples have been having problems lately with activation codes. Fortunately, the vendor is taking a customer-friendly approach to helping us out with that problem.

Singapore Airlines Fuel Surcharges About To Drop!

Singapore Airlines is an airline with great premium cabins. The biggest problem with the airline and the awards (other than availability) is the fuel surcharges on many of the awards. Fortunately, at the end of this month, those fuel surcharges will be dropping quite a bit.

Good Deal: Oakley Sunglasses From $39

My favorite sunglasses are Oakleys and I have used them for years. This Oakley sale is a great way to get some great glasses cheap!

Southwest Adding 10 Cities From Dallas With Fares Starting At $44

Southwest is adding 10 new cities from Dallas and they have a fare sale to celebrate that launch.

Amex Offer: $20 Back On $100 With Adidas + 15% Off

If you are in the market for some Adidas gear, American Express has you covered with another Amex offer and a discount from Adidas. Take advantage before it is too late.

Planning An Ultimate Mileage Run – I Need Your Help!

I have talked about a big plan I had for this year and this is part of that. I am planning an ultimate mileage run (of sorts) and want to make it as interactive as possible. Check out this post for some of the limited info at this time.

Miles and Points Sprint: Changes Coming To Southwest, Companion Pass Cheap and Easy (For Atlanta Residents), Expedia Canceling Reservations, More

There were several bits of news this week that I had not covered in individual posts and this summary gives an update on those stories. One of them is that Expedia is canceling reservations with the hotel promo. My guess is that it was a joint offer between Expedia and Discover (similar to Orbitz and Visa during the promo in December) except Expedia forgot to require users to use Discover. Discover probably told Expedia they will not cover their part of the promo because of that.

Great Deal: 20% Off Luggage and Clothing At Amazon

If you need some new luggage, this President’s Day sale from Amazon may be just what you were waiting for!

Last Chance To Submit Your Application For The New York City Marathon Lottery

If you want a shot at running the New York City Marathon this year, today is the last chance to enter the lottery.

Amazon Fire Phone: Unlocked Smartphone and Amazon Prime For $199

This phone has been having some consistent sales and it is a great deal with the Amazon Prime included. If you need an unlocked cell phone for your global travels, this could be the phone you can use for that.


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