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Written by Charlie

Welcome back to our Sunday Summary Series where we review the posts that were covered throughout the week.

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All You Can Eat Pasta For 7 Weeks – $100

This week started with the absolute carb booster – all you can eat pasta for 49 days for only $100! It did not take long to sell out, but you can still find the passes on eBay. If not, no worries – the all you can eat pasta is available for only $10 a meal.

Fly To Europe For Under $500 Roundtrip

While we love to use miles to get places for almost free, there are times when we are better off buying tickets. This post has some options for travel to Europe for under $500!

Badwater 135 In Jeopardy

The Badwater 135 ultramarathon is one of the most iconic ultramarathons out there. Unfortunately, the park authorities have made some new rules that put the classic Badwater route at risk.

Today Only: 45% Off New Balance Running Shoes

It is not often that Amazon has a great deal on running shoes, but this past week they did! If you missed out on this deal, make sure you check the blog regularly to not miss the next one!

Getting Free Travel to the Boston Marathon

With the Boston Marathon registration well under way, there are a lot of runners that will begin looking for flights and hotels in this wonderful city. Getting this travel for almost free is the purpose of this blog, so make sure you read this post to see what it will take.

$15 Off $100 Staples Purchase With Amex Offers

American Express is offering another great offer – this time it is $15 off $100 purchase or more. Check out how to get this offer.

Aegean Fare Sale Ending Today

Aegean Airlines is very popular because of their low threshold for Aegean Gold status (and thereby Star Alliance Gold status). But, not only do they have a nice elite system, there airline is actually a pleasure to fly on. This fare sale offered flights for as little as $39 between countries!

Could Apple Pay Bring Back 5X Everywhere?

This past week, Apple revealed their new iPhones and their new payment processing. It will depend on how Apple ends up utilizing it, but it might be possible to still get 5x points everywhere Apple Pay is accepted.

ANA’s Most Popular Campaign Is Back

ANA is a strong airline, but their credit card offers are really quite different! This post showed what they called their “most popular campaign” and you would be surprised about what it is.

9/11 + 13 And Still Not Forgotten

It has been 13 years since the horrible events of September 11, 2001. This post is just a little reflection on the significance of this date.

The Best Way To Earn 12,000 Miles Per Year Gone Soon

Unfortunately, using Amazon Payments for person-to-person is about to come to an end. That is an easy 12,000 miles/points per person (sometimes even more depending on the card) that will go away soon.

The Ultimate $6,700 Marathon Hotel Package

If you have wondered what it is like to get the world’s most luxurious marathon package, check out this post to see what it includes!

Getting The Most Points When Buying The iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ are out. For those how are interested in picking one up, here are some ways to max your miles and point earnings on that purchase.

Fly To Bermuda From NY For 3,500 Points + Other Destinations

Thanks to a lowering of award threshold, it is now possible to fly to Bermuda from New York for only 3,500 points. Not only that, but you can hit other destinations with the lower threshold amount now as well.

Youngest Marathoner To Finish 7 Marathons On 7 Continents

Running a marathon on each of the 7 continents is a lifetime goal of many runners. For this runner, he has already hit that goal at a very young age.

Southwest To Take Flight To Costa Rica

Southwest is continuing to add new destinations to their route map. Their latest one is Costa Rica, which is an excellent destination.

Giveaway: The Perfect Travel and Running Accessory

I love giving stuff away and some of the stuff I like giving away the most is the travel and running gear that I use on a regular basis. Well, this one crosses both areas of interest so enter before the drawing closes!

The Jetpack Is Here – And It Does Something Pretty Incredible

The jetpack is something people have looked for for a while. Well, this is a jetpack that does something different than you might think but it is still incredible!

Do Colors Matter THAT Much?

Airlines have been making a thing of changing their colors. It apparently is a big deal, but is it a big deal for the customer?

Boston Marathon Registration Continues

The Boston Marathon registration is about to open again tomorrow, this time for all qualifiers. Check out the post to see what your chances might be.

JetBlue Extends Their Schedule To Summer Of 2015 And Why That Is Good

JetBlue has announced an extension of their schedule and that is a good thing when paired with the expiring American Express transfer bonus! Time to think about what to do!

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