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Letter with free rental
Written by Charlie

Welcome back to our Sunday Summary Series where we review the posts that were covered throughout the week.

Running For Charity

While running itself can be very fulfilling, running for charity can make your training and the event an even more fulfilling experience. To find out more about this, check out this post.

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American Airlines Off-Peak Awards – Hawaii

Off-peak awards can be a huge mile saver for your award travel. American Airlines has some of the best off-peak options and this post details the awards for Hawaii. Not only that, but there are a couple of surprises with this one as well.

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Did You Win the Google Chromecast Giveaway Round 2?

Another giveaway winner for a Google Chromecast!

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Technology Shows Us How Many People Woke Up From the Napa Earthquake

Thanks to a tech device, their is a chart showing how many people woke up during the earthquake and how far away from the epicenter people had sleep disturbed.

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JetBlue 20% Off Fall Sale

JetBlue had a nice on almost all of the fall flights. It offered a great savings on tickets all over the network.

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Free Weekend Rental From Avis

Here is a way to get a free, two-day weekend rental – without having to do anything but register your credit card!

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Not Targeted In the Hyatt Promotions? Take Your Pick!

Hyatt has released a bunch of targeted promotions which has left some of their most loyal customers out in the cold. If you have not been targeted, there is still a possibility that you can get your pick of an offer.

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Great Aegean Fare Sale

Aegean Airlines is the Greek airline that gives such easy access to Star Alliance Gold. Not only do they have a great track to Star Gold, but they have a wonderful airline and this fare sale will give you a good chance to experience that firsthand.

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Credit Card With Easiest Sign-Up Bonus

Sign-up bonuses are great, but they often require some significant spending to receive the bonus on a new card. Fortunately, there is one card that has a decent bonus and only requires that you apply to receive the bonus!

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A Great Perk Of The United MileagePlus Cards

The United MileagePlus cards have some great benefits, but one perk in particular can be very useful to travelers who have demanding award requirements.

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Great Deal: 25% Off Sale Shoes and Many Points

If you want to lay in a supply of shoes, running or otherwise, this 25% off sale can get you some great deals! With the use of portals, it can also get you a lot of points.

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Want To Make $160,000? Write An Airline Jingle!

If you can put together a tune and some words, you could just get $160,000! Find out how.

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3 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Placing in Races

If you want to increase your chance of placing in races, these 3 tips may just get you your goal.

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My Best Upgrade On A Free Night

There are not complimentary upgrades to suites on free night stays, at least not as a published term. In spite of that, I got the best upgrade I have ever received on one of those nights – and it was a great one!

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Have You Visited More Countries Than the President?

The President has traveled to quite a few countries in the last few years. Check out the list and see how many you have been to.

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