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Star Alliance Gold
Written by Charlie

The Google Chromecast giveaway is still running for a few more hours! Click here to go to the post to enter.

Welcome back to our Sunday Summary Series where we review the posts that were covered throughout the week.

Maximize The Fee-Free Amex Platinum Through Ameriprise

Thanks to a great deal between American Express and Ameriprise, it is possible to get the American Express Platinum card with no annual fee for the first year! This post shows how you can maximize this card to get almost over $1,000 in benefits from it.

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Great Deal On Samsung Galaxy S 10.5 Tablet + A Lot of Points!

Tablets make great travel companions and the new Samsung Galaxy S tab series are some of the thinnest and most powerful tablets on the market. This post shows a great deal on that tablet and how to earn a lot of points at the same time.

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Deals, Points, and Cash Back At JC Penney

Thanks to a few different combinations of coupons, cash back, and portals, it was possible to rack up some pretty good deals. The coupon does not currently exist anymore, but the other parts of the deal are still valid.

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Increased Bonus Offers On Delta Amex Cards

The Delta Amex cards have been sitting dormant with the bonuses for quite a while. Now, they have hiked the bonuses back up to a 50,000+ point level. There are two great consumer offers, but one is definitely stronger than the other! Find out here!

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Possible Workaround for Amex Bonuses

American Express has their hard policy on customers getting the same bonus again. Thanks to some upgrade routes, it is possible to get great bonuses again, even when upgrading from non-Delta cards to Delta cards. This is a nice reprieve to be able to get some miles again.

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Is Your Samsung Tablet Order Processing?

Sears had a great deal on Samsung tables earlier in the week. If your tablet order is still processing, you may need to take a couple of steps to guarantee that you actually get it and the huge amount of bonus points.

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Google Now Offers Flight Alternatives

Google Now now has flight alternatives on their Android app. This is a huge help when your flight gets cancelled or delayed. Now, you can get the prompts of different flights that show up as cards in the app.

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Use Hotel TVs For Your Content

Hotel TVs can be a great media center during your stay. The problem is that they are locked into the hotel’s entertainment system. This system, many times, offers limited  channel opportunities and very expensive videos to rent. Here are some ways to get that TV unlocked so you can watch your own content on them.

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Get Star Alliance Gold For Less than $800

Thanks to a generous airline loyalty program and a great first class fare, it is possible to earn Star Alliance Gold in just one transcontinental round-trip. Find out how to put all of this together in this post.

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The Dates and Numbers of the Boston Marathon Registration

The date for the Boston Marathon registration has been set. In this post, we run down the numbers from last year’s entrants and look at the registration process so you have an idea of your chances for getting into the 2015 Boston Marathon.

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JetBlue Transfer Bonus From American Express

For a limited time, you can transfer your Membership Reward points to JetBlue with a nice transfer bonus. This transfer bonus finally makes it somewhat worthwhile to transfer your MR points to JetBlue.

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Google Chromecast Giveaway

Time for another giveaway! This one is for the Google Chromecast and is still running until later tonight! The Google Chromecast is a great device and can be the perfect hotel companion for your next trip.

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Some of the Most Interesting Airplane Views Ever

There are aircraft boneyards around the world. Here are two that you can see from overhead – and there are a lot of planes to look at! One is military and the other commercial and both are great to explore.

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