Some of the Most Interesting Airplane Views Ever

interesting airplane views
Written by Charlie

Having done my share of flying various planes around the world, I can appreciated great views from airplanes. There are some really amazing places to see out there! But, not all great airplane views have to be from the airplanes. In this case, some of the most interesting airplane views are actually of airplanes.

Some of the Most Interesting Airplane Views

Out in the southwest US, there are two places where airplanes go at their end of life. One of them has an abundance of military aircraft, the other is a place for airplanes from airlines around the world. Thanks to Google Earth, we have some interesting views of these airplanes! Check them out.

The Boneyard

interesting airplane views

The 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group – aka “The Boneyard”

That is an overview of the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group, also known as “The Boneyard,” at an AFB in Tucson, AZ. It houses over 4,000 airplanes that have been retired and the list of aircraft is pretty impressive. Look at what you see when you drill down a little bit.

interesting airplane views

A close up at some of the aircraft on the ground in Tucson.

Now, for something really amazing, look at the first photograph again and notice the tiny little gray markings in the bottom left of the photo. When you zoom in, here is what that actually is.

interesting airplane views

The zoomed in portion of the main image showing all the fighter jets.

If you want to see all that for yourself, you can actually go on a bus tour by visiting this website. I have not done it so I cannot comment on it, but it certainly sounds like something I would like to do! If you cannot make it right now but want to do your own exploring, here is the link for the Google view.

Mojave Air and Space Port

Of course, those are military airplanes. If you want to see the airliners from commercial airlines, you need to head northwest for 550 miles to arrive at the Mojave Air and Space port. There are some incredible looking aircraft here as well, some very recent and others very old.

interesting airplane views

The Mojave Air and Space Port

There are fewer airplanes here, but there are some really interesting ones as well. Apparently, there are not as many there now as there once was, but there are still some great sites to behold. If you would like to dig deeper with Google, here is the link for that.

Other Boneyards

There are several other aircraft boneyards around the world. You can find some of them at this page and others here.

Have you ever visited any of these boneyards?

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