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Welcome back to our Sunday Summary Series where we review the stories that were covered throughout the week.

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Changes Coming to Hyatt’s Diamond Challenge?

Last week, I wrote about how there were some communication issues with Hyatt regarding their Diamond Challenge. Namely, the e-mails and representatives were all saying status would exist through February of 2016 but the actual achieved status was only showing February of 2015. I was not alone in this error, but fortunately, they were able to fix the situation for me. So, what makes me think Hyatt’s Diamond Challenge may be changing a bit?

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Bicycle-Styled Airplane Seats From Airbus

As an aviation fan and runner, there is one thing I have always wanted to do on  an airplane – run on a treadmill for the entire length of a flight. I imagine if I could find the right pitch, I could someday entice some airline to go for that, but it is not happening right now. However, Airbus, in a recent patent filing, may be meeting exercise enthusiasts half-way by creating new seats that are styled like bicycle seats – but without the pedals and wheels. Really, this is a thing!

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Planning Travel For The Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon will be held on April 20, 2015. Yes, I know that it is many months away, but it is not too soon to start planning travel for the Boston Marathon! Planning Travel for the Boston Marathon The date has been set for the registration process for the Boston Marathon and that date is Monday, September 8. The registration process will be the same as last year (you can read about that process here), so it will be a tiered registration. With even the registration process still almost two months off, what kind of planning can you do now?

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AA 100K Offer Dead – Again

This was the offer that would not die. The amazing American Airlines 100,000 mile offer that surfaced in January lasted for 6 months before losing the landing page (which described the benefits and bonuses). Shortly after that, a “zombie” link came out (a link that went to the application page without showing bonus information) and it was confirmed to have the same 100,000 miles tied to it. But, that page, too, disappeared for a couple of days before coming back again! Well, as of this morning, it appears that the zombie link is also dead.

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The Best Device For Free Global Data

More now than ever, travelers are looking for ways to stay connected when they are on the road. However, that desire to stay connected does not linger just within the borders of the US. When people are traveling internationally, there is still a feeling of disconnect if they do not get the familiar data signs on their phones. 

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Getting Some Last Minute Flights Cheap – On A Private Plane

If you travel much, you know that trying to purchase last minute tickets tends to be somewhat pricey. If you are using miles, it can be the best time to redeem but not necessarily so if you have to buy the ticket. As it turns out, it is the reverse for certain itineraries on private planes. If you have flexibility and find a deal that services your area, this can be a great deal and an interesting experience. 

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Did You Win The Delta First Class Companion Ticket?

Last weekend, I held a giveaway for a Delta First Class companion certificate. These come with the annual renewal of the Delta Reserve card (Personal or Business) and are valid for certain fares in economy or first class on domestic Delta Airline flights. I have used several of these certificates before and have found them to be extremely useful as you only pay taxes on the second ticket and the primary ticket holder still receives miles for the trip! 

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Great Deal: 15X UR Points and $20 Back at eBags

Shopping through portals can be a lot of fun and fairly lucrative. When there are a couple of promotions that come together at the same time, it is even better!

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The FreeWavz Earphones – A Must See

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about whether or not the Freewavz earphones could possibly be the best earphones made, not only for fitness but also travel and everyday use. Shortly after writing it, I had the pleasure of talking to the creator/founder on the phone for over an hour and got a lot of questions answered as well as getting a feel for the man behind the product and his passion for it. The product really just impresses me and even more after speaking with Dr. Eric Hensen, which is why I am hoping you jump in with this as well.

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Last Day: Garmin Forerunner 910XT – $299

I guess you can call it “gear day” here at Running with Miles – earlier with the FreeWavz earphones, and the eBags deal, and now a GPS watch? Well, this is a website that brings together the interests of running and travel so a little balance is good! The Garmin Forerunner 910XT is one of my all-time favorite GPS watches. The construction is solid, the watch feels good on the wrist, the display is large enough to display all of your favorite metrics clearly, and the battery life on it is unbelievable (over 20 hours)! I have moved on to the Garmin Forerunner 620 watch, but that was not because of any regret with the 910.

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Pick Your Barclaycard Wisely

Over the last couple of years, Barclaycard has become quite a force in the credit card arena. The card they were most known for was the US Airways card. However, they have since added the all-around travel Arrival cards as well as some recent acquisitions like the Hawaiian Airline cards. These are in addition to the card that floats a nice, high bonus offer on a semi-regular basis now – the Lufthansa Miles and More card. Along with those cards are a host of other second-tier cards that may have some great value but not to everyone (cards like the Frontier card, Priceline card, Choice Hotels card and others). Barclaycard used to be incredibly generous with their card applicants. People had been able to get multiple US Airways cards – some on the same day!

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Earn $25 Back on Best Buy Purchase of $250 or More

It seems as if American Express just keeps putting out some great offers. This one appeared a couple of days ago and is a really good one – it basically allows you to get 10% cashback at Best Buy. Not bad! Earn $25 Back on Best Buy Purchase of $250 or More This deal not only works in store but also works online. That means that you can go through another shopping portal to earn more points with your purchase. Now, what to get? 

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Finding Words About Malaysia Airlines 17

When tragedies like the crash today of Malaysia Airlines 17 occur, we find ourselves trying to put our thoughts into words in an effort to help others understand, even while we also try to help ourselves to understand. When it comes to the blogging arena in the miles/points/travel space, we all feel a connection to such a tragedy because of what was involved – people on an airplane doing what we do all the time. We somewhat picture it happening to us and then the flood of emotions that come imagining how we would feel if we had a loved one on the plane. Those emotions clash with the feeling of relief that we did not have a loved one on the plane, yet we feel guilty for that relief as well.

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Chase Wants You To Use What Card?

Chase sent out a marketing e-mail to customers of a particular card yesterday. When Chase sends out marketing e-mails for this card, I often look because they have had some valuable incentive bonuses in the past, which is why I opened it to look. Instead, I saw some words of “advice” that were actually not the best for Chase customers.

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Delta’s Errant Currency Conversion – For Our Good

When you cancel a ticket with Delta, if it is not a refundable fare, they refund you the amount of the ticket minus the cost of the change. For domestic tickets, it is $200 while international tickets start at $300. Not a pleasant thing to deal with, but better than losing all of the value of the ticket!

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Training to Participate in the World’s Toughest Foot Race

This coming Monday, the World’s Toughest Foot Race will kick-off. It will see some of the world’s best runners compete against each other, the weather, the terrain, and ultimately against themselves. This race takes place outside of Death Valley. In July. Running 135 miles. HOT! 

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The New Kindle Unlimited Program

There are a lot of subscription programs out there – from magazines, to video services, to audio services, to audiobooks, even to things like diapers (thanks, Amazon). One of the things that all of that has in common is that Amazon is a player in all of it. For the person always on the move, these subscription services allow you access to a lot of content – without carrying it all with you! There is something else great about the subscription services – cost savings.

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Getting a Higher Priced Rental For the Price of a Mid-Size

Some of the most expensive (non-luxury/premium) rental vehicles around minivans and pickup trucks. Yet, I recently was able to rent both by paying the price for a mid-size. Who wouldn’t want to do that? The problem is, it is not always a guarantee that you will get that much of an upgrade, but since you can pick your own car, you have a great chance of getting something really nice. I am talking about…

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Giveaway: National Emerald Executive Status

To one winner (randomly selected by, I will give Emerald Executive status for one year. This is the mid-tier status and allows you to rent a mid-size car and pick anything in the Executive Aisle. This can save you a lot of money – even if you only use it on one rental. During my recent visit to the US, my Executive status saved me a minimum of $2,000 (due to the vehicles I needed for my rentals). 

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Uh-Oh, I Forgot To…

Booking travel can be a fun experience as we plan a trip and slowly add the various elements needed – airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, tours, reservations for different sites, and so on. Some trips can be as easy as one airline ticket (such as some of my trips that involved just flying to Athens and back the same day or from my home in Rochester to New York and back in one day). I just buy the ticket, fly down, take public transportation to my destination and return home – simple!

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The Two Million Mile Award Ticket

How would you like to redeem two million miles for an award ticket? That is 2,000,000 miles for one trip – and it does not even guarantee that you will get the flight! Fortunately, you do not have to pay the miles if you do not get picked for the flight. Here is a fun little award redemption for a weekend!

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